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  1. Our cancelled cruise for 5/11 only received partial refund, still owed $650 and cents, similarly 5/27 cruise, received partial refund still owed $850 and cents - last credits received 4 weeks ago nothing since despite assurances would be on my cc 10 days ago. Also due a refund of an FCC for $2095 which was used as partial payment for the 5/11 cruise with an expiration date of 10/31 - doubt they will extend that. Wish they would stop playing these games and complete a refund on one cruise before they move to another.
  2. Us too cruising from Civitavechia in May and again in July !
  3. I would try and arrange a private transfer to the airport for 7.30 that way you would be at the airport in plenty of time. Not sure if Royal would do a transfer that early, but worth enquiring with them also, they will want to know your flight details, then if they say the timing is ok I would go with them.
  4. The ship offered a 2 day water shuttle ticket when we were on Vision this year. We actually walked, about 30 mins to Rialto Bridge and 40 to St. Marks - Venice is fabulous you will love it. We are doing the same cruise again next year in Aug and Sept.
  5. We have purchased the dining package 3 times on different ships this summer and never once was a reservation made for us in advance for the first night - we just made reservations when and where we wanted and never had a problem adding on our adult kids in other staterooms also.
  6. Oasis last cruise before dry-dock finished in Barcelona on Sunday 9/22
  7. We are on Jewel 9/5 and not at all happy - the Port Authorities should have known how many ships are in port before taking the bookings. We don’t even have the option of canceling and getting our deposit refunded or swapped to another cruise.
  8. To enter the USA, depending on your country of Citizenship you will either need an ESTA (which you can apply for online) or a visa. You cannot board an aircraft without either of these flying to the US so doubt you could board a ship bound for the US.
  9. Recently on Rhapsody and 3 night dining package dropped to $59, Vision for next month is $79 and Jewel earlier this month also $79
  10. Wow that’s wonderful. We have a JS guarantee on Brilliance for Sept in the Med, no stateroom assignment yet and cruise is completely sold out !
  11. Alan is amazing. We just did two weeks on Rhapsody with him. Looking forward to seeing him again in August.
  12. We are also on this repo cruise with you and the one before around Japan - it’s going to be interesting!!
  13. Has anything changed ? If so we haven’t been informed.
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