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  1. You might find an absolute bargain in the January sales. 😁 If your husband has a pre Christmas try-on for size, you could order online as soon as the prices drop, without facing the sales mob.
  2. There are no flights from Southampton to anywhere in Canada: it is a small regional airport. You will need to travel to London Heathrow or London Gatwick, the first usually the better journey.
  3. It would not be worth the hassle of saving a few hundred pounds and fly home from Hamburg. It is a long cruise, so the S’ton round trip would be ideal as you can take as much luggage as you want. You will be be certainly needing warmer bulky clothes in your collection that is apart from from a lot of formal wear. Perhaps see on board!😊.
  4. I strongly suspect that you will have a new account when the QM2 leaves S’ton.
  5. We are always happy to book one of these “corner” cabins, but avoid being on deck 8 under the buffet, or in other places under the sun deck, because of noise. Are there any of these cabins available on deck 7? That would be our first choice.
  6. The ship will certainly be dressed for Christmas, and will look stunning if you have not been on a cruise at this time before. Regarding the sea state, it is just not possible to predict! The Bay of Biscay might be calm and freezing cold or very rough indeed. It will be a winter cruise, so storms more likely. We have done this pre Christmas cruise, and I am sure you will love it. If there is a passenger choir, no doubt it will be of Christmas carols and songs.
  7. Thank you so much Hattie. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  8. Hattie You mentioned the bus was free into the city; was this for all fares? My daughter and family are travelling to Iceland next year on early saver fares, and wondering what the cost would be as they are there overnight. I would be very grateful if you can answer this. So pleased you had a lovely day, and I am enjoying your photos of places on the “bucket list”
  9. It looks hauntingly beautiful, it a shame the ☀️ is not with you for some warmth and blue sky photos! Thank you for taking the time to post. I hope the QE is in good shape as we are looking forward to our November voyage on her.
  10. Roscoe You have the photos of what I had in mind for deck 9 finer dining. It happened most nights whilst in the Caribbean at the price of about $20 . Lovely to see you have mentioned Desiree: we have known her for years first coming across her kindness when she was waitress for us in the Grills. So pleased she has now passed to higher echelons and always so pleasant to catch up with her! By the way, on the Caribbean trip last year, the wonderful deck 9 sumptuous buffet extravaganza, sadly just never happened as on other occasions; and it wasn’t the weather to blame. Hope all is well with you Roscoe😁,
  11. There is a small area between Queens and Princess Grill restaurants, to eat al fresco, solely for those passengers who have booked suites. Last year when we were on the QV for a Caribbean cruise, when the weather permitted, on the aft sun deck (9) there were tables set up and with waiter service. I am sure there was a printed menu together with an additional charge.
  12. We have had the same, with a single flight from Cape Town to LHR later this year. No transfers as taking an extended holiday in SA after disembarking QE. The upgrade cost was substantial with BA. This is an “add-on” that has certainly increased in price over the years, from what used to be a very good deal when booking in the UK.
  13. Thanks Lanky Lad. We are doing Canada in October 2020, and wondering about this.
  14. We have had the fortune to see them once on the QV. Without doubt, the best band we have seen on Cunard! They had the guests “rocking” in both theatre and Queens Room, but perhaps you did not need that last night in the Channel🤣🌊.
  15. We had a few roubles in small denominations, and found that these were needed in restrooms (especially if they were managed by the entrance) and smaller shops. As we had some over, they were spent in the duty free shop by our berth in St Petersburg, which we found very well stocked with good prices, especially vodka. Would do the same again!
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