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  1. RWolver672

    Boarding pass

    Not everyone works in or around an office.
  2. RWolver672

    Drink on us card

    The Drinks On Us can only be used in the casino. It is completely different than the Cheers Package where there is a fifteen daily limit. There is no limit on the DOU card.
  3. RWolver672

    Carnival Cruise Line VIFP perks.

    I've always wondered why anyone would order a fruit basket when the fruit is free at the buffet.
  4. RWolver672

    Lesson learned I hope

    I missed that completely. You are correct. They should have said "cutoff time" not boarding.
  5. RWolver672

    Lesson learned I hope

    If you are referring to my post about boarding an airplane after the doors are closed, it's the same thing as not being able to check in at the port after the cutoff time. Either case, you are not getting in.
  6. RWolver672

    Lesson learned I hope

    What I was getting at and you missed the point is that rules are made to be adhered to. It makes no difference when you paid for it or if the gang plank was still attached. They have to submit a passenger manifest to who knows where before the ship can sail. They are not about to wait around to see if Joe Blow is going to show up twelve or thirty minutes late. If you are spending what I consider not small change to go on a cruise, then it's up to you to make sure you show up on time and not later. You plan ahead. I can't tell you how many times I've seen on here where someone will say that it's only a 45 minute drive from Port Canaveral to the Orlando Airport. That's true unless there's an accident, road construction, etc. You plan ahead for those things so you don't miss your flight. Once the airplane door is closed, they won't open it back up again even if it's still sitting at the loading ramp. You're SOL. Same thing with a cruise.
  7. RWolver672

    Lesson learned I hope

    Cutoff time means just that. If they let one set of passengers on later, then everybody would say, hey, the time doesn't matter. I can show up whenever. If a store closes the doors at 9 PM and I show up at 9:12, they aren't about to open the door just for me because I had car trouble getting there.
  8. RWolver672

    Boarding pass

    It was available for Southwest, Delta, United and Allegiant when we flew on them.
  9. RWolver672

    Help please. Need a Victory ship magnet.

    Glad to see you have someone getting one for you. For anyone else that ever wants something from a ship, here's what I did and it worked out quite well. I missed getting three different ship models. I went to the roll calls and ask if anyone going on that particular ship in the near future would be interested in getting one for me. Almost instantly I had three people willing to do it. I told them to get the ship, find out how much it would cost to ship it and send me the information and I would send them a cashier's check for the amount with extra for their troubles. Two of them did it and I sent them the check. The third person was so trusting that they mailed me the ship with the cost on a slip of paper inside before I paid them. Needless to say, I mailed them the check back that day. I had all three missing ships within a month. There are some great people on this board.
  10. RWolver672

    Upsell Fairy called

    Do a mock booking to see what it would cost for that cabin originally. Then compare what you paid for your original cabin plus the $250. To some, it might be a good upsell. To others, it may not. It just depends on how much you wanted the balcony cabin.
  11. RWolver672

    Carnival Liberty - Muster Drill Nightmare

    Not for us on the Adventure of the Seas. It was held outside in the hot San Juan sun.
  12. It's all about personal choice. It's no different than which is better - Ford or GM. It's what you prefer and if others don't like my preference, that's their problem, not mine. We've always enjoyed our Carnival cruises. Tried another line once and didn't like it so we went right back to Carnival. Even in bad weather, we still had fun.
  13. RWolver672

    Are printed boarding passes essential?

    I don't know how just taking a passport will help. We've always had to show our boarding passes just to get into the terminal. No one outside of the terminal would be able to print off a boarding pass for you. Even though you booked through UK CCL, is it possible to call US CCL and see what they have to say. Could UK CCL e-mail a copy of it to you?
  14. Most of the land based casinos do the same thing.
  15. RWolver672

    Priority rooms ready at 130 today....

    There is a big difference between ALL of the rooms would be ready and NONE of the rooms would be ready. ALL of the cabins have always been ready by 1:30. JH posted yesterday on FB that an upcoming cruise on the Conquest has over 800 priority guests and that none of the cabins would be ready but you (Priority) could still go to your cabin and drop off your carry-ons as long as you didn't stay in your cabin.