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  1. Ginnyfyr...That's a great idea, umbrellas for those who want some shade! And BTW...that decking looks like Tec or composite material; if it is, it's gonna get pretty hot when the sun comes out. Don't walk around bare-foot!
  2. Whether on land or on a ship, THE CASINO ALWAYS WINS!! We sometimes go to the casino when on board; we take a couple of hundred bucks with us and we consider that money to spend on entertainment; not to try and beat the house.
  3. My apologies to Presto2; my mistake, Edge carries just under 3000 passengers; for some reason, I thought the Edge was a Mega ship. Thanks for the correction!
  4. We sailed on the Equinox once and twice on her sister ship the Silhouette; we'll be on the Equinox again next March...Can't wait!
  5. Cruising on a mega ship like the Edge; I would feel more like I'm in a hotel/resort; and not on a ship. Therefore; we would prefer the Equinox; which we have sailed as well as her sister ship the Silhouette.
  6. It's pathetic, no matter where you go, on a cruise ship, or on a resort; you will run into "hogs" of some sort. On one of our Sandals vacation, we ran into pool-float-hogs, and pool-noodles- hogs. They would take them out of the pool and keep them by their chair. I got so angry when I saw this, that I went up to them and [politely] asked them if they were using the float. They reluctantly gave them up!
  7. Way to Go Celebrity! A fine gesture that is needed and will be appreciated.
  8. Should have said "select" or "choose", not "reserve", sorry for the misunderstanding; I know you can't "reserve". :-(
  9. Maybe I should have said “choose” instead of “reserve “, my bad!
  10. People who put down towels/books/magazines, etc. on a chaise lounge at 7 am, but don't return around 10 am, let's say. That's a chair hog! Right? People who toss "stuff" on 6 to 10 chaise lounges, but only use one or two waiting for their friends to show up later, that's a chair hog! Right? But, someone who "reserves" a lounge, and uses it all day, with breaks say, for lunch, a dip in the pool, or a bathroom break, you would not consider them a chair hog, even though they use the lounges all day long. Agree/Disagree?
  11. Why do you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway, lol Why are they called apart-ments? lol
  12. On a prior cruise; We asked our butler if he would get us another chaise lounge, and he did; I'm sure if you ask, they will provide a second lounge.
  13. ...and when you get the detailed invoice, make sure you take it with you on your cruise (just in case there’s any question)
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