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  1. I have sailed the Divina twice with a third booked for December. I have also sailed the Carnival Victory along with 23 other Carnival cruises. The Divina is a gorgeous classy ship. The Victory is older (19 years old) and certainly a different style ship. (Think party). I've enjoyed the food on both ships but Carnival will certainly give you more options outside the main dining rooms. I have not found the food on Divina to be bland but food is subjective. MSC definitely has the best pizza at sea. MSC wins hand down for the evening theater shows. A 3 day cruise will draw a different crowd than a longer cruise and 3 days on a Carnival ship is a loud party. I haven't sailed a short cruise on Msc so I can't comment on that but there is a difference generally in the guests you will find between the 2 lines. Hope this helped. Have a wonderful time whichever choice you make.
  2. I never understand why some would believe that sailing anything other than yacht club would be disappointing. I also have sailed Celebrity and HAL and find that MSC is comparable to those lines. I just completed my sixth MSC cruise yesterday and have always had a wonderful time. I have never sailed in the Yacht Club and probably never will. I have sailed the Seaside twice, the Orchestra once, Meraviglia once and Divina twice with another on her Dec 6. Every cruise will have their positives and negatives such as every day life. Go and enjoy and don't worry about the small stuff!!
  3. This thread is over 3 years old.
  4. They have both US and European . No adaptor needed.
  5. I have sailed the Divina 2 times with a 3rd booked for 12/19. I absolutely love this ship. I’ve cruised Celebrity Summit twice and also liked it. No cruise is a bad cruise to me. I will be sailing the Meraviglia in Oct to Canada. Looking forward to a new ship.
  6. I am currently platinum and 3 points away from emerald. I am cruising in 2 weeks and I'm curious to know if I will remain platinum for the entire 7 day cruise, turn emerald after day 3 and be awarded extra benefits as of that day or obtain emerald status on embarkation? i know the answer to other cruise lines but have not seen RCI's policy. Either way I'm excited to be going on my first Oasis class ship after saying for years that you would never get me on one of those monstrosities.
  7. If I was looking for a snorkeling/catamaran excursion for 25-30 people I would look at chartering. We have done this in the past, not Bermuda but Cozumel. We were able to plan our day and had the catamaran to ourselves without being crowded in. Most charters charge by the hour and after sharing costs with your group it could very likely cost you less than a crowded ship excursion. I briefly looked at catamaran charters in Bermuda and saw a number of them.
  8. I booked the Divina today for the 12/6-12/17 sailing. First port is Aruba and we will be there two full days. Last port is Ocean Cay so we will see.
  9. We will be sailing on Harmony in August. I have hip replacement surgery scheduled for Oct and due to the size of the ship and anticipated long walks I will be bringing a walker to use. Where is disability seating located in the theater and aqua theater? Are those the only 2 venues with stairs? Thank you in advance for your help.
  10. I sailed with Captain Massa on the Divina Sept 2017 and again with him on the Seaside April 2018. The nicest Captain I've ever encountered on 40 plus cruises. I'm sailing again on the Seaside this Sat and so sorry to hear he's not on the Seaside still.
  11. No need for advertising. They know the moment my dog jumps up on the couch to sit with them. And I'll eat my homemade pie any day before a store bought one where you have NO idea where the hands making that have been ( or other disgusting things).
  12. I would never bring my dog on a cruise ship but I can say that I would rather eat with her than a number of those posting to this thread. My dog sits on my furniture at home and never has one of my guest been concerned about my dogs anus when they sat on my couch.
  13. We sailed the Orchestra in March in Fantastica oceanview. IMO the cabin was quite roomy and I certainly wouldn’t spend that extra money just for a few extra square feet. By the way, we absolutely loved the Orchestra. One of our best cruises ever!
  14. My husband did not have a VC number and sailed MSC in April. We are booked again for this coming April and I went into Voyagers Club site last night, entered his info and was assigned his number almost immediately.
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