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  1. Six begins Sept 1 cruise. Its already listed on my 3/20 cruise.
  2. 😍😍😍😍 thanks BIRD!!! where 2 next????
  3. took Sky to Cuba from JFK to MIa. AA non stop
  4. Six, so I read is the new main show on Break/Getaway ships and 2nd show on Bliss.
  5. Only Bliss gets Six, sept 1, Breakaway is nov and Getaway is next April
  6. theres a facebook group only for NCL cruise next certs!
  7. love your towel animals❀️ did u request them, am hoping I get some on Bliss!
  8. Is it possible to go to kiosks to get reserved time for go carts and is there a place to drop some carry on luggage? Thx
  9. 120 days out for shows, unless u r in the haven. Dinner should be the same, haven/suites are 130.
  10. seems like Six on Bliss isnt the main show, as Jersey Boys is. I read on FB that its the main show on Breakaway
  11. THx! my personal question pertains to being Kosher, so I look for specific symbols, not for any controversy! Love U Bird
  12. thats what I tried to get last May on the Sky, but they had something different, but hopefully the Bliss will have it! thx
  13. thx, but last year it was Grassland. On the Sky it was something totally different.
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