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  1. Just got off of Rhapsody last weekend.  The solarium hot tub we used all week was scaldingly hot.  Didn’t get in any of the others, so I can’t comment on them.  The solarium tubs did not have bubble jets that functioned.  An employee said that they had been disabled because there were rooms located below them, and people were complaining about the noise.

    Can anyone recently on Rhapsody comment if the Solarium hot tub jets have been disabled permanently? Or was this just for that sailing?

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  2. One more thing to add — the Anthem is my new favorite ship in the fleet (sailed Oasis and Freedom both twice and many other “lesser” levels.) She’s elegant, plenty of fun, lots of nooks and crannies to snooze and snuggle... will definitely come back. Tried the iFly, NorthStar and might catch the bumper cars tomorrow — we’re just little kids in grown up (old) bodies. Love her!!




    Thank you, Betsy! So happy to hear you are sailing safe. Also so happy you loved Anthem - we do, too! This will be our fourth time on her, third this year! So true about the nooks and crannies - she is a beautiful ship!



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  3. How long does the posting of points including a movement of status from D to D+ take? On the new website our last cruise is in the history but our total points don’t reflect the updated amount or new status D+. We finished sailing two weeks ago.



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  4. Summer 2017 was when we saw the first lifeguards on Oasis. They are on all ships now, and when they go off duty (11pm on Oasis), the pools are closed. Hot tubs are not subject to the lifeguards, so they can stay open.




    We were on Anthem July 2016 when we had to return to Cape Liberty shortly after departure because a child drowned in the outdoor pool.



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  5. Day 5 and the cruise has been wonderful. While sailing out of Galveston was certainly different than New York or the Florida ports, we must say we are impressed with the people on this ship. They are warm, friendly and good fun!


    The staff on this ship is attentive and friendly. All-star Melvin in the R Bar is no joke. He is a master mixologist and a gentleman. Make sure you get to know him!


    Loving the DJs at night in what was the Viking Crown Lounge but is now the lounge/club ever since they converted the club into Sabor.


    Chops was excellent. Sabor was excellent. Again the staff is extremely attentive and the food delicious. Sabor was spicy, but that's to be expected.


    Chef's table was a dream. Pairings fantastic and food divine. Scallop carpaccio appetizer, roasted tomato soup, lobster salad, choice of main: 10oz. Filet, branzino or truffle tagliatelle. And of course a fabulous dessert.


    We stopped in at my time dining last night. Felt rushed through. For the first time ever both appetizers were delivered at the same time before our main entree. Little detail, but again, we felt rushed.


    Now keeping an eye on Hurricane Harvey and how it will impact our return home after Cozumel. Captain informed us he'd be communicating news as it arises. Nothing as of yet.



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  6. We are on Liberty now and are trying to figure out what to do. Has anyone had any experience getting off the ship early? I know there are laws that make that difficult but we could potentially take a flight out of Cozumel tomorrow and skip out on the last sea day.



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  7. Entertaining any questions and will blurt out random comments. This is in no way a comprehensive review.


    Two guys from NYC trying a cruise out of Galveston because we spent last week in Vegas. Diamond members, cruise #22.


    First of all, we stayed in Houston last night and did not enjoy it at all, but we know nothing about the city and took a crap shoot. Will do more research next time.


    Enterprise was $34 (including tax) one way rental to Galveston. We booked it ending in Texas City but the guy at the counter told us to take it to Galveston, no issues (which was going to be $210 had I booked it that way). Way cheaper than a car service or taxi.


    We miss "pretty" Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. I guess we're just spoiled and the cheaper price makes up for it. After all a cruise is a cruise.


    And what's with the liquor laws here? Only Absolute or well vodka until 12 nautical miles out? They couldn't even give me olives in my martini. Yep, judge me for complaining. It's not the end of the world. Just... different...

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