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  1. Im looking for something that will not cost much and I can see a lot in a short time. I never been there. Any suggestions? Thanks:)
  2. bearswife

    tabyana ncl beach excursion, can you leave earlier?

    What a beautiful beach. The snorkeling was awesome. Even had a message for $20 for 1/2hr. The coral reef was amazing. Not a far swim and the fish swarmed you. The music was great. So glad I picked it. :)
  3. bearswife

    Just back from cave tubing

    We booked with cave-tubing.com...Im so glad I did. The best excursion in all my 7 cruises. No bugs, snakes, etc. Had a blast. Yhonny and his crew made sure we were all safe and had a blast. We did the tubing ATV combo and was worth every dime. They were funny guys also. Butts up they said so we never hit the bottom with our butts. Yhonny even carried my tube. I thought the walk was much more than it was. What a great walk though the jungle and I'm not even in the best of shape. They were very informative also. They were really out to make sure we all had a great time. The caves are so beautiful. This is something you should not miss. The ATV was awesome. Even when I got stuck, someone was there to push me out in seconds. I'm afraid of my own shadow but this was fantastic. Not a moment of being scared. I highly recommend them and if you have any doubt, just go by my post. Best excursion by far. Please don't miss out on this opportunity of a life time. Very very safe with excellent care. Tell Yhonny that Frank and Pat said hi:D
  4. bearswife

    back from the SUN 1/5-1/12

    [quote name='gehrandt']Glad you had a wonderful time! Any signs of 2.0 upgrades? Like bubby upon boarding? Upgraded room service menus? How was the Hilton at the Blue Lagoon? We take off Friday - nervous about the weather back East as snow suppose to hit this week. Have some kids coming from Baltimore and St Louis and one set routed through Detroit. So fingerscrossed. And lots of prayers.[/quote] I didnt see 2.0 in effect but such a great time that it didnt need it. Have a great cruise, you will love it:) The Hilton was beautiful and service was excellent.
  5. bearswife

    back from the SUN 1/5-1/12

    [quote name='MonaCK']Pat, it was great to meet you and your family. :) Your son has a real future as a comedian. he's got timing that those trying to break into the business that are twice his age just do not have :)[/quote] Thanks Mona, I sure think he has a good shot. It was fun meeting all in the cruise critic meeting. We all had a blast! Sorry its over:mad: Time to ;lan another lol. Weather was great too. Previosly i read horror stories about the food. The food was great everywhere! Not one complain here! I never played bingo. Too much money. I'd rather take my chances in the casino. kept running into all our cc frinds. That was fun!
  6. All I can say is Wonderful! The emberkment: We arrived at 11:10 and were up in our room my 11:22. Amazing! Wedidnt go to the buffet, we went to four seasons and it was fabulos. Went to uppack which took all of 10 minutes then relaxed on the balcony for take off. Went to fou seasons and found the best waiter there named Rudy. We kept going back there to eat and kept asking for him, The best service I had ever had. Belize we went cave tubing with cave-tubing.com. Well Well worth it. the best excurion I have ever had in 7 cruises What a blast. They made sure we were safe and had pleny of time getting back to the ship to shop. We went to Roaton and went to tabayna which was the bes snorking i have ever seen. Had a message for only $20 under a plam tree. The water was warm and fun. Cozumel we went shopping. My DH wanted the silver neckless and they wanted 70 and my dh got it for only $15 lol, so by son and I did too LOL....Went to casino everynight and won at blackjack and Texas Holdem to total over $2500 and mh DH $300 up. That paid for all our excursions plus came home with $1550 over YIPPE! Last day private island was beautiful 80 degress so use your suntan lotion. sorry it all ended. We did self disembark and Im not kidding, I was off the ship in 6 minutes with my limo in front. All went wll...Any questions, I will be happy to help. Im sure I skipped alot but this is the best i can do. :) :)
  7. bearswife

    Back from the SUN 1/5- long review here

    We arrived at port at 11:15am and were in our cabin by 11:30. I couldn't believe how fast it was. We didnt go to the buggett we went 7 seas which was graet. Back to the room to unpack and we were ready. Went to 7 seas again but that was the last time. The rest of the time went to four seasons and used the same waiter (per request) his name was Rudy. He was the best waiter I have ever had on all 7 cruises. Ask for him. Only seen 2 shows which were good but most of the time in the casino. We went to Tabyana beach in Roatan that was beautiful..Snorkeling there was awesome. You will neve see so many differnt colols of fish swimming around you an a reef. no sand flees. Had a message for $20 for 1/2 hr, it was great. Coumel we just went shopping. Belize we went cave tubing with yhonny. It was the best excursion I ever had. What a blast. The atv was so cool. Had a blast. The private island was over 80 degrees and beautiful. NO NO NO foodl domplaints at all.. All were great. The beds were a little hard so we has for eagcreate and I had them that night. Yes, I won in the casino over $2500 YIPPEE. I would always go on the sun again. NOT one complain! I typed fast so if there are any questions, please ask. By the way the C.Critic meeting went well, and we all made friends..Hope eveyone else had fun!!!!!!! Now, I cant wait for another.
  8. bearswife

    Places to eat around Miami airport

    [quote name='gehrandt']I LOVE prime rib - and we like eating early. Sounds good. Look forward to your comments on rest., hotel and SUN as we will be following your footsteps on the 19th!!!! Nice to know about the shuttle two. We have a fairly large group and tall kids so walking usually isn't a problem (I'm the only short one but I keep them in order!) Have a wonderful cruise and hopefully they have started some of the 2.0 things - like champaign and upgraded food.[/quote] They also have a website, just google it (I forgot what it was). Yes, you are just behind me. I will post a review on the ncl board when i return and for sure I will let you know about the hotel and restaurant. The hotel is having the pool renewed and should be done when I get there. It has been closed for the past month. Have a great trip too:D
  9. bearswife

    Places to eat around Miami airport

    I am staying at the same hotel this Friday. About 1/2 mile away is a restaurant called 94th Aero Squadron 1395 nw 57th ave miami tel 305 261 4220 They have an early bird special $13.95 for primerib etc 5:30-6:30. I made reservations. You can see planes take off and hear the control tower also. The hotel said we can walk it but the shuttle bus is usually around and can drop us off and we can walk back. Not far, 5-10 min walk. I will let you know how it was when I get back:D
  10. thanks for your help. Glad you bailed out. Maybe I will some day. :)
  11. Thanks for the info and you can have our snow lol...hate the cold. Do you think a light jacket will be good enough for Friday eve?
  12. Wow, that stinks for me. Is it supposed to get better by my sailing date which is this Saturday? :(
  13. bearswife

    Roatan in the rain

    [INDENT]I booked Tabyana beach and snorkel and the forcast is rain. I was wondering, is it usually a passing rain there? I can cancel the excursion but I have to do it within 48 hours or lose my money. We will be there Monday. Has anyone did the beach excursion in the rain? Thanks for the help:D [/INDENT]
  14. I have been looking forward to warm weather and I have been watching the forcast for my ports. I was just talking to my DH about this because we don't want to carry a heavy coat at the airport, taxi, hotel and port. I said I would bring a light coat. It appears that Friday in Miami is going to be 71 but colder at night. I was hoping for warmer:eek: Even all my ports say 70's. I bet the pool will be cold too:eek: Oh well, I will try to make the best of it. Thanks for the heads up
  15. bearswife

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year to you as well. For now, just plan a cruise if it helps:D