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  1. Time changes if there are any won't be a problem. Celebrity has taken all of that into consideration. Just book your excursions and enjoy.
  2. The last I knew Celebrity does not allow anyone to bring beverages on board for in stateroom consumption or anywhere else on the ship for that matter. You either buy from them or you drink what is available from their dispensers.
  3. We always have breakfast in the MDR because there is less commotion than in the Ocean View Cafe at that hour. On the mornings we have an excursion we order the Express Breakfast. I believe it is available on all Celebrity Ships; at least the ones we have been on.
  4. I think you will find honesty in the best policy. Celebrity can check your booking and will know if you are being truthful or not. I would think if you are truthful they may be more inclined to help you. If you lie to them, not so much.
  5. We have sailed Concierge a few times because it was a really good deal. We certainly pay an up charge to be in a Concierge stateroom. We are perfectly contented with a standard stateroom with a balcony.
  6. We have sailed on the Eclipse and Equinox several times and are doing a transatlantic on the Reflection November 5th from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale. We have always been happy with dinner in the MDR. There may be some dishes we like better than others but I think that is true where ever you dine. All in all we think Celebrity does a great job and are happy with their service etc. Celebrity is our cruise line of choice.
  7. My partner and I used to bring tuxes, suits etc. You get the idea. Now we just do country club casual and it works just fine for us. Now it's a nice shirt, sweater ,dress slacks and dress shoes and that is it. It makes packing and traveling a whole lot easier. As we get older it's all about comfort and still looking our best. For those of you who wish to dress to the nines have at it and enjoy!
  8. We would like to offer our sincerest condolences to Walt's family and to you for the loss of a good friend. He will be missed.
  9. My partner (83) and I (77) are booked on the Reflection from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale Nov. 5th of this year. We booked our tours through Celebrity and did not encounter any problems. That being said, we booked very easy tours that pretty much means riding a bus and some light walking. Not sure if we had booked something much more strenuous if the results would have been the same. That being said we have sailed with Celebrity many times and have never encountered age restrictions. Hope it works out for you and enjoy your cruise.
  10. We don't drink much so if the bar is crowded and the service is slow it doesn't matter to us. We just won't spend the $$$$ on the ship is all. It our gain and someone else's loss.
  11. Assuming the tips goes to the staff I have no problem with the increase. These men and women work extremely hard and in many if not most cases their money goes to support their families. I feel if we can afford to cruise then we can afford to tip generously.
  12. Maybe I missed it but did you book your flights through Celebrity? If not you might consider doing so. We always use them and have excellent luck. In fact, we have book our air through them for our Transatlantic cruise from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale in November. Perhaps I should add we also book our hotels, tours etc through them as well. We like the protection it affords.
  13. Treat yourself and do both restaurants. You are on vacation!
  14. We book everything through Celebrity. Air, hotels and transfers. We like the security of knowing they are going to get us to where we need to be when we need to be there. For us that is more important that the cost.
  15. We used to bring the tuxes, suits, sports jacks etc. but as we have gotten older we want to deal with less luggage so we do Country Club casual. It works just fine for us and it is oh so much easier.
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