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  1. it was on another site, as stated by a TA. The free gratuities are ending the 17th, as the new promo starts on the 18th. Seems accurate.
  2. Looks like the deal starting 11/18, is back with 30% off, but if it’s like last year, the prices will rise to compensate for the reduction.
  3. Just wondering if a latitudes member buys a cert and gives to someone else, who hasn’t cruised yet?? Doesn’t seem possible without a latitudes number?
  4. The promos for new bookings within 3 yrs
  5. I plan to buy, but I don’t know that u have to book thru them?
  6. Just found out that theres a new Cruise First cert, good for 3 years, if we give NCL $150, they will give us $300 to apply towards a cruise. Says for loyal cruisers and its not online. sold by agents. Looks good and its till 11/30/20.
  7. Obviously it just depends on the individual date. Surprised the free air was there, since it’s not mentioned in ad?
  8. Yes! Since the beginning of the free air, it’s gone up, but with gratuities it’s the same.
  9. I didn’t c a thread about the new promo, but it’s been awhile since free gratuities have been offered for the first 2 people in a cabin, plus when I mock book, the free air still shows up. Strange it’s not mentioned in the current promos?
  10. Did u perhaps click on the offer, cause it will go away , but appear as saved on top of page?
  11. so far its listed, but not when I go directly from NCL site where it says book? it is however cheaper than yesterday?
  12. confused y a cruise on the Joy for 4 days to Bermuda from NY in late August, is the only date not even listed when I look???? 2021?
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