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  1. DW and I have sailed on Fascination 5 times. Each was great and different. To meet people who will be sailing with you, go to the roll call boards, then look for Fascination and the date. Welcome to cruising, and hope you enjoy as much as we do.
  2. Scott, I voted for both as Sandy and I ate at both equally last week. Both good in their own way, just wish Blue Iguana stayed open until 6 pm. Not sure why they are only open from noon until 2:30 daily.
  3. Good time at Trivia for both of us. I won 1 ship on a stick, 1 deck of cards, and 1 medallion. Sandy won 3 ships on a stick. We gave all away to kids we played trivia with the parents, except for 1 ship on a stick and the cards.
  4. If you play slots and/or any table game you are automatically enrolled in the Players Club. The deals are listed under your "special offers."
  5. Just off the Glory and DW and I received the coffee mugs.
  6. Hey Julie, looking forward to your pictures and the review. Sandy and I had a good time on the cruise and really enjoyed meeting everyone. I didn't post a review, but just posted some random thoughts about the cruise on our roll call.
  7. Just off the Glory, and the MDR food options for us that we like were almost non-existent. We ate in MDR 1 night, 1st cruise elegant night, steakhouse 2 nights, and Lido the other 4 nights. Worst menu I have ever seen, and this was cruise 19 on CCL, and 24 overall.:(
  8. DW and I have used each cruise since we became Platinum. Never had any issues and received clothes back same day, neatly folded.
  9. Really enjoyed your review. Thanks for the heads up about the CD. We will be sure to tune him out during our cruise.
  10. We had the same issue with the Liberty out of Miami 4 yeas ago. Received call from Carnival 4 days after we were home that our luggage was "found", it actually never left the Port. This came after numerous calls with Delta and Carnival.
  11. Just finished your review. DW and I are doing the same route as you. Seems like if it can happen, it happened to you. This will be our 19th CCL cruise, and fortunately we have not encountered the amount of issues on a single cruise that you mentioned. Better luck on your next cruise. BTW, we always pick our room so we will know what is around us.
  12. Welcome to cruise critic with your 1st post. Looking forward to your review of the Freedom 2.0.
  13. Congrats on the upgrade, but I really don't think "loyalty" has anything to do with it. As I stated earlier, our cruise this Saturday will be #19 with CCL, and have never received an upgrade and/or upsell call.
  14. Jeff, so sad to hear this heartbreaking news. Feel like I've know you by posting with you these last 2 years. Please know that you, your wife and family are in our thoughts and prayers.
  15. I can so relate to and agree with the cheese plate.:D
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