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    running/ update 25 years later can't run any more but walking is just as good and more enjoyable.
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    royal caribbean
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    southern caribbean soon

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  1. DANG really thought our cruise for March 2023 would be a perfect time and still do. Here in Michigan it's real bad.
  2. Hang in there many of us have cancelled our cruise it'll get better everything will I promise just be patient.
  3. Oh yes there will be there getting close. At least that's what the president said.
  4. I'm really considering canceling our cruise for December. This virius has really hit hard here in Michigan my family and friends. I probably will reschedule for next year. Or until they come up with a vaccine. Be safe everyone.
  5. The best tour guide we've ever had anywhere.
  6. Hey John just want to say thank you so much for your review. I've really enjoyed your pics and your humor. I don't read many reviews but yours truly was worth reading. Jay
  7. Will be on the Allure this weekend do they still wear tuxedos on the ship. I personally always rent one and enjoy being dressed call me a traditionalist. On the other hand I don't want to be virtually the only one dressed in one. I know formal nights has changed quite a bit ahhh heck with it I'm going for it.
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