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  1. Carnival has cancelled all stops to Antigua https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2019/03/articles/caribbean-islands/carnival-drops-antigua-like-a-hot-potato-again/
  2. Hi, I just did a mock booking and the cruise I booked is $110 cheaper. I looked at the price protection form and it states that if a promotional on board credit was issued as part of your current fair it will be forfeited. Our cruise was cancelled due to the hurricanes, we rebooked the same cruise for Sept 2018 it went up by $20 and they gave us $200 on board credit for booking the same cruise. Would this be considered a promotional on board credit? I want to try to have as much information as possible before I call or submit the form. Thanks in advance Susan
  3. Hi, Tampa is starting the staggered check in soon. Depending on when your cruising you will need to sign up for a check in time. I have the 11:00am -11:30 am time for my boarding in Feb. Good luck
  4. Why did you even bother saying anything, he asked advise not your opinion. Pretty nasty reply
  5. Hi, I had $300 left over and cashed out on the last night at the casino. No problems at all
  6. If you belong to AAA they have them without a charge.
  7. Thank you for sharing the water glitch I just ordered 4 for our cruise in October. I just love these boards.
  8. Hi, I booked for the first time with a PVP. He sent a copy of the document via email. The breakdown shows the cruise price, taxes, and prepaid tips on separate lines. My document on the Carnival website has the cruise price and then taxes, port charges. There is no separate line for prepaid gratuities, the amount is included in cruise price. Is this normal or do you usually see the tips listed separately? Thanks in advance for any advice. Susan
  9. Hi, I was booking this hotel had all my information in but decided to just jump on cruise critic to read a little more. The price I was going to pay was $2.00 cheaper but with no cancellation and no transportation to the port. This deal was great and thanks for sharing the link I couldn't find the banner either. I am sailing in October, there are 3 of us so paying for 1 vs 3 is great. Thanks again, Susan
  10. Hi, I have never booked a flight earlier than 11:45 after a cruise. It looks like there are 4 cruise ships in Miami the same day has anyone personally made an 11:05 flight? The pricing difference on a later flight is almost $100 more per person. It will be on a Sat. November 14, 2015. Thanks in advance to any suggestions or advise. Susan
  11. Hi, Years ago my husband and son dove with Off the Wall Divers. They absolutely loved it. There were 4 people in total. This is the site with pricing and other information. http://www.otwdivers.com/
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