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  1. Good news indeed. I can now start the laborious task of getting my money back, I guess around three months time, give or take. Stupid as it may seem to our US friends us Brits have to pay all of our cruise costs to get a full refund. If we cancel outside of full payment we lose our deposit. In our case around the £2000.mark. So only three weeks ago I had to pay in full for a August Baltic cruise that everybody knew ( including Oceania) would not go ahead. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask! ( for those not sure who Dick Turpin was, Dick Turpin is a infamous not
  2. Yes, Unfortunately deposits in the UK are non refundable. mklions
  3. Why do Oceania take so long to cancel cruises?, that we all know will not happen. Today P&O decided to cancel sailings until October. 3 weeks ago I had to pay my final balance for a baltic cruise sailing mid August this year. My TA advised me that If I defaulted on paying my final balance I would have lost my £2000k deposit, which was a no brainer! So now I have to wait until Oceania cancel the cruise for me to wait a further 90 days to get my monies back. I know they know the cruise won't happen so why not cancel cruises sooner? Rather
  4. The question is when will she sail again? I’m booked on her for mid August ( this year) and each day we hear positive news about the lifting various restrictions, only yesterday they said pubs and restaurants could possibly start to reopen in June . Just maybe and fingers crossed we may start sailing again earlier than first imagined. Why not be optimistic! mklions.
  5. If you see a huge price drop on your pending cruise and have already paid in full can you go back to your TA and get the new price? mklions
  6. Last week I paid the final balance for a cruise on Marina In August this year which I know will be cancelled. My options were , ( spelt out from my TA,) either to lose my £2000 deposit for breach of contract/ cancelling the cruise or pay the balance of another £6000 and claim it all back in full through either the cruise company or my credit card company or ABTA ( the association of British travel agencies) I know I will have to wait 90 days for my refund, but better than losing the £2000 deposit would you not agree? mklions.
  7. Ah, bit of a balls up actually on my post, our sail date is mid August not mid November. Anyhow many Thanks for all your replies.. mklions.
  8. Hi fellow shipmates, We are booked on the Marina going to the Baltics mid November this year, sailing out of Southampton. Very good possibility this will not happen, for obvious reasons. I have paid through our TA the deposit about 15% of the total cost of the cruise, with the balance due any time now. Should I pay in full when the balance is due, or should I cancel beforehand or what? Sorry if this question has been posted before but any help in answering would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance, Mklions.
  9. Looking to book a Baltic cruise next summer on Marina. The offer showing gives us 6 free shore excursions. Reading the above posts I believe this is up to a value of $199 each. My question is can you use OBC to pay for a excursion that exceeds the $199 limit? millions.
  10. Hi all fellow cruisers, Just had a email from RC asking me if I wanted to bid for a upgrade from our balcony cabin to a junior suite on our Jewel of the Seas cruise of seven days starting next week. I decided to take the plunge and bid one of the lowest offers of 200 Dollars per person, so 400Dollars in total for the chance to upgrade. I am interested to know if this is common practice and what fellow CC members have experienced in the past? The offer shows a meter on the web page and my offer is deemed as week? So my question is also what are my chance
  11. Why so many Russians? we are flying out to join The Jewel on Sunday. Mkilons
  12. Hi All, With the current US airstrike in Baghdad how safe would you feel sailing on an American cruise ship around the middle east? Next Sunday we are sailing on the Jewel of the Seas around the Persian Gulf with my family of nine and with todays news I cannot help but feel a little trepidation. Mklions.
  13. Thanks for all the great advice and tips, you can always rely on cruise critic members to come up trumps when needed. I now feel confident that our family will have a fantastic cruise. kind regards, mklions
  14. Hi All, My wife and I are cruising with our two children their partners and our three grandchildren as a party of nine next month. Sailing on Jewel of the Seas around the Emirates for a week. On booking we requested 3 balcony rooms together, only to find we have been assigned 3 balcony cabins on three different decks!. Spoke to our TA today and they have said because we booked on a "guarantee basis" they have no control on cabin selections. So a bit disappointed in this, as it would be nice to have joining cabins and feel a bit annoyed that our request has b
  15. We are also on this exciting TA cruise, travelling out of Heathrow 8.15 Wednesday morning, fingers crossed we should be at the cruise terminal around midday. Unfortunately In work tomorrow and Tuesday but can’t wait to join up with you all. Mklions. Dave and Jackie..
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