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  1. Sadly I threw 7 of them away last fall after we were not allowed to use them on the Pacific Princess. Several weren't not even punched as we usually used them for brewed coffee and specialty teas.
  2. We can send faxes for free from our library so we sent them separately to avoid any chance of confusion.
  3. We're taking a b2b LA-Hawaii in a couple of weeks. We faxed on shareholder form on Monday afternoon, and it was on our CP by evening. We faxed the second one yesterday, and by 8p.m. it was on CP. I'd wait until Monday afternoon unless your cruise is very soon.
  4. I hope it doesn't change from too much discussion about it. I got a big surprise on the Q2 last fall. I had lots of OBC, and I played $200 in the casino to help pay it down. When I went to cash it in they added it to my OBC and the $200 went on my bill as per their policy which only increased my OBC. On the last day of the cruise I ended up buying myself another Citizen watch to use up my OBC.
  5. It's usually Bigelow in the Horizon Ct.,and the specialty tea in IC is Mighty Leaf. The white orchard Mighty Leaf makes great iced tea. I get a large cup of it in the IC in the morning and put it in the cabin refrigerator. By lunch I have delicious iced tea with my lunch. Princess iced tea is made from powder and pretty awful.
  6. Darn! We tried using ours on the Pacific Princess in September 2019, and when they refused we threw 8 of them out.
  7. I usually put another plate on top. DH brings fruit and pastries from the buffet for me some mornings. Also if we have a big balcony we often have lunch out there on warm days..
  8. What are the actual dining times in the mdr on the Star? The website always says 5pm for first seating, but it's often different when you get onboard. We're trying to decide between the very early first seating or the later second seating. Thanks.
  9. We've taken the Pacific Whale Foundation whale watch several times over the last few years, and we highly recommend them. There is a naturalist onboard who is a wealth of information, and we've seen lots of whales each time. We've already booked them for 2 tours on our B2B cruises on the Star Princess in Feb. and March.
  10. It is a great place to read and relax--unless a noisy group comes in. There used to be a sign by the door asking passengers to be quiet, but on our last cruise it was gone so I don't know if the policies have changed. We'll be on the Star next month, and DH hopes to be able to read up there.
  11. Another vote for the Doubletree. We've stayed there several times before Hawaiian cruises, and we'll be there again next month. The staff is top notch, the rooms are very clean, and the marina area is beautiful.
  12. We were on the Pacific for the first time in September, a British Isles cruise. This was our 23rd Princess cruise, but our first on a small ship. We liked it a lot, but it was a port heavy cruise. The buffet was our favorite of all of our cruises. It was small, but it had everything we needed, and there was rarely a line at the omelet window, or anywhere else for that matter. The dining room was lovely and very peaceful. All of the staff we met were very happy to be on the ship. I'm not so sure how the ship would be on a sea day heavy itinerary. We only had 1 sea day, and it didn't
  13. Oh NO! I always start my day with Jeannie's latest posting. The Majestic's internet access must be pretty bad; this is the first time she's had to put her blog on hiatus.
  14. We usually look for the most sea days with an itinerary that appeals to us. This spring we are taking the LA-Hawaii cruise as a B2B. We'll be on board for a full month, and we'll have 20 sea days although not more than 5 in a row. We've taken this cruise several times already, and we love the sea days. I'll repost when we finish the B2B to let you know how 2 sea day intensive cruise in a row work out.
  15. Thank you for this post. We'll be taking a b2b Hawaiian cruise from San Pedro in Feb./March. If this is the procedure they're following DH will need a wheelchair. While he is fine walking around the ship and ports at his own pace, this sounds like too much for him. We had a similar experience in Southampton even though we had asked in advance about how strenuous the walk would be. They said it was a short walk, and then it turned into a 20 minute walk. At one point we just stopped and asked for a wheelchair.
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