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  1. I suspect my next cruise with NCL will be my last. So sad but it will be open season for my money. May the best cruise company win. Have 2 more cruise rewards and 2B2B booked for Jan2018 after that whatever.:D
  2. Thanks so much. And sooo speedy.:D
  3. :DI have a friend that has booked a cruise on NCL and he asked me the price of a beer on the ships. Well I'm a wino;) and I don't know what a beer costs on NCL but I told him I could find the answer very quickly. Please don't let me down CC. :)
  4. FYI in Belize you use the local tenders not NCLs.
  5. It is NCL but procedures have a wide variation depending on the port. IF it is that simple in Houston , Great.:)
  6. I am taking a back to back out of Houston in January. Does anyone know what their procedure is there, US Immigration wise? We are staying in the same cabin the whole 2 weeks. Tampa and Miami each have different procedures for this. I'd like to be prepared;)
  7. This too may be a stupid question but what does getting back to Port of Houston early have to do with not:confused: getting drinks?
  8. be aware that on some ships Freestyle sun deck can mean topless:D Just saying.
  9. There is, I think, a CVS drug store within a few blocks of the CP. I will be there next week and find out for sure. In the meantime go to CVS web site and check store locator.
  10. I loved the coffee in the suites so much I went out and bought a Nesspresso. Now I have it every day. Suites can spoil you that way:)
  11. I cruised on the Dawn last year out of Tampa B2B2B. On each arrival in Tampa we had to go to Non-US immigration on the ship, present our passports etc. If you do not go they will call your names overhead and hold all disembarkation until you do show up. (there is always someone who thinks that the rules are for everyone else):rolleyes:
  12. I don't really think NCL cares who you sleep with, one way or another:cool: PS neither do I
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