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  1. They have also added a "Cheers" program. In short, for $56.95 per person, per day, you can get up to 15 alcoholic drinks. It's $5 cheaper if you buy it before your cruise. If one person in the cabin gets it, everyone in that cabin that is over 21 has to get it. For a detailed run down on Cheers, go to the FAQs section on Carnival's website and scroll down to "What is the Cheers Beverage Program". It goes into lengthy details of what you can and can't get with the program.
  2. On the Horizon, we ordered one photo right at the Photo Gallery and had to go back the following day to pick it up.
  3. It's probably too late now but if you ever cruise again with multiple couples, just have your bookings linked together and you will automatically be put at the same table. You do this when you book the cruise.
  4. For our last cruise out of Miami, there were three lines. "Priority" (Platinum, Diamond and FTTF), "On Time" and "Early/Late". Priority and On Time were moving non-stop. You got in line and kept moving until you were inside checking in. The Early/Late line stretched all the way to the front of the building and looked like it was barely moving. There was a worker standing at the front of the lines. You had to show your boarding pass to her and she directed you to which line you were suppose to be in.
  5. Bathrobes and ice are no longer automatically in the cabin. When you first meet your cabin steward, you will have to request them if you want them. Chocolates are no longer on your pillow during turn-down. Smoking is no longer allowed in your cabin or on your balcony. Table cloths are no longer on the dining room tables except on Elegant night. Formal night is now Elegant night. It's a lot more relaxed. I would estimate that only about half of the guests really dress up.
  6. I agree that the lines can be long but as long as you are in that line, you will be OK. We always try to be back onboard around an hour before departure just to avoid the long line.
  7. Camp Ocean (kid's play area) is all indoors. The smoking area is all outside.
  8. We take the easy route out. We buy those little bottles filled with sand and sea shells with the name of the island on them. They are displayed on a shelf in the family room. Granted, the sand and sea shells probably come from Indonesia but they are remembrances from the islands. We also have a few Christmas ornaments that are clear glass with sand and sea shells in them with the island name on them. If I remember right, we also have a sand dollar Christmas ornament with St. Thomas painted on it.
  9. When we were on her in February of this year, on Deck 11, you could smoke on the starboard side from where the cabins end all the way to the back of the ship. It was funny because at the bulkhead at the front was a no smoking sign. I asked the attendant why you couldn't smoke by that wall and he said it was because there was electric mechanisms on the other side of it. FYI - When you first board the ship, they are usually refueling the ship and the only place you can smoke is at the casino bar. It was pretty crowded but as long as you had a drink, they didn't bother you if you were sitting at a machine or just standing around while you smoked.
  10. You can also use your credit card on the account, then before you get off of the ship, go to Guest Services and put cash down on it or pay it off. Lot of people do that.
  11. For our honeymoon in Hawaii almost 40 years ago, one of our friends made up a sign that said "Just Married" and had our first names on it. We put it on our hotel room door. Whenever we came in or went out and someone would pass by, they would always congratulate us. Some would even remember our names if we'd meet them somewhere in the hotel. I remember reading on here a while back where there were a bunch of guys sailing on Carnival. One of them was a heavy drinker so he put a balloon on his door so he could find his cabin when he came back blitzed. As a prank, one night his buddies put balloons on scattered cabins down the area where his cabin was and took the one off of his door. He never did find his cabin that night. 🤣
  12. During the day, no. The windows are darkened. You will see people that don't realize that it's a cabin, will put their faces to the window with their hands cupped around their head to look in. I have seen that several times. At night, if your curtains are open and your lights are on, you can see in without any trouble. They do request that you leave your curtains closed at night so that your cabin lights don't interfere with navigation.
  13. For our last cruise on the Horizon (Feb 2019), we stayed at the LaQuinta Inn Miami Airport North. It was $139.50. They have a free shuttle from the airport. Just call them when you land and tell them what gate you are by after you collect your luggage. They have a free breakfast and there's a McDonald's right next door and on the other side of McDonald's is a Dennys. There is a nice pool and a small shop with snacks and travel supplies. They hire a shuttle that runs to the port and it costs $10 per person. You have to sign up for a time slot for that. We spent a lot of time by the pool just watching the planes come in and take off. They fly close enough that you can see the passengers in the windows.
  14. I did a double take on your statement. When we first got a PVP, he said the exact opposite. Too easy to misunderstand an e-mail. He explained that on the phone, he can ask all of the questions at once. If you give him partial information in an e-mail, then he has to shoot you an e-mail, then wait for a return answer.
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