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  1. I sailed with Captain Massa on the Divina Sept 2017 and again with him on the Seaside April 2018. The nicest Captain I've ever encountered on 40 plus cruises. I'm sailing again on the Seaside this Sat and so sorry to hear he's not on the Seaside still.
  2. No need for advertising. They know the moment my dog jumps up on the couch to sit with them. And I'll eat my homemade pie any day before a store bought one where you have NO idea where the hands making that have been ( or other disgusting things).
  3. I would never bring my dog on a cruise ship but I can say that I would rather eat with her than a number of those posting to this thread. My dog sits on my furniture at home and never has one of my guest been concerned about my dogs anus when they sat on my couch.
  4. We sailed the Orchestra in March in Fantastica oceanview. IMO the cabin was quite roomy and I certainly wouldn’t spend that extra money just for a few extra square feet. By the way, we absolutely loved the Orchestra. One of our best cruises ever!
  5. My husband did not have a VC number and sailed MSC in April. We are booked again for this coming April and I went into Voyagers Club site last night, entered his info and was assigned his number almost immediately.
  6. Again, I have the giggles thinking of this. Part of me wants to feign ignorance and see his reaction but the good wife side of me would tell him to wear his swim trunks. Decisions, decisions!
  7. OH no, too funny! Now my dilemma is, do I tell him or let him find out for himself??
  8. We just returned from a cruise on another line. My husband had his first ever massage, at age 68, and now he’s hooked. I have had massages on MSC before and I know they give the ladies a bikini type disposable panty to wear. What do the men wear? Just thinking of him in a disposable ? Makes me giggle! So gentlemen, does anyone know the answer?
  9. I stand corrected. It is starboard and I knew that. I plead a senior moment!
  10. I saw smoking outside the Seaview Lounge. This would be portside of Deck 8
  11. It's a done deal! Booked the Concierage Package and looking forward to being spoiled big time. So much to do and so little time! Lol
  12. Skier52, What can you tell me about Divina stateroom 11222? The balcony looks to be odd shaped. Would you happen to have pictures? Thank you for helping us all.
  13. We are leaving Friday on the Classica. I was just getting ready to call to book the Concierage Package, but after seeing what you paid for your massage I am again hesitant. That was a great price and now wondering if all the Concierage perks will be worth it. Decisions, decisions!
  14. This happens occasionally on the MSC site. I also cannot pull up my booking. Being a Sunday it's possible they are doing site maintenance today. Most likely, you will have no problems tomorrow.
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