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  1. great choice. I was just looking at angled balconies on Joy!
  2. problem is it took a full 45 minutes and it was so loud, I vowed never to stay near anchor room again!
  3. noise in Bermuda was upon docking in morning and then leaving and island. then arriving in nyc. depends on your itinerary. there were no noises from any other venues.
  4. No noise at all in 8421. Noise was only in ports.
  5. I sailed 2 times and chose inside 8102, portside, very near your first choices and I was told the anchor room was next to me and the noise lasted 45 minutes and was very loud! I know nearby balcony cabins heard it as well. When I. sailed later on, in 8421, I heard nothing👍, hope this helps! Starboard side is better, as it was either very early in am or at dinner, just when we were getting ready.
  6. really doubt that this port will be dropped.
  7. I am looking at 1/2/22, Hopefully the drama will be over soon. I think your itinerary is the same? There is quite a change in the time spent in PC. Normally it’s 1-9pm, now it’s 9-7, with 2 additional hours. Before it was nuts to go to a theme park, but with more hours, it might be doable?
  8. When’s your cruise? Thought the restrictions were for embarking?
  9. A great perk by booking thru CAS dept, (casinos at sea), is the free drinks at the casino bar, which includes bottled water! We dont really drink much alcohol and are not big gamblers, but we were able to get discounts thru CAS when we had a Caesers credit card.
  10. Thx! Gonna check all my Cards
  11. THis is new and very exciting, as Breakaway will now sail sept 26, weekly til nov 7!
  12. Hopefully this is the Leonardo ship that’s bound for NYC! As told to me last year on board the Bliss😍
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