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  1. Having to show that you reached out to the cruise company to resolve it seems reasonable to me . Having to provide cancellation documentation from HAL (which is what I understood giginanne is required to provide) is not.
  2. What proof are the credit cards requesting exactly? I provided a booking number and sail date to Chase in my dispute. I kept all my booking emails so I could submit those if needed but I was never asked for it. My cruise fell on dates on which NO cruise lines were sailing from US ports. Maybe you can submit a general cancellation/operational pause notice like the ones that have been posted here. One reason a client would initiate a credit card dispute is that the merchant is being unresponsive. Requiring this merchant to provide supporting documentation when they are not commu
  3. File your dispute immediately. Do not assume that you need to wait any amount of time. Your card issuer dictates the timeline not the cruise line and certainly not posters on cruisecritic. If your card requires you to wait out the refund period then you have to wait, but at least you started the process and had it documented. And to answer your question, maybe. Your card may have time limits on when charges can be disputed.
  4. I didn't have to submit any documentation from HAL when I filed my dispute. I simply looked at my transaction history on my card's website, found the charge to HAL and clicked the little icon to dispute the charge. Different cards will have different mechanisms, but I don't think you have to submit any cancellation documentation from HAL. I would keep any emails confirming the purchase of the cruise itself, just in case. Cruises aren't sailing right now, so there isn't much you need to prove. I included my booking number with HAL in the details and I even mentioned that the cru
  5. Janet, I knew when you posted your earlier comment that someone would reply that Disney has various other sources of revenue. Still, it's kind of strange how many posters pounced on that comment. If you haven't already done so, initiate a dispute with the credit card. They are the only entity whose timeline you need to follow. If you are asked to wait the 60 days by the credit card co then so be it, but it is not wise to assume that is necessary without contacting them first.
  6. JuliaScott, the only timeline that you need to follow is that which is explicitly dictated by your credit card issuer. You certainly don't need to follow the cruise company's time line. In fact, doing so may put you at risk of not being able to resolve it through a dispute. Contact your card issuer immediately and initiate your dispute. If you are asked to wait until June 1 then of course that is what you should do. Editing my post to add that Chase was great about the dispute. I submitted online, and was able to get a provisional (and ultimately final) credit despite having p
  7. I had a similar experience with Chase. I disputed the charge towards the end of March and was provisionally credited after a few days. I just checked on their website and noticed that I had a letter dated Mid April confirming that the dispute was resolved in my favor. It took about 3 weeks.
  8. Well, Apple and Tesla have some pretty passionate fans/defenders but I can't imagine anyone going to the mat for Whirlpool or Delta.
  9. Lol, saying that they are holding my money to pay their bills shows they understand the situation exactly. I guessed you missed the part where I wrote that I was speculating. And while Cruise Critic is a small sample size of the overall cruising population, the fact that NO ONE on here has stated that they have received their deposit refund past a certain date is pretty damning. We are only about 5 days away from the 60 day cancellation window for many. If HAL had been disbursing refunds all this time, it seems pretty unlikely that no one from cruise critic would have received
  10. I don't understand some of the posts in this thread. Are some seriously arguing in FAVOR of misleading customers and keeping them in the dark? It is precisely for that reason that this thread was created. Several long term cruisers feel betrayed by the way HAL has handled this and will consider other travel options in the future. Furthermore, they will tell their friends about it. That's what happened with me. When I told my non-cruising coworkers that I had to dispute the charge, the response was that it was terrible that the line was keeping my money to pay their bills. IM
  11. I wouldn't mind being at the end of HAL's line as long as I got my credit from the CC right away. When you dispute a charge with your card issuer, the bank will provisionally credit your account for the disputed amount while they investigate. This will usually happen in a few days to a few weeks max. If you had a large payment coming up, you no longer have to make that payment. In my case, I charged my cruise in January and paid the cc in full in February. However, I had car insurance and several other large bills in April that were wiped out (at least provisionally) because I
  12. You're misrepresenting my comment. I never mentioned anything about FCC or cancelling early. I was replying to a comment that mentioned a broadway show being cancelled and them refusing to give the money back. I was also addressing Hal holding the credit card refund (for those who qualify) for 60 days. In my specific case, I used the standard cancellation plan on a cruise that was cancelled anyway. I am not worried about the FCC and I am not mad about the 20% I lost by not waiting it out. I just think that 60-days out is unreasonable to get my "cash" back. I also
  13. Two weeks? They are telling everybody who calls 60 days for refunds. They didn't ask for my reservation or mariner number.
  14. Agreed with that. While I have enjoyed cruising and cruising with HAL in particular, the way the refunds are being handled is enough for me to not ever trust them with my money again. I don't think anyone is suggesting that these kinds of tactics are exclusive to HAL or even the Cruise Industry. While I feel for any business (big or small) that is losing income because of COVID-19, refusing to refund a customer's money when you didn't provide the service is wrong. Although HAL isn't outright refusing to give the money back, their 60-day promise is scarcely better since I don
  15. Thanks everyone for the replies. I guess no one on here has gotten a refund yet. I followed the advice on here and I submitted an online claim with the credit card company. We will see what happens.
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