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  1. We got off the Pacific Princess on September 24th, and we got our refund checks on 10/8.
  2. We used https://www.allportcars.co.uk, Allport Cars on our September cruise. They took us from Heathrow to Canterbury where we stayed for 4 days pre-cruise. Then they took us to Dover for the cruise, and then they took us to Southampton for our Queen Mary 2 transatlantic. Their prices were reasonable, and the drivers were friendly, safe drivers with clean comfortable cars. We highly recommend them.
  3. We just returned from our British Isles cruise. We stayed at the Leonardo Southampton, and we were very unhappy with it. It's going through a change of management, and it's worse than the old owners. The heat/ac goes out every 2 hrs if you don't ask to have it stay on 24/7, the buffet is very skimpy, rooms are fairly shabby, and it feels like a budget hotel.
  4. We were on the Southampton to NYC portion of the cruise. We were in Princess Grill, and we loved every minute of the cruise. It would have been nice to have better weather as we were on the port side, and we could barely open our balcony door some days because of the winds. We had such a wonderful trip that we booked a 27 day NYC to Southampton to Norway to Southampton to NYC next year.
  5. We just checked out of the Leonardo Royal yesterday. It was our fourth time staying there although the first time with the new owners, and we won’t be back. The rooms are shabby and dusty with stained carpets. They seem to be pinching pennies every chance they get; the food in the buffet at breakfast is a mere shadow of what it was before, the lightbulbs in the rooms can’t be any more than 40 W and it’s impossible to see to put make up on or do your hair. The heat/ac goes off every 2 hrs. unless you ask for it to run all the time. We woke up freezing the first morning. Most of the staff in the bar & restaurants seem like they don’t care very much. The hotel is such a big beautiful building, and it has a lot of potential, but at this point we have given up on them.
  6. For our September 9 Pacific Princess cruise I received a couple of emails offering tours of Paris. We weren’t going to any port in France.
  7. I hope the poster is right. We’re sailing on September 9, and I’m bringing our 5 unused cards just in case they extended the expiration date.
  8. FritzG


    Yes, I just ordered some last night for our September 9th Pacific Princess cruise.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Four of our ports sail after 8pm.
  10. We're staying at the Leonardo Grand Harbour in Sept. We've stayed there in the past, and it was wonderful 3 or 4 years ago. The last time we stayed there 2 years ago it wasn't up to par. It has new owners so we're giving it another try; I'll post when we return in October. We stayed at the Grand Harbour last year, and while it was beautiful we thought it was overpriced. The bars/restaurants were very popular with locals so they were packed, and it was difficult to get a table even at breakfast. As a result they couldn't keep up with breakfast buffet, and serving dishes were left empty. When we asked when croissants and pastries would be coming out--after being empty for 15 minutes--a server brought each of us one croissant wrapped in a napkin like he was hiding them from other patrons. Maybe at a year in they aren't quite as busy.
  11. We sailing on the Pacific Princess on Sept. 9. It's a port intensive cruise, and we won't be back on board at dinner time for at least 7 of the ports. Will they have open dining on those nights? If not, is the buffet our only choice if we're not back in time for first seating? This is our 28th Princess cruise, but it's our first time on a small ship where there is no anytime dining .
  12. I do the same with my hair color rinse, and then I put I inside several grocery bags just to be safe. I finally found some travel size bottles at Target that don’t leak, but I still double or triple wrap them.
  13. It says Docked, and after much searching I found that we'll be docked in Belview. I hope they have a shuttle to the town center.
  14. Where does the Pacific Princess dock for Waterford?
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