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    Punta Arenas and the market location

    Yes, you can pretty easily. It is less than a mile I believe. They will probably give you a map onboard to follow. It can be a little confusing get back to the ship (or at least we somehow got off course). We walked all the way down to the Duty Free dock (not worth the trip!) past the cemetery, so the whole town is pretty walkable.
  2. Time for a chill pill, I think. For all you rule lovers, here is the cut and paste from the RCCL website (the OFFICIAL rules :) , not the rules as we may like to interpret them )-- Food & Beverage Q: Are children allowed to dine in our Specialty Restaurants?A: Chops Grille and Portofino All guests 13 and over are welcome; children under 13 years may book only before 7 p.m. Thereafter children under the age of 13 are not allowed. All guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  3. I have been faithfully checking and there were, as of midnight last night, several Grand Suites, two Owner's suite and a few Jr. Suites still available for our Oct. 5 cruise on the Adventure. We are booked in a Jr. Suite and this cruise will turn into Diamond members. Also own stock. And we booked this onboard our last cruise in February. So, of course I was hoping that maybe we would be upgraded to a Grand Suite. Well this AM I look and suddenly there is only one Grand Suite left so I hurriedly check my reservation. Nope, no visit from the Upgrade fairy for us although I bet she was visiting some of the rest of you--- Bummer!! I really thought if it was going to happen it would on this cruise since it clearly has a lot of space available. Maybe after this one and we are Diamond???? From what I read, there really seems to be little rhymn or reason as to who gets upgrades when. I am wondering if having a travel agent helps since I always book directly with RCCL. We are looking forward to a great time regardless of whether any fairy flits around our reservation :):rolleyes:
  4. prescottcruiser

    South America Penguins

    We did the excursion in Ushuaia in February and I believe we saw the most penguins on our excursion. We ended up deleting Puerto Madryn and they added Montevideo to our stops instead so I can not comment on the tour there. A lot of people complained that there was a lot of walking at Punta Arenas and not very many penguins. We saw numerous on our tour and the catamaran got right up on the shore so that you were fairly close and able to see them well. We spent about 30-40 minutes there watching them and it was a highlight. We saw both Magellanic and Gentoo penguins. Have fun, it is a great trip! :) Chica