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  1. Several times I have seen bar waiters in theaters, etc selling alcohol to my then underage daughter. They simply swipe the card. She does not look her age, she looks younger than she actually is. This has not only happened on Carnival but on Norwegian as well. It's all about the buck. I just happened to come along at the right time and simply said that she was underage. On my last cruise on a different line, a fellow passenger told me they tried to sell her 16 year old daughter a drink. She did not look like she was 16, let alone 21.
  2. I served on a jury from the federal courthouse for 18 months. On day one the lawyer said. BTW, don't go to Barking Crab for lunch. We want you here this afternoon. She said they are regularly shut down. This was over 2 years ago now, but don't know if things have changed. Sorry about your DH :(. Hope he is OK.
  3. Does this answer your question? Not meant in any way to be sarcastic. It was just a few threads before yours, http://rjrnewsonline.com/news/local/3-american-tourists-disappear-cruise-ship-st-ann
  4. You would get that Medical Authorization, from the 19 year old, stating that you had the ability to authorize medical treatment for her ONLY in the event she was unable to give the authority herself.The letter would not come from the parents. I traveled on another cruise line with DD and her friend who was 19 at the time. She just wrote the letter and gave it to us before we left on our trip.
  5. The Venetian lunch menu on embarkation day is the regular lunch menu. OP is right. It definitely beats browsing the hog trough.
  6. Thanks so much,amdmsk! It is now my wallpaper. It got me to take down my seal and that takes A LOT! Just hope it doesn't make me want to go on a cruise TOO badly. It really looks like you are on the ship!
  7. This HAS to be my favorite cruise picture of ALL TIME. OP, would you mind if i use it as my wallpaper on my computer?
  8. Quincy Market and Fanueil Hall are actually part of the same complex. Faneuil ( pronounce Fan- ul) Hall is one building. The duck tour is so much fun! The idea of walking the Freedom Trail was a great one. It is not too physically taxing unless you try it in the 90+ heat with high humidity we have just had. It starts at Boston Common and you can get there on the Red Line from South Station and get off at the Park St station. There are also guided tours, but for about 5 bucks you can get a book and go at your own pace and get info from the book. Did the tour when DD was taking American History in high school.
  9. If your heart is not set on Carnival, check out NCL and RCCI's Southern itineraries. They are a little longer if you have the time and are not as port intensive. BTW, another vote for southern.
  10. I will add another "great review" to the growing list. Some of your pictures are absolutely phenomenal! For example, the last picture in post #30 makes it look like we are on the ship! This is probably not a cruise I would take, but I thoroughly enjoyed your review. It is a possible land trip at some point, though. Boston really is a walking city but for future reference you can also ride the T, the local subway. If you were going to be staying in the Boston area for a few days, you could take a ride to Cape Cod. Maybe go on a whale watch since you enjoyed seeing the whales on the cruise.
  11. I did the Atlantis submarine tour. They take you 100 feet underwater and there is a naturalist who will give a commentary. You sit on a small stool in the sub and there are 2 sides of stools. Each stool has its own window to look out. It was a little pricey, around $100pp, but it has been one of my highlight excursions of the cruises I have taken.
  12. How did you find the atrium venue for Jose and Patti? Their shows are meant to be in a more intimate setting and I would think that would make a huge difference. They just react with their audience so well and that is part of their appeal.
  13. The turtle farm was kind of depressing. As others have said, Stingray City is one of the best excursions going. I would do that part of the excursion again in a heartbeat. You need to go to Hell once to say you have been there. It's a Been there done that kinda thing.
  14. I think this is the way to go. I have tried everything and that review is not there. Good luck, OP!
  15. Do you know her user name? I tried to search for the review but was unable to find it. To the pp asking how to post a link- Go to the address bar and highlight it and then right click to bring up the menu. Click o n copy, then go to where you want to post the link. Again right click and bring up the menu and click on paste. It will appear where your cursor was when you clicked on paste.
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