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  1. I too went aboard as a high school student in 1970 when my class trip took the Flavia to Nassau. But such a trip from Minnesota was too expensive, so I hitch-hiked to Florida over spring break, took a plane over to Nassau ($30 round trip in that bygone era), and stowed away for the three days she was in port. The room steward was wonderful, he just made up an extra bed for me and never said a word. I just stayed in the room with a couple of my friends. Once I realized how easy it was to get onto a cruise ship, I hooked up with a couple pretty girls I'd met the night before the Flavia arrived, grabbed one of my buddies, and the girls sweet-talked the gangplank guys to get us all onto a couple other beautiful ships that were docked in Nassau. So we kind of made the rounds. Buffet overload! Ah, life as a stowaway. How sweet it was. Thanks for the memories.

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