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  1. Drron What do you think of the possibility of the Shadow Mar 2022 Sydney to Sydney taking place ?
  2. Makes more sense, let's hope that other cruise lines follow this lead
  3. This is from The Saga Website; What if I am exempt from receiving the vaccine? If you are exempt from receiving the vaccine you will be able to travel with us by confirming the exemption at the time of booking and again at the time of travel.
  4. Sadly this is why we have retired from Silversea and all cruising after 21 superb years of luxury cruising with Silversea that we have been fortunate to enjoy. Your words, not mine !!
  5. I cannot believe that you are considering sailing again with SS after all your recent comments about SS By the way you both were on the Wind in 2019
  6. You need series 4 Keep an eye out for Topcat and her husband and the end of the programme, dinning in their suite
  7. I cancelled one of our cruises for next year on 25th Sept. I was told "upto" 90 days Refund received today 23rd Oct. 28 days I am satisfied with that
  8. Daveywavey70 Hi, can I just ask which is the nearest village or town to your hotel Thanks
  9. Also if you do not use their BC air offer you get an air credit of £400 against the cruise cost Well covers doing the flights and hotel yourself
  10. We cancelled Muse HK to Sydney on 6th May, whole fare minus £130 returned to Amex today, 36 days !!
  11. I emailed Saga Customer Services, Euan Sutherland and Robin Shaw as suggested by nosapphire and at long last I received our refund for the full amount today via our TA, they received money on Monday Thank you nosapphire for your suggestion and I wish you well (and good luck) on your future cruises with Saga, you certainly have a relaxed attitude
  12. Take all back, got a reply yesterday and she'd passed on my email to Frank Sansone who today sorted out the payments and our TA is due payment tomorrow of the main refund and my CC has been credited with the deposit All very quick in the end for that cancellation now awaiting repayment from our HK to Sydney cruise in October cancelled early May
  13. Thanks for your suggestion nosapphire I will try emailing customer services on Tuesday after the bank holiday They should refund via the original method paid due to money laundering regulations, that I have found out in my research for a way to get repaid
  14. I paid my TA by credit card and they paid Saga by BACS Not sure if Amex, the card used, would chase my TA before Saga, that seems wrong
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