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  1. Mine was always on the Destiny. They made them smaller after the Destiny Class.
  2. I can't imagine how many people are in the same predicament that you are in. So many flights and hotels booked that now don't match up with their cruises or time frames. That and vacations where people have to put in a year in advance for the time off. What a mess! Hopefully things will work out for you.
  3. We are finding it very hard to be optimistic that our Feb 20th Mardi Gras cruise will even happen. Even if the ship is completed by then, will there be any ports open to ships? Will they have the same stipulations that Puerto Rico has put into effect? If that's the case, it won't be worth getting off of the ship. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/puerto-rico-require-visitors-covid-19-results/index.html It's hard to even think about making reservations for flights and hotels at this point. Will the CDC even allow cruising by then? I hate playing the "Wait and See" game.
  4. Another set-back for Michigan. Bars had been opened for the past couple of weeks. Our numbers climbed considerably. Our Governor declared that bars could now be take out only. The only time we drink alcohol is on a cruise so it doesn't affect us. My first thought was why would anyone buy alcohol from a bar to take home. It's a lot cheaper to buy a 12 pack or a pint from a grocery or liquor store. I can't imagine someone going to a bar and taking home a martini in a Styrofoam cup.
  5. We booked the Mardi Gras for February 20th right when they first started taking bookings on her. Now we have doubts that it will even sail with the virus seeming to get worse instead of better. That and if cruising even does start back up again, what will the changes to cruising be like? Will the ports even be allowing ships to come in by then? At this point, who knows what the future holds?
  6. That depends on personal circumstances. Age, physical conditions, people not wanting to tie up their money for an extended period. There are many reasons to cancel rather than re-book not knowing when it will be safe to cruise will start again.
  7. Thank you. We love cruising but we love living even more. 🤣
  8. We are booked on her for February 20, 2021 and we feel the same as you do. Even if she is launched before that, we probably will cancel the cruise. I'm 72 and wife is 71. At our age with this virus still not under control, it's too much of a risk for us.
  9. Unfortunately in Lansing, Mi. there was a bar that opened without the patrons using common sense. At last count, there are 85 people that now have the virus from being there. Governor Whitmer has mandated that anyone outside their homes should be wearing a mask even just outside.
  10. From reading other postings, it would appear that they are doing just that with future cruise rates. Many have said that when re-booking, the costs have went up considerably.
  11. You also have to look at it that these companies were making something else before this hit. Take face shields and respirators for instance. Ford Motor company was shut down until they started making them. Ford can make a lot more profit from selling an F150 Pickup than they can from making face shields and respirators. Many companies that started making sanitazers were probably making something more profitable before.
  12. Even having Priority status doesn't mean that your cabin will always be ready. On one of our cruises, we had FTTF. Got to the cabin and the cabin steward met us and said that our cabin wasn't ready yet but we could put our carry-ons in it. No problem as we usually just drop off our stuff and head out to eat anyway. On our last cruise, we were Platinum and again, our cabin wasn't ready. My brother and SIL had the cabin next to ours and they had FTTF. Their cabin was ready. It was no big deal. We just dropped off the carry-ons and headed out.
  13. It's called strategy. RCI knows that there are people out there itching to cruise. If they say they are going to cruise earlier than Carnival or NCL, people that don't care what line they cruise on are going to jump at the change to book with RCI. That's money in their pockets even if they won't cruise until the CDC says they can.
  14. But think of all of the people that have lost their income. Their money disappeared into thin air. I don't consider not being able to take a cruise a a profit. Profit is when you make more than you normally do. Not when you spend less than you normally do. That's call savings.
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