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  1. We had the Encore cruise on April 10th. Decided to cancel/shift to a cruise on the Encore. Leaves Seattle 23 October 2022. Easier for us. Do not have to fly to and from a port. Just from Miami. I did not want to be constrained by the FCC rules. Just have to wait.
  2. Just saved 200 bucks on the new 30% sale. Note: The new 30% off does not include Free Gratuities. Would of saved more if it was included.
  3. I would think they would push it out a year from your cancellation or cruise date.
  4. Be careful with the 10th deck aft, look above on 11th deck. Noise early morning from Aloha cafe. Moving chairs and tables. Deck 8 would be best.
  5. Booked for the Panama Canal Apr 10th on the Encore with a M9 category (spa club balcony). If no Spa maybe a Vibe pass for the entire cruise? But can you use the hot tub? They almost have to give you something if no spa. Photo from Cabo jeep excursion.
  6. Same for me, April 10 Panama cruise on Encore we have a M9 Club balcony Spa (or whatever its called), If no Spa what do they do for compensation?
  7. To: Red wing fan. Yes Mt Rainier. What boat? The Tridents all look alike. I was stationed on USS Florida and USS Henry M Jackson, along with USS Queenfish and USS Silversides.
  8. Anxiously waiting your review. And we are anxiously waiting for our cruise on the Encore coast to coast Miami to LA Apr 2021, Spa mini suite. Just debating a Vibe pass or not. Yeah...
  9. Great question. If you cruise with NCL, fly to and from Oahu or other island's. With NCL no customs, no need for passport, no foreign port visits. Explore airfares thru Seattle, Portland and LAX or non stop to HLN. We have done the POA twice 2-3 years apart. Still thinking about a 3rd time. The only bad thing is the rental car situation, cars being away from the port, just a little planning takes care of that. The sea days from Vancouver are 5 days to get to Hawaii, sometimes nice seas, sometimes not. Have fun.
  10. There is also a nice Navy Lodge in San Diego, next to the naval station real easy to get to using all rail transport.
  11. Thank you. We might not get off at a few ports only to walk around at the tourist shops by the pier. Kind of excited, waiting for more info on the Encore. Thank you once again.
  12. Nice review to the point. The question I have is the Vibe pass $200 for your 7 day trip, and can you git them at different areas? We have booked a Panama Canal cruise Miami to LA on the Encore with a spa mini suite in Apr 2021. The other question is getting a Vibe and having a spa pass worth it? Thank you for your review. Pride of america-x2 Ncl Star Mexican Riviera
  13. Hello everybody, Interesting topic. Booked Panama canal on Encore for Apr 2021 for 2, mostly because of free air. We live in Seattle area. I know its a way out for time. Free air would be from Seattle to Miami then LA to Seattle. We have chosen to arrive at Miami a day early no transfers. Then transfers from LA to Seattle same day. My question is can you upgrade to Business or first class with paying the difference (Seattle to Miami), anybody done this? Looking forward to this cruise.
  14. I will be on the Joy in Feb 2020 Miami to LA. Has anybody tried to use a Starbucks gift card on a ship. Hey it's right after the holidays, and everybody gets gift cards.
  15. bluenose1

    NCL Joy

    Maybe going to shift from NCL Gem to NCL Joy for coast to coast in Feb 2020. Any thoughts? Does Joy go thru new locks? Looking at the itinerary, the ship spends 2 days in the canal area. Does it go thru 1st locks then anchor in Lake Gatun for the day and night then continue on to the Pacific? Thanks for any inputs.:)
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