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  1. We were looking at this cruise out of Rome, Stopping in Livorno, Portofino, Nice, Provence, Sete, Vallencia, Mallorca, and Barcelona. We know that the weather will be cooler, but we are going to see sites, not to be on the beach. However, should we be worried about it being too cold or rainy? Thanks for the advice.
  2. What times are the headliner shows for the Constellation? Do they still have two shows a night for traditional early and late dinner seating?
  3. Lazz

    Stunt on Royal

    If this keeps up (either by accident or design), do you think the cruise lines will somehow seal up the balconies or put up a barrier to prevent this from happening in the future?
  4. Lazz

    Surcharge for Room Service coming?

    Rolls and coffee are not good for those that are gluten free. We end up going to the buffet and bringing our plates back to the room.
  5. The SS Norway sail away party where we threw steamers over the side.
  6. We had to leave a cruise early and fly home from Cozumel. Two pieces of advice are to contact the insurance provider ASAP and keep receipts and documents for everything. The Insurance paid for first class air tickets. hotel, rental car, food, etc.
  7. Lazz

    Gin and tonic

    I do believe they have Tanqueray
  8. Years ago, we went all the way around in a van. Looking back, it was a foolish and dangerous thing to do (although beautiful). There was a escorted tour that went all the way around, but I do not know if they still do it. I would keep going past Hana to see Pools of ‘Ohe’o (aka Seven Sacred Pools) and Charles Lindbergh's grave.
  9. Lazz

    Adventure to Hana on Celebrity Solstice

    About 6 years ago we took one tour that went past Hana and all the way around the island. The road looks scary in spots, but it the scenery is what I like an astronaut said of the moon: "Magnificent Desolation." The tour also stopped at Lindbergh's grave and a winery for a taste of pineapple wine.
  10. Lazz

    Zuiderdam Casino

    Sailed on her last year and they did have a craps table.
  11. Lazz

    RC Credit Card?

    I have had the card for many years now. I never carry a balance so I have never had an interest charge. I have used the points to get on board credits and most recently half price for a balcony on the Allure.
  12. From the close up of the bottom of where the anchor rests, it looks like their is a puncture hole.
  13. The MSC Armonia damaged the Roatan dock and appeared to run aground on the rocks. Will that close the port for a while?
  14. Lazz

    MSC Armonia Hits Dock Today

    Is this Roatan?
  15. Lazz

    MSC Armonia Hits Dock Today

    I saw the same thing. It looked like the captain dropped anchor in an attempt to slow the boat.