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  1. we were on Celebrity over Christmas and Jared was the best entertainer onboard for the entire 12 days!
  2. We did both those ports over Christmas. St. Croix would be good for a beach day or snorkeling. St. Vincent is a short stop, but there is nothing really right at the port. We met people who said the excursion rum excursion wasn't good. I believe its a new port for Celebrity and not much is offered.
  3. Space Coast, we will be boarding then as well....what a lovely review to tide us over while we manage the anticipation!
  4. Our teen is less about the soda and more about the frozen drink etc. Guess we'll have to call in to find out about the Kids package this week.
  5. That's what I thought as well, but its clearly listed as "kids package" $19 per day there is also the soda package, $12 per day and the classic $24 per day & premium non alcoholic packages $30 per day and water $29 per day prices of course seem high as they are all in Canadian funds
  6. I swear I tried a search and found nothing..... Under the beverage package section in my cruise planner there's a listing for kids package. But ZERO details on what is included....anyone have any details? Its more than the soda package, less than the premium non alcoholic package. Also a follow on question, the premium non alcoholic package does that include the smoothies everywhere on the ship? are there exclusions? Thanks
  7. where are you seeing it on your planner? I don't see it anywhere
  8. I can't imagine that there would be any Pokemon at sea any way....but bandwidth wise I suppose it doesn't use up more than facebook. So it should.....
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