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  1. During the April 2019 Shanghai to Kobe, not one Officer came down to dinner during the 18 days. Heck: not even an Engineer..... (The highest ranking 'crew' we came across there was the Assistant Cruise Director, David: he was a total delight.) The Captain, Tim Roberts, lovely fellow though he is, was only seen when needs be at a function in the red-room along with the set-patter: and not once did see him 'around the ship' or even at the Galley Lunch (but he must have been there, surely!) It truly was a surprise to finally see him near the gang-way as we 'disembarked'. The Cruise Director I saw only at functions where he had to be: he's a cabaret fellow and doesn't seem to do 'off stage'; and not once did I see him 'around the ship' or, again, even at the Galley lunch, except to do the: 'Three Cheers for the Cooks'. (The food was indeed pretty good!) Puts you off a bit and sort of let's you know what they think of us and they are actually running the place you're on so you can't help think; anyway, after 250+ days it now helps me to manage my money
  2. I believe I have big reputation as a gawmand and wine conisewer among some of my mates. So, not to worry, after I get on the Sojourn on the 28th April in Shangers, you can expect the good oil from yours truly. Of course, I seem to recall you lot know a thing or two too ...
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