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  1. Hi All

    We have booked our first cruise on the Gemini in June 2008 going from Singapore to Hong Kong. We have travelled to Asia quite a bit but this is our first cruise. I have been reading this forum for the past couple of weeks and at times is better than a good book. Most questions I had have been answered in past posts however I have just a couple more if someone can help.

    Someone talked about a Hue tour in Danang, Vietnam can I have more information about this tour.

    We are not big drinkers I have read the prices of Beer and Cocktails can anyone give me the prices of soft drinks onboard.

    And lastly I get seasick and my son who is in the Navy tells me to get a cabin deep and to the rear, is this good advise or is he setting me up?

    Thanks to all the people on this forum who have contributed as the information provided is very helpful.



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