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  1. We have sailed in 4228 and it was a fantastic cabin. Loved the two rooms along with the separate dressing area. The balcony of course was amazing. There never any noise issues at all.
  2. Our cruise on the Magic in Oct has done nothing but gone up.
  3. Chris the Flying Scotsman is great. Loved his parties in the atrium.
  4. As Jamman said it is usually around 10am when they make last call.
  5. I would definitely do it. That way neither of you has to sleep on the sofa.
  6. Have the bookings linked. When you open the app to do your YTD you will see their names. If not listed you can also search for their names. Simply check the box beside their name indicating they are dining with you. Then just wait for the notification of the table being ready like before.
  7. Our last experience was to meet in the Red Frog Pub at a prearranged time. We were then escorted by a Carnival representative down to the tender as a group.
  8. The person that won on our most recent cruise in October had very little hair on his chest. It was all about winning over the crowd.
  9. Your luggage will not say priority unless you are Platinum and up or have purchased FTTF. You will, however, receive priority check in and boarding with being in a suite. You should see priority on your boarding pass.
  10. I am truly sorry for yall. We all look so forward to our cruises. I don't blame you one bit for being disappointed.
  11. Extended balcony cabins on deck 4, Main deck, will not be obstructed at all by the lifeboats when looking down.
  12. We brought telescopic ones on our last cruise with no problems at all through the airport or on the ship.
  13. We have been in 2470, which is identical to 2473, numerous times. Our friends that sail with us have been in 2473 many many times so I have been inside that room. It has a lot of open floor space. More than twice a normal oceanview cabin. It will have two windows instead of one. There will be some vibration when sailing and it will be more pronounced when pulling in and out of port. It never bothered us. This type cabin is one of our favorites on any Carnival ship.
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