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  1. 😊Thank you, Jacqui @kazu for the good news! I know the CC Family has been thinking about Roy! @rafinmd.....so happy the surgery went well!! 💕 Katie
  2. Sandi @StLouisCruisers...."one day at a time" and I just have to be patient and be a 'good' patient for my Caregiver husband, lol! 🙃 I have a follow-up appointment Monday and am hoping for the best. I realize the sooner to start some sort of PT, the better. 😉 😊I enjoy seeing the HAL elevator mats @Horizon chaser 1957 . We stayed at the Villa Group ("Estancia," Arco and Palmar) in Cabo. 👍Good deals are had through Costco and that's how we roll. 😴Back for a nap, Katie
  3. 👍Thank You @richwmn for the Daily and @kazu for the Care and Celebration Lists.🙏 More prayers for @rafinmd! Anniversary 💗Congratulations to both @summer slopeand @GeorgeCharlie. We do 💕shrimp and grits and had some of the best in Savannah. 😊 🚢Many past Mexican Riviera cruises and a ✈short flight time from SFO to Cabo taking husband's Aunt as a travel partner. Prayers to all who are in need! 🙏 Katie
  4. I listened to HAL rep Seth Wayne and today saw this announcement. He was mostly talking about the cruises out of Greece beginning mid-August. 🚢 Good News from CDC for fully vaccinated individuals! Katie
  5. 🙏Special prayers for Roy @rafinmd from the CC Family!🙏 Katie
  6. 👍Thank You, Rich, for the Daily and Jacqui @kazu for the Care List! ✍ I do like hummus... Oh, I ❤ all dips but have to watch calories...bummer!🙃 We love driving in Canadian provinces including Quebec.🇨🇦 Continued prayers for all in need!🙏 Katie
  7. 👍Thank You for the Daily, Rich. @kazuJacqui, appreciate the Care List with special prayers for Roy. Our Maasdam 🚢Mar. 2020 out of Papeete had a stop to Christmas Island but no excursions listed. We had planned on just soaking up some sand and maybe a swim.🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️ We all know what happened to cruising in 2020!🙃 Theme of the World Nursing Day this year is 'A Vision for future healthcare'.....💗💗💗 all nurses! Prayers for all in need.🙏 Katie
  8. ⁷@57redbird....prayers for your husband's recovery. @kplady Best Wishes on your special day. Katie
  9. Good Afternoon..taking one day at a time. Thank you @ger_77 and @bennybear for asking. My usual MO in the past was the Energizer Bunny🐇...I'll get back there!🙃 😎The hired gardeners are really the ones in charge of the property. We put a lot of plants in pots with drips and it's manageable for travel. So, @kazuI'll be a cheerleader along the sidelines. Sorry for not addressing all concerns but thoughts and prayers are with the CC Family.🙏 Katie
  10. 👍Thank You, Rich, for the Daily and to Roy for the Care List.✍ Thinking of Roy @rafinmdand sending 'extra' prayers for his procedure.🙏 Many thanks to Jacqui @kazufor filling in. @superoma great news you're receiving last radiation treatment. I remember Twilight Zone on TV and a few years visited WDW Orlando and was terrified on the ride!😳 Would 💗 to 'Eat What I Wanted Day'....gaining weight a piece of cake ...talking off lbs. not so much.🙄 We haven't been to Nambia yet....I always say 'yet'...😎 Sending prayers to all in need!🙏 Katie ( 1wk. ago shoulder
  11. @StLouisCruisersThoughts and prayers for your family, Sandi!🙏 @rafinmd Also, prayers going out to you!🙏 My Covid test on Saturday at ER Kaiser Roseville was considered still good for Tuesday at Kaiser San Jose.✈ Just like the airlines...72 hours!🙃 💐Take care all, Katie
  12. 👍Thank You, Rich, for the Daily and to Roy for the Care List. ✍Special prayers for Roy and his upcoming procedure.🙏 We were cruising with Princess mostly at the beginning of our adventures and Valencia was a port stop for the day. I sure would like to go back after seeing the Old Town photos! Thank you to all who contribute. 🙏Prayers to all in need.🙏 Katie
  13. The Gaia waterfront is just across the bridge from Porto. 🍷That's were you can do the wine and port tastings...you just walk around taste on your own...no need for a tour. 👍There's a cable car for great views. Katie
  14. 👍Thank You, Rich, for the Daily and Roy for the Care List. 📝 🌹Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother's Day!🌷 I loved all the photos posted of Porto and can tell you that is a fantastic and interesting city to explore.💗 We stayed a week and every day was a new adventure with an all day river boat cruise visiting three wineries.🍷🍷🍷 There are many day trips offered and I would encourage CC to spend more time in Portugal as a whole. There are these buses like grey hounds with WiFi on board🚌 plus an excellent train system. I feel Portugal is a 'DIY' country. 🇵🇹 🙏Prayers to all in need!🙏
  15. Need to reread...'is' not are for 🍷....retired teacher should proof better!🙃 Happy Saturday CC Family.❤ Check out the raccoon..that's me except for standing.🤓 Katie
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