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  1. I would call and check because last time I did it a month ago, it wasn’t showing on my OBC- She said they are running 6-7 weeks behind and she did it for me and it showed up on my cruise planner immediately.
  2. We are enjoying your thread! Just saw your ship on the Miami webcam- what a beautiful day in Miami!
  3. Thanks for a fun thread and a beautiful sunrise picture.
  4. I’ve seen the Reflection on the Port Everglades webcam these past few weeks- so they are collecting staff and getting ready. We are on the Nov. 6 cruise.
  5. I was on the Equinox last week and the stock was the older models. That can put the model no in the computer and shows them the year built. The prices are the same as Apple website.
  6. We just got off the Equinox Sunday and I haven’t got my survey in my email yet. Where are you getting the survey after your cruise?
  7. We appreciate all your reports today. If possible,When you arrive, could you explain if there is a separate or marked entrance for those with negative COVID tests vs the regular check in line? we are also boarding today with a check in at noon.
  8. Thanks for all the great photos and trip review and Dalies!
  9. Thanks for all the photos! What cabin are you in? Do you have a sofa also?
  10. Have a wonderful cruise! We are on the Aug 1 cruise so we are following along!
  11. I’m having trouble on the last question RE distance between Koper and Caves
  12. Try emailing them- you will get a response CelebrityMoveUp@Celebrity.com
  13. I got an email similar to yours a few years ago and once onboard, I checked and I never got the upgrade.
  14. I just watched a You Tube video by Celebrity Cruises” introducing the Celebrity App”. It’s easy to understand and current. I’m waiting for the check in box for our August 1 cruise.
  15. I tried to price out cruises using the attached codes, there is no flash sale that I could see.
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