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  1. Can anyone tell me how to pre book Cirque on the Mariviglia if it was included as a free perk? Do I have to wait to get on board? This was included when I made my booking and I shows up on my account, but there is no time and date. Has anyone been able to call and book it? I don't want to waste 45 minutes waiting just for them to tell me they have no idea what I'm talking about.
  2. mvh

    Upgrade, really?

    I'm sorry, I wasn't very clear. The upgrade offer was $225 per person $450 total and it is only $390 total not per person if I call and upgrade. I'm just a little shocked that the upgrade does not start lower than what it does. I know when I was offered an upgrade on NCL it was much lower and it was accepted. Not complaining, still much less than NCL. It is not quite on the same level, but close and a much better value. Again, not bashing MSC just letting people know that they may want to check what the difference is to call and upgrade vs bidding on an upgrade.
  3. mvh

    Upgrade, really?

    So, I just received MSC Upgrade email offer. I am currently in an Guaranteed Inside Bella and I was offered to upgrade to a Balcony starting with a minimum bid of $225 p/p. However, it is only $390 if I call and upgrade without bidding. They really bank on customers being that dumb. Do these bids ever come down the closer you get to the departure date, or should I just roll the dice with my guaranteed room and hope I get a free upgrade since there are several balconies still available on the Meraviglia in January.
  4. We are really undecided if everyone wants to do the same thing once we get in to Grand Cayman, so we really don't want to commit. Do they still have people in port holding signs for Stingray City tours? It's been about ten years since I've been there and the did then? Also, do any of them just take you to the stingrays and back? We really don't need to snorkel, but we will. Will any drop you off at 7 mile beach and let you catch a cab back to the ship? Has anyone done any of this?
  5. mvh

    Mr Sancho's or Playa Mia?

    That was my first choice. However, most everything I have read is says the food is poor and the drinks are weak at Nachi Cocom. Are you saying that is not true? I don't mind a party atmosphere as long it's not packed with little kids, which I doubt it will be in the middle of January.
  6. Which do you prefer? Which is better for the following? beach crowd food drinks pool atmosphere service anything I may have missed Thanks,
  7. Are there cabs and or people with tour signs waiting in port as soon as you get of the ship in Ocho Rios like? We are just looking to go to Dunn's River Falls, but don't want to be stuck on a tour bus with half the ship and have to stop at crappy souvenir shops on the way. Do you get bombarded by cabbies or tours the second you get off the ship like most of the Caribbean? Any suggestions for four of us?
  8. Has anyone been offered a bid before they have been assigned a cabin? I have a Bella Guaranteed Inside Cabin and was wondering if I may get to bid on a balcony even if I have not been assigned yet. We had an Inside Bella Handicap room, but we no longer need it so I called to let them know and now we were given a Guaranteed room. I guess I should have just kept it for the extra space, but I felt too guilty and decided to do the right thing. Has anyone one had this experience before? We are just about at the 90 day point for the Meriviglia if that makes any difference. Who knows, maybe we will get an upgrade without having to bid.
  9. I agree 100% and we knew that going in. I really wasn't complaining, just stating our experience. Yes, I would do it again.
  10. Just got off the Preziosa 2 weeks ago (Northern European cruise). We had a great trip and loved most of the ports. However, the cruise itself was sooooo boring. It is a beautiful ship and I didn't mind that there where only 100 Americans out of 4,000 people, it's just that there was literally nothing to do when we were on the ship. The shows were brutal with no variety. Other than the guitar player/singer in the pizza bar the entertainment was just bad. None of this mattered to us, because we were going for the ports and not the ship. With that said, we got an incredible deal, so I can't complain too much. On the flip side, we go to the Caribbean for the ship and party and the Seaside did not disappoint last year. We loved the ship and the value. Trying out the Meriviglia in January and hoping to have the same experience. A cruise is what you make of it.
  11. I have just moved up to Gold Status after my recent cruise and one of the perks is an hour of spa time. What does that exactly mean? Believe or not, MSC could not answer this question on the phone. Is it anything worth while?
  12. I was on the same cruise as the OP and agree 100%. Weather and vacation were awesome and we liked most of the ports. However, the cruise itself was very lame. There was absolutely nothing to do and the entertainment was sooooooooo boring. Staff was very friendly and our room and rest of the ship was nicer than expected. food was ok to pretty good and we met some great people. I realize it is Europe and the cruise was more about the ports, but I have done Europe on other lines and there was so much more to do on board. The two sea days were excruciating. 4,000 people on board with only 100 Americans, which I honestly do not mind at all. Yes, we ran into rude people on elevators as expected, but not a big deal. The biggest problem I noticed was how many people came out of the public bathrooms and did not wash their hands. Don't tell me that is a European custom, it is just wrong and disgusting.
  13. The ship arrives that day at 8:00am. I have a dinner time of 18:00 and a drink package. There is no way they can expect people to check in after dinner and loose half a day of their drink package. We will just have to see what happens when we show up around noon. I honestly don't expect an issue, but who knows with MSC.
  14. I'm hoping someone who has recently done this can help me, since no one can give me a straight answer from MSC. I just printed out my e-ticket for the Preziosa which departs from Rotterdam on 9/13/19. It has an embarkation time of 18:59 to 21:59. Can that be correct? I realize it is staying overnight in Rotterdam, but this is basically taking away a full day on the ship. Can I show up at noon and get on and then get off and explore Rotterdam? I have gone a few hours before my scheduled time before, but this seems ridiculous. Has anyone recently boarded in Rotterdam?
  15. If you usually fly out of Detroit, try Windsor. We got tickets from Windsor to AMS for $550 ea on Air Canada. Although, we do have a 90 minute layover in Toronto it is still worth a $1,000 on each ticket. Pretty decent times too. We leave at 6:30pm and arrive at 10:00am. You can save a lot more if you drive to Toronto, however time is money.
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