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  1. I believe I would want coverage for a pandemic before I would cruise again.
  2. I have a similar situation. I have Samter's triad, some times called Aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease (AERD). Asthma causes nasal polyps so severe that the polyps were thinning the skull plate in my upper sinuses. I had surgery to remove the polyps, but they do come back. re-breathing my own CO2 from wearing a mask makes the situation worse. I can have cough, runny nose and other asthma symptoms that may cause people to quickly assume it is Covid related.
  3. Notice the biggest issue, mask wearing, has been left undecided. IMO, this will be the biggest issue. I applaud people who would enjoy a cruise wearing a mask. However, many like myself and my family would not go on a cruise with that requirement. Could this requirement along with restricting shore access to only ship tours keep enough guests away to prevent profitability?
  4. I would like to recommend the Telegraph Suites hotel. It definitely does not look like much on the outside because the entrance is in an alley. However, the small amount of rooms are excellent and the staff is fantastic. The hotel is within walking distance of most attractions ( Trevi Fountain, 5 min. Pantheon, 15 min. Forum, 15-20 min.) They have a roof top tappas bar, but no breakfast. Our suite came with a full kitchen. We found a local grocery store and bakery to stock up on breakfast food, drinks, and munchies. Restaurants surround the hotel. Le Lanterne around the corner had excellent pizza, including gluten free. They book up very quickly. https://www.telegraphsuites.it/
  5. The CDC says that close contact with an infected person longer than 15 minutes may lead to a passing of the germs with or without masks on. They further note that because the public does not know how to properly use PPE, the CDC is not certain that the PPE will protect them. Given so many questions about mask working and the close proximity people will be in on a ship (even with distancing), can one feel safe getting on a ship? https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/cdc-guidelines-say-wearing-a-mask-during-prolonged-exposure-to-coronavirus-wont-prevent-possible-infection?fbclid=IwAR0Jm6S0XPOSc7Xc8HhT2y7epwBZbRTjcxVrzSzTkTHyBP7Q_39jadpo69Q
  6. Some of my local neighbors have begun leaving their phones at home when meeting with friends or taking their kids to the playground, and other times they do not want to be tracked. I hope they realize their car can be tracked as well.
  7. I live along the coast of SC. This summer I have seen many cars with license plates from NY, and NJ. I volunteer at a local tourist attraction and have talked to many from these and other states that consider SC a "Red" state (Some call SC a "free" state). Do all these vacationers self quarantine after returning? Is someone tracking them?
  8. Glad to here from someone who lives there because all we have to go on is what we see in the media: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-53622797 and
  9. Is her bow going to be put on display somewhere like the bow of the SS France/Norway?
  10. Due to my medical condition, I can not wear a mask. However, I do wear a shield and I have not had one complaint or even an odd look from anyone. I am most grateful to everyone's kindness in that matter. What that does mean is that I probably not be able to fly or cruise for some time. While I could debate people on whether the mask works or not, the argument is moot because the decision has been made for us. That is the way it goes. The positive is that it has gotten a frightened and paranoid society out working and spending money. I do hope that those who do travel have a wonderful time mask and all.
  11. ITA! Consider that even with masks, disinfecting, and social distancing, all it takes is one person showing symptoms to get the entire ship locked down at sea. Remember that it will be flu season. Someone may not have covid, but showing symptoms related to both covid and the flu or common cold could cause all passengers being under suspicion of having covid.
  12. One of the numerous theories I have been reading is that people closed up in recirculated air greatly increases the chance for exposure. Many "experts" have urged getting more fresh air, whether it be one getting outside or even opening the windows. They have also stressed improvements in filtration systems. In the winter, people in the South are out and about more than people up North. The situation is reverse in the winter. The correlation is that the virus spread increased in the South due to people retreating inside to the A/C, while it reduced in the North because people got outside. Nursing homes were hit hard because the residents remain inside with recirculated air. This theory goes all the way back to the pandemic of 1918 where they found that those that had to be placed in beds outside recovered faster than those with beds inside. I am very interested in seeing your thoughts on this theory.
  13. I felt the same sadness when they scrapped the SS Norway. What grand lady she was:
  14. IMO, no sense getting upset or arguing about any of it. The decisions are being made for us. Our decision is where to spend our vacation dollars. For me, a mask is a deal breaker, but I wish those who do go a wonderful time. The biggest positive in favor of the mask is that it got a frightened and paranoid society out working and spending money. I am speculating that as vacation destinations want more money, the masks and restrictions will be tossed aside. Greed is a powerful motivator. It will just take time to play out.
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