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  1. I have been on hold for an hour and twenty minutes. I probably won't try again. You are right, all of my good energy and hopes are going into actually being able to sail.
  2. My mom and I are booked to sail on Navigator of the Seas in April and I was just checking to see if ship was full considering everything that has been going on, only to see that the price that I paid for an inside guarantee would now cover a balcony guarantee. When we last cruised on Royal, when the price dropped I was able to contact them and be moved up the category even after the final payment. Is this still something that can be done? I know policies change. Thanks tons.
  3. Are any of the offerings at Coco Cay upcharge re: food? Just watched a Youtube video that seems to imply that the wings at Captain Jack's are. Wanted to know if that is true would someone with the UDP get the 35$ credit to be used there as well?
  4. I paid 99 for my mom and I on her April 2020 4 night aboard Navigator. I made my decision because when I calculated the restaurants we would likely have gone to anyway, it works out to be over 100$ in savings. I came here to get an idea of what the prices are usually like but my takeaway is that Royal can be tricky with their "sales" 😂
  5. For me it makes sense to skip as my mother doesn't drink alcohol at all and usually sticks with water. So I would have to drink enough to make the 120 per day for both of us worth it 😂
  6. I love this! My mom and I are having a mommy and me trip on Navigator in April to celebrate my 30th birthday. I am booking a UDP but we plan to eat in the MDR once. The package is 99 pp for the 4 days and I think it is a win even if we spend a night in the MDR.
  7. Thanks everyone. I spoke to my mom and she said she doesn't care where we are on the ship. After I showed her the deck areas of the ship, she told me that she doesn't even mind if I book an inside instead of an outside because she has a feeling we won't be in the room much anyway. She suggested that I put whatever money I saved into some specialty dining options so I think I am leaning towards trying for an inside guarantee.
  8. Good Morning. I want to surprise my mother with a cruise for my 30th birthday. We last cruised in 2011, and I remember it quite fondly so I thought she might have appreciated it more than a land vacation. I am looking at the 4 Night Cruise on Navigator of the Seas out of Miami in an Oceanview Cabin. I was thinking of choosing my own cabin but wondered the likelihood of actually getting bumped up to a higher category if I allowed the ship to choose my cabin. I also don't know if it might count at all that my birthday falls on the second day of the cruise. This might be a stupid question bu
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