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  1. Hi, Nope, not I-- We've been cruising since 2003, and have NEVER removed the automatic gratuities AND have always given extra gratuities to the staff: cabin steward, assistant, butler, maitre-d, servers, waiters, assistant waiters etc. I was trying to extend some humor saying that the guy that brings us our soda, winds up with a 10 spot in his pocket. I do know how it got there. 😉
  2. Additional Tip goes to the pool, I agree with that. Some how, a $10 always seems to go into the servers's pocket, 😉 I wonder how that happens? 😊
  3. RE: have to sail by 12/21: not true, you have to book a cruise by 12/21.
  4. I tried last Saturday and was told wait time was at least an hour; after 1/2 hour, I hung up. Then on Sunday, I tried again as was told, wait time: 13 minutes; huh? Waited 20 minutes and got thru; so, just keep trying at different times.
  5. Pickels


    thanks for the info, I checked-- my past deposit was credited back to my account!
  6. Here's an issue to ponder---if you paid-in-full for a cruise that was cancelled and, you did receive a CWC voucher for a future cruise; would you have to make another deposit for the future cruise. You make a deposit for the first cruise; and now, you have to make a second deposit?
  7. I got two different answers from Celebrity, one said it cannot be extended; another staff member didn't say that it can't; said she was going to check to see if it could. It's very frustrating. I'm trying to go this route because I was told no refund will be provided. I've been very nice, [spent over two hours on the phone with Celebrity this morning], exercised a lot of patience; but it's going to get to the point where I'm going to have to escalate this matter.
  8. Can't get a straight answer from Celebrity, so, I'll present my question here knowing there are fellow cruisers who may have obtain accurate info... I have a voucher for a future cruise resulting from our cancellation of a cruise; the expiration date is December, 2021. Question: Can I use the voucher for a cruise in 2022 if I make the reservation before December, 2021? Thank you. Have a great day, be well, be safe.
  9. You're right twenty-knots; we had a cruise back in March to the Caribbean, total cost was just over $6,000, The same cruise, same itinerary, same cabin category, same [4] perks, for March 2021, cost: just over $10,000. Starting to make a vacation at an all-inclusive resort sound very inviting .
  10. This can't be right! Maybe Celebrity hasn't updated the website yet. I checked a cruise for next March 2021 to the Caribbean-- suite selection cost $10,000 for two. Then I checked the same cruise, same cabin selection but for November 2021-- same cost! That can't be correct.
  11. Pickels


    E-Mail; but based on the volume for refunds/credits/vouchers, it may take a while.
  12. Thanks Gordon; great pictures, we are hoping to cruise on the Equinox next March; the sister ship of the Silhouette. Thanks for posting!
  13. Oh that's really gotta burn! It must be some sort of automatic mailing, that they never got around to cancelling.
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