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  1. We are well over 100 days! Not prepared to say more on social media at present, as in continuing dialogue with Cunard. Certainly not a happy client.
  2. Over the weekend the Canadian cruises disappeared from the booking site, for which I posted. They could be seen again a little later even though the North American ports are closed. Cunard need to make an announcement as it is truly unethical to take funds for cruises they know will not happen. As it is we are 90 days waiting for the first refund.
  3. It is unbelievable, but when I looked at 8.00am this morning, the 2020 Canadian cruises were definitely not listed!🤨 My euphoria has quickly evaporated!
  4. We booked on board, so direct with Cunard. Balance due July 11th.
  5. I am pleased to see on the UK website, that the Canadian trips are now NOT showing. We had booked our trip in October when first released and so much looking forward to Quebec, as part of a 25 day holiday/cruise, but now just want to be released from this. The NY days were not appealing. Already looked at the same for next year, but the grades not available for what we want. Awaiting formal announcement, which will probably lead to more hassle for refunds. Still patiently waiting for money promised mid March.
  6. Still waiting from the “last lot”, and will now have more to wait for, if Cunard follow P&O!🤔
  7. We live very close indeed to Portland, and would love an hour or so out to see the ships, including the QV which we should be on now. However, the area is overwhelmed by trippers who are leaving detritus from their days’ out, and illegal overnights. There are no public loos open, so it does not leave much to the imagination. From what we see on the local news, we will stay away from our LOCAL beauty spot and National Trust areas. What a sad state of affairs! Lockdown and distancing being ignored: it is impossible to avoid being close to others on the tracks down to the beaches with so many. One major hospital in the south west is closed to A&E and admissions because of a spike in CV. Just to make matters worse I cannot see our Canadian trip going ahead this year on the QM2.
  8. We too are waiting for a % refund, cancellation done in March for a cruise that we should be on now. Whilst it is infuriating to have to wait, the logistics of making refunds is quite onerous and person intensive. The refund amount should be double checked, the application of putting a refund to a credit card, should be a two person operation for security, and likewise with commercial online banking systems, at least 2 persons to facilitate payment. You cannot have the odd-bod employee working at home with total access to these refunds/systems; it would be mind blowingly senseless for any company. We have seen "trusted" employee frauds in the newspapers, and the lack of infrastructure/security can manifest this. I am not totally defending Cunard, as they are not keeping to their published refund dates, but the numbers they are dealing with is absolutely huge, and this large scale process has never been part of the daily working practice until now. What with less staff in Southampton, patience is now a great virtue. At least we should all be covered (in the UK) by credit card returns or ABTA or whatever! It has been said that they quickly take the money, and yes, it is easy over the internet/cards as it is a well tried and trusted way of payment, but refunds are different! Fingers crossed for Carnival's survival!
  9. If the the world is ever back to normal, perhaps you should look at the Southampton Harbour Hotel. It has been open a few years now. Roll on to the days when we can safely cruise again!
  10. Something similar happened to us years ago, on a road trip, USA, Canada, USA, when we were returning for a flight home from Seattle. It transpired that it was the fault of the entry made by the US customs. I am sure this nothing to with Cunard, as at no time to do they hold your passport, ESTA or any forms you require on entering/leaving USA. You have been very unlucky for it to happen twice.
  11. Thank you bunkrest. Last week we cancelled the 16 night QV Baltic cruise in May. We should be getting 50% cash refund and 50% (+bonus%) FCC, but as yet the credit card is devoid of this transaction. We managed to cancel one of 2 excursions we had booked in St Petersburg (money refunded) via Cunard from their website; the other failed to respond. We have been told by email that the issue was being sorted! Fortunately, in all other ports we had planned to do our sightseeing by using the train or local transport. I am not sure if the above information is being backdated re OBC, or from what date it applies.
  12. If you are UK based and have paid the full Cunard Fare, you have the option of amending your voyage upto 90 days before sailing. This is still being quoted on their website. I am not sure if it will help you, but might avoid surrendering your deposit or paying final balance.
  13. This is quite an old puzzle. Some years ago I bought this for my mother-in-law who we had a fabulous cruise with on QM2 to the fjords (maybe circa 2006 ) Sadly she is no longer with us, but I have the puzzle and the memories. I had forgotten all about this, but will get it out when it rains as we are in lockdown. It will make a change from gardening!
  14. Great blogging Roscoe. Very interested in the stateroom you are in after the photos you posted. I must say that we have been on ships in FLL and found it is quite normal for people to try to evade disembarkation because of long waits for flights. You should arrive in the UK to fine weather and a sadly subdued population. I hope the trip back to NZ goes without too many hitches
  15. Look at the very top of this page for threads. The third one “What do obstructed views look like?” should help you.
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