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  1. The way we decide between a balcony cabin or a mini-suite is by how the length of the cruise and how many sea days we have. In September we're taking a 14 day British Isles on the Pacific, and we've got a balcony because there are 11 ports. In March, 2020, we're booked on the March 13 Star Hawaiian cruise, and we have a mini-suite because of all of the sea days plus we never go ashore in Ensenda which gives us another day to enjoy the extra space.
  2. Thanks, I'll look into the Canterbury area.
  3. We’re sailing from Dover on 9/9/19, and we’ll probably arrive in the area on Sept. 6, late in the evening. We’d like to tour the area before we sail. Where would you suggest staying that wouldn’t take too long to get to the port on sailing day? We’re seniors and prefer 4* type properties.
  4. We used it a couple of times, but we haven't used it in a couple of years. It is a great program although it's very expensive if you're traveling internationally. Princess will send you all of the information for the process, and it's easy to follow. When we used it to ship luggage to a departure port they picked it up at our home about a week to 10 days before the cruise. The only time we used it to have luggage sent home after the cruise was not as smooth. No one in the Barcelona pier had any idea of what to do with the luggage, and we had a flight to Milan to catch. One person told us that we had to hand it to an agent who would have our names, but she had no idea who/where this person was Another told us just to leave the luggage, and they'd handle it. It was a good thing we didn't do that because our luggage would have been lost. Finally after more than 30 minutes we found someone who was able to help us. However, that a was 10 years ago, and our more recent experiences were good.
  5. No, there is dinner every single night. On port days there is no mdr lunch.
  6. No, there is no on demand. We were on the March 20th and 30th cruises.
  7. Darn, we were on both the March 20 and March 30 cruises, and I'm sorry that we never met her.
  8. I’m concerned about this too because dh has a pacemaker defibrillator, and I’m highly allergic to base metal. We have 2 cruises booked, and one uses the medallions.
  9. Currently on the grand. I didn’t get the eye mask or the loofah eother. We’re on a back to back but we’re changing cabins for the second cruise so I’ll see what I get in the elite bag on that one. Our steward brought us a barrel chair, and it didn’t seem to be a problem for him. Since the ship just came out of dry dock I was afraid they may have gotten rid of all of the chairs, but apparently they didn’t.
  10. I saw that too,. But if she was passing Sacramento when the poster took that picture I would think she’d get to San Francisco before noon tomorrow, wouldn’t she?
  11. We’re boarding tomorrow. We were planning to go to the port a bit later than we usually do, but if she’s that close we will go around 10 am. I wish they’d turn the webcam back on.
  12. Three large suitcases and 2 carry ons.
  13. What would you suggest for getting from SFO to Daly City? We have a fair amount of luggage that we can't deal with ourselves so a bus is not an option. Should we just get a taxi, or is there a good car service you can recommend?
  14. In 25 Princess cruises the only "bad" shower we had was on Baja deck on the CB. We were on a 28 day cruise, and I didn't have one comfortable shower for the entire time despite repeated tries to fix it. The water would fluctuate from very hot to very cold for the whole shower. On all of the other ships--Diamond, Emerald, Grand, Ruby, Regal, Star, and Royal--we had good showers with regulated temps and good pressure.
  15. I'm assuming that if boarding doesn't start until 1:30 they won't serve mdr lunch because it usually ends at 1:30. There won't be any in transit passengers because of the dry dock. We're definitely not waiting until 1:30, but we're not counting on lunch.
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