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  1. This is where I’m at, everything was fine as it was and it should have remained that way, should passengers who prefer to use an app then give them an option to transfer all their information and bookings across to one. Our cruise is 111 days away and maybe it will all be sorted by then, but by now I’d normally have all my personaliser filled in, printed off and nothing more to worry about. I can’t recall at any point in my varied cruise history thinking that my experience was lacking an app.
  2. Supermarkets install self service tills to eliminate staff, not to give them a much needed rest whilst at work.
  3. We’ve finally got the app to appear on my iPhone and Mrs Chippy’s Android, new problem is that her account won’t take the booking reference and any details of her on my phone now see her named as “undefined”.
  4. Try going by Princess.com and clicking on their Google Play link.
  5. It wasn’t there last night, Mrs C tried to find it to see if the app would work better on her Android device rather than my iPhone. At least we now know that both options are now reassuringly useless!
  6. Booked for an Emerald cruise in January, with the final balance being due in around four weeks. Two things not working in our favour are the guarantee that this cruise will even take place, so there’s a reluctance to pay the balance, and the fact that we are unable to travel to the US from the UK at the moment and those restrictions don’t appear to be being lifted any time soon. All that said if the border was open and the ship guaranteed to sail I would probably choose to give it a miss. I’ve seen images of MSC’s current cruises and having a mask on, socially distancing and all the
  7. I’d like to add that I got my cancellation email from Celebrity exactly two weeks ago today, if that makes anything relevant to the refund timeframe.
  8. Silhouette Cruise for 1st May 2020 Cancelled 27th March 2020 Refunded 8th May 2020 Cruise was booked direct with Celebrity.
  9. Thanks for the reply. That final line does not appear on my cancellation invoice.
  10. Cruise cancelled by Celebrity and we requested a refund. Got confirmation email this morning showing cancellation penalty of 90%. Looks like another day of chasing a problem.
  11. Their parks have all closed till till the end of the month too.
  12. Not a single email from Celebrity since the start of all this and their Twitter page is still showing the original 48 hour cancellation/full FCC offer. Terrible communication from the company and will be something I’ll keep in mind when it comes to future travel plans.
  13. That’s what I’m waiting on, it’s all a question of sitting it out. We’re on the first cruise out of Southampton following it’s transatlantic crossing. Given that our ports of call will be France and Spain, and given that both countries have enhanced their measures to dealing with the situation, it would appear we won’t have anywhere to cruise to. That said I do wonder what Celebrity’s strategy is, will they cancel the whole European summer schedule (and then have to refund the fares) or will they sail to Europe and put the onus for cancelling on the passengers (keeping the fares in the form of
  14. If you have the Classic Package included (and, if I’m reading it correctly, drinks up to $9 are included) can you order a cocktail priced at $12 and just pay the $3 price difference?
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