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  1. I love an icy IGLU on a hot day( no alcohol) and the white chocolate mocha.
  2. Loving your review! Could you tell me the name of the drinks posted in the Martini Bar and the orange drink in the World class bar.
  3. I’ve always had luck contacting move up Dept thru email and they do respond back.
  4. I have bought many iPads as gifts with OBC for gifts. The Apple store usually has a limited supply of the difference models and colors. We have never had any problems or issues with them.
  5. It’s pretty random, but a nice surprise when they offer it. I just got off the Equinox and they had a few learn to knit- which was well attended and everyone who already knits helped those who were new. Quality supplies were given out.
  6. On this trip, I’m winning on the slots. I’m the type to leave after a good payoff. My husband has been watching football in the casino and I have been playing random machines. I even won $50 on the penny slots- just put $1 in...
  7. I’m on the Equinox now and I have won playing slots and roulette past 2 nights. I’m up around $450 with only putting in around $50. We do have 3 match play perks thru Elite perks for roulette table.
  8. Check out the Hop On Hop Off Trolley and Butterfly Museum( really fun) -bundle- we just paid $21.
  9. Download Hurricane tracker on your iPhone or iPad and it shows 5 day cone and future spaghetti models to help gauge the storm.
  10. There is a purse shop on deck 5- that sells Kate Spade purses and others.
  11. I just checked the July 13 roll call and it’s active and recent- no concerns that it’s cancelled
  12. Really enjoyed your great review! We were also on the same cruise! We loved Captain Kate and her announcements, the new Celebrity App was great- unlocking our cabin door and the correct ships time and list of activities and menus. It was a treat going to sailaway on the Helipad - our first! Our weather was perfect that week. We loved the great variety of live music throughout the ship. We always enjoy recognizing staff from previous cruises and spending fun happy hours at World Class bar and Martini bar.
  13. I just called Celebrity to ask that exact question and they said the sale doesn’t apply to upgrading to the premium package . The sale applies to purchasing the classic bev.pkg.
  14. Could anyone tell me if lunch for B2B ers is in the Main Dining room( with the Concierge class cabins) Also, do you know when we can use the Fitness center on embarkation day Thanks
  15. Great idea! Knitting is the new Yoga! Wish I could join you .
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