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  1. Hello Cruise Fans, March 2020, I sure do hope the cruiselines are sailing. We have a stop at Key West on a Wednesday, coming off the Celebrity Infinity. I am thinking of renting a car for the day (9am-3pm) from a major car rental at the airport... ok.. i've reserved it already. We are a couple in our 60's and just would like to see the road, beaches and parks. Is there time to drive over 7 mile bridge? Any advice for renting a car. I"m assuming i'd need to take a taxi to the airport from the Pier as a 3 mile walk would kill me. 🙂 .
  2. Thank you, that's good to know. I'll scout it out and see what I may book for the future before I board.
  3. Thank you, that's what I thought too, but thats ok.
  4. Hello Celebrity cruisers, We booked the Infinity today on the 5 night Mexico/Key West itinerary, nothing fancy, basic veranda room. We are new to Celebrity but not new to cruising, Princess has been our primary cruiseline for the past 20 years. (For those applauding the cross-over from Princess to Celebrity, thank you but I will miss the many free perks). We picked this cruise to fit time off work and the shorter itinerary, and also the Key West stop. One Perk: Classic Beverage package for two. With no onboard credit the sunshine and beverage package will carry me through.
  5. Agree, this cruise is such a wonderful gift from hubby and I'm very happy. Didn't budget for a cruise so soon, but we will certainly take advantage of this beautiful ship and itinerary. I may have to upgrade hubby's wardrobe a bit as I want to eat in the dining room! I've looked at the menus and i'm very impressed. We do have 8:30 dinner time, as that was all that was available, just juggle the schedule a bit.. early shows.. etc..
  6. I did go back and add this cruise to my captains number. I was actually surprised they still had me from long ago. I did phone the rep and was told that adding my number would have made no difference to the price my husband paid for the cruise. This is due to the fact he bought into the 'pick one' freebie promotion. He picked the Classic Beverage package for two.
  7. Thanks for the info! I will say that i've struggled on the Celebrity cruise webpage as I found it not user friendly (as compared to other cruiselines). I will look into this for at least to see the $ difference.
  8. Hello CCritic Friends, DH surprised me in the middle of the night, walking down the hallway at 3am holding this piece of paper. I got up thinking something was wrong and he said 'our next vacation'. He booked a 7 day AK cruise on the Millennium, AND paid it in full. He failed to realize that I had a Celebrity Captains Circle number, didn't think about insurance, or room location. He booked 'Inside guarantee'. We are a "Z". (Oh how I would have enjoyed at least a window....) I am 'elite' with Princess, and DH is on his way to the same status but said 'i'm tired of Princess I want
  9. I cancelled our Soda and more package, as the only diet soda was Coke from the fountain dispenser. Mocktails, etc.. are loaded with sugar. So I ordered bottled water instead and will bring my own 'flavor enhancers' purchased from the grocery store that are sugar free.
  10. Hello fellow cruisers! A topic I don't see much mentioned, but I"ll hit this head on - I have 150 days to get in 'better shape' for my cruise. I will start my 'athletic cruise prep' routine. What's new is looking up the length of my ship and 'mapping the length out' on our road from home my with the car. I will start with that. I will walk this imaginary deck in sun, rain, sleet and snow - well, at least twice a day (down and back), that's twice right? I am not a 'walker', never had the desire to hit the pavement or treadmill and just 'walk', it seems I always have som
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