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  1. RWolver672

    Carnival Credit Card....Is it worth it ?

    I could be wrong but didn't I read on one of their mailers that I get all of the time that if you use your points with their card, you have to go through a specific travel agency.
  2. RWolver672

    Carnival Pride Delayed Tomorrow

    It's not a turnaround. It's coming from drydock in Freeport and won't be in Baltimore on time. I'm guessing that with her being in drydock, they probably will have to restock the freezers and refrigerators. If so, there's a good chance they use all hands to do a full restock like that. There might even be a crew turn around. Lots of things can delay a cruise coming out of drydock. Also, with the way their contracts are worded, they can change the cruise and there isn't a whole lot the passengers can do about it.
  3. I got it. I thought the same thing.
  4. That's odd because everyone else can choose their check in time before final payment. Were you under final payment date when you booked your cruise?
  5. RWolver672

    Carnival vs. Royal

    When I posted a review of that cruise, I made the statement that we would never go back to Royal again. Many people remarked that we should give them another try. I'm of the type that if I touch a burner and it's hot, I'm not about to touch it again to see if I get burned the second time. We have always enjoyed our Carnival cruises and see no reason to try another line. By the way, the only reason we did choose Royal for that cruise was the same reason that you did. At the time Carnival didn't go to Aruba and we wanted to go to that island.
  6. RWolver672

    How Many FTTF's Left Available?

    It depends on the port.
  7. RWolver672

    It's a Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Fun!

    This is what bothers me about the Bolt. How many of us have seen in the media where a roller coaster has stalled on the track somewhere and they had to have the fire department come in with ladder trucks or cherry pickers to rescue the passengers. What happens on board a ship if one of the cars stalls out on the track? How will they rescue the passengers? After all, they are mechanical and mechanical things do break down no matter how well they are maintained.
  8. You don't have to be paid in full to choose a check in time. Checking in can be done at 90 days before the cruise date. Final payment is usually 60 days before final payment. Once you check in online, you can do everything but see and print your boarding passes. Once you are paid in full, then you can see and print the boarding passes. Luggage tags can be printed as soon as you check in.
  9. RWolver672

    Starboard or Port?

    And there's a possibility that there could be another ship docked on the other side of the pier. Have had this happen more than once.
  10. RWolver672

    Carnival vs. Royal

    We tried Royal once and went straight back to Carnival. As others have mentioned, Carnival employees go out of their way to make sure you have fun. On the ship we were on (AOS), it seemed like the staff was put off by even being on the ship. Not friendly at all. On Carnival, you can carry on a conversation with everyone from the Captain to the guy polishing the railings. As for the entertainment, we live in a small village. The closest thing we have seen to production numbers is a high school play so whatever we see on a ship is a plus. On Carnival, there is always bar servers coming around asking if you need a drink. On AOS, we rarely saw any and if you went to a bar to get them yourself, you stood in line for ten minutes waiting to be waited on. I'll throw this in because there is a big difference. Please don't start a war on the subject. Smoking on Carnival has nice rattan furniture with plenty of ashtrays on the tables. The main place is usually on the upper outside deck. Attendants were always emptying the ashtrays. On AOS, it was right outside the buffet area, right next to the ice cream machines. Everyone either getting ice cream or going into the buffet had to pass by the smoking area all making snide remarks. Ashtrays were only emptied when a smoker would empty them. The biggest turn off for us was the night they had the midnight buffet out on the Lido Deck. Why they moved it out there is beyond us. It was real windy and we were sitting by the area where they were sitting it up. (Again by the smoking area.) The wind was blowing quite hard and I noticed that some rolls were being blown off the tables onto the floor. I went over to one of the chefs that was setting it up and told him. He came over, picked them up and put them back on the serving trays. I'm not naive. I know this happens behind the scenes at many restaurants. I don't see that. I did see this. Big turnoff! I will give points to Royal about the above incident though. I told them about it on my survey after the cruise. I got a call from Corporate shortly afterward and wanted to know the whole story. He apologized and said that it would be looked in to and that they were thinking of not having it out there anymore and that would be a good reason why.
  11. RWolver672

    Cell phones and cash at ports

    Be forewarned that some of the places won't take American Express cards. Had to run back to the ship once to get our VISA card to make a purchase. Now we know better and take the VISA when we go ashore.
  12. RWolver672

    VIFP program

    Before becoming Platinum, we always bought FTTF only for the reason of being able to get to our cabin to drop off our carry-ons. On that thread that you mentioned, you could still get to your cabin to drop off the carry-ons. It's just that they weren't made up yet.
  13. RWolver672

    VIFP program

    I respectfully disagree about it not being so special by the amount of people that have it. Maybe boarding and getting off of the ship takes longer with more Platinum.Diamonds but you still get free laundry, dedicated phone and line at Guest Services, priority water shuttle, free gift, free cocktail party and a few other things. The VIFP program is designed to both reward repeat cruisers and to get repeat cruisers. Having read on here and done it ourselves. being a few short of being Platinum on a booked cruise, we booked another shorter one just to throw us into the next level on the later cruise. It's a money maker for them or they wouldn't be doing it.
  14. RWolver672

    Starboard or Port?

    My theory is if I don't see it on the way, I'll see it on the way back. It's a crap shoot when docking. Sometimes the back in, other times they go straight in. Sometimes the pier is 90 degrees from the island, other times it's parallel to the island. You never know until you get there.
  15. RWolver672

    Freeport going "Half Moon Cay Plus"

    You forgot Starbucks.