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  1. Thumper69

    New To Seadream

    My partner & I did the SDI TA Malaga to Barbados last Oct for our 1st SD experience, it was fabulous. We're booked on SDII this year and soooo looking forward to it. The rooms are small but the experience outweighs any tiny bathroom, I agree the shower is a nice size. The yacht is your balcony. We also came from doing large suites on big ships and were very disappointed, that's how we found Seadream. Our very 1st cruise was Seabourn back in the mid 90's and we tried to get the same experience but traveling with lots of family they wanted larger ships hence we booked larger and larger suites but still, yuk. Luckily I don't get seasick but my partner does in rougher weather. You certainly feel the ocean but I absolutely love it, you really know you're sailing, it's what you miss on the large ships. Patches work really well for him, we also gave some to our next door neighbors, since they didn't bring motion sickness medication with them. Try it, you'll love it !
  2. Thumper69

    SeaDream 2 Transatlantic

    Hi, I've been lurking a little bit on the SeaDream threads and have found this thread interesting. My partner & I traveled on Seabourn back in the mid 90's when they owned the Seadream yachts. Since then we have traveled on many different cruise lines in suites, no other cruise line has come close to that experience regardless of the size of your suite. We are on our first SeaDream Yacht Club sailing (I just can't say cruise) on the October TA and are so looking forward to the true experience that big ships can't offer and I'm really happy to hear that the guests are still very diverse and accepting. WB57 I think this will be a much more personal experience and it will be better for a solo sailor, you actually get to know some of your fellow guests. That's why we are back to true boutique sailings. To DupontCruiser2, I'll look forward to meeting you onboard. Also maybe WB57 ? I like my martinis straight up with a twist ! I think we're going to love SeaDream and the Topside bar. Nice to hear they skirt the rough weather but we love the motion of the ocean.
  3. Thumper69

    Island Princess reconfiguration

    I have 3 booked in a vista suite and 2 in an adjoining suite for next month. Maybe the changes don't come into effect until it goes to Asia, if it does.
  4. Nancy, If you're ever looking at the Sapphire get D737. I've had this mini several times and it's wonderful. If you leave the bathroom door open while you shower in your large walk in shower you can look out over the ocean. I've even seen a whale breach while showering. The additional balcony and wake view off the back. What more could you ask for? It says on the website twin only but the cabin attendant will turn it into a queen if you ask.
  5. Thumper69

    Vista Suite - Emerald Deck Star Princess

    I had E732 last Thanksgiving cruise. You'll LOVE it. Some say the wake noise is a little loud but we loved it and loved listening to it. Our sliders were always open, you really know you're on a ship. One of our best memories was sailing out of Honolulu lying on the loungers in our robes sipping champagne, the lights of Honolulu were absolutely beautiful. Also it's very private being the last door on the left. One other thing being on Emerald deck was so well located it always seemed easy to get everywhere even though you were last door on the left. We loved the spa tub too. Don't forget to at least try the Thermal Suite it's wonderful.
  6. Thumper69

    live from Island Princess

    Thanks for the images. I'm getting more excited now that you've said that the vibration is no more than regular rear facing suites and you're enjoying the room and cruise. Enjoy those martinis. I like mine Grey Goose straight up with a twist.
  7. Thumper69

    live from Island Princess

    I've booked the same suite and adjoining Vista Suite for the MIL on a Panama Canal cruise next Feb. I would love some images of your suite, if you have the time of coarse. Have a great cruise.
  8. I've booked the same cabin next Feb. I hope you're going to post some images. Let me know if I need to take a vibrator "for the bed" :eek:
  9. Great job with the layout drawing. What were they thinking putting that wall in the middle of the room! They could have made it a little smaller turned it 90 degrees and then used the whole space and the living area would look out of the side glass doors. I think that the door to the bathroom should have been in the entrance area then you would have a whole nice feature wall and easy for furniture placement. Oh well, I'll still enjoy and love it on my Panama Canal cruise.
  10. I was thinking the same thing but I think that is an optical illusion. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful cruise and enjoy the suite. I would love to see some images of the inside, if you can I'd appreciate it.
  11. I totally agree. I think the designer/engineer should choose a new career! Butt ugly. Sorry couldn't help myself. I could have done better. My disappointment is that there is no wrap around balcony on Lido deck as per the deck plans, that's why I chose that suite. I'll still enjoy the two balconies and I'm sure the inside of the suite will be very nice and looks quite large. I can't wait to see images / layout of the suites.
  12. The suspense is killing me! I wish there were more up to date images. I'm really looking forward to my Panama cruise next Feb and have booked one of the new suites.
  13. Does anyone have images of the whole aft? I would love to see all the changes further up. I've booked L721 for a Panama Canal next Feb. Thanks
  14. I'm sure you'll do what's best for you. While doing all this blacklisting just remember the point is to enjoy cruising.
  15. I booked because of the new aft suites as well. L721 in fact with my mother-in-law next door in the vista suite. Might be the same cruise. Maybe we can meet up for a martini on our draconian wrap around balconies. Brisbane41. How many times have you sailed on the Island? Just curious.