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  1. I would only use a broker for travel insurance if they have a dedicated health/travel department. It has become a very specialist field, and a minefield at the moment, apart from being so much more expensive now.
  2. LadyL1

    How to book

    If the trip you propose includes flights and hotels, I would go with Cunard even if a little more. With a travel agent, many are not refunding as soon as they receive funds (my daughter has found this out the hard way). At present, I still feel it is wise to have a “compact” booking, so if things in the future deteriorate again at least you only have one company to deal with. This is especially so, if the future cruise departs from foreign shores. A S’ton round trip is perhaps a little different if you get a very good price. Just my opinion.
  3. Yes! If you have not already booked elsewhere, this is by far the best. Wonderful location and the food is excellent.(Well, it was 12 months ago or so before lockdown).
  4. I am sure there are a few deluxe inside cabins that would suit you very well on deck1. They are large: my daughter and family certainly had one of these a few times on the Queen Elizabeth when the children were younger. Ewing able to use a balcony in November is probably wishful thinking!😉
  5. You might want to revisit this decision when you are able to book flights about 11 months out. I think you will find a single fare to Boston will be very much more than £200! You can book a deviation flight with your Transatlantic voyage, some more distant cities with a premium, but it does not matter when you travel. We have done this many times to gateway cities in the USA, Boston amongst them. If you have booked with Cunard direct there will be no problem adding a flight at the end of this year when available; not sure how helpful a travel agent might be. You have a wonderful trip
  6. Thank you for that info: we do prefer to dine later so hopefully this will not impact us too much in September. I wonder if this is so, as perhaps the pax numbers have not been reduced in the Grills? In another thread, I did read that it was expected that there would be a reduction of about 30% in capacity.
  7. There is just so much we don't know! But, I have booked a UK 7 nighter and will go on board just happy to be "looked after" with no shopping, cooking, cleaning or gardening. Certainly feel more secure with ALL pax having to be vaccinated and probably safer than land based hotels where one does not have to be jabbed, and probably with less protocol. The whole cleaning regime will be very thorough as the eyes of the travel industry will be upon all ships once they set sail again. However, somethings that we have become accustomed to, will no doubt change. Early boarding for long standing WC
  8. Even more problems now with the ban on travel from the Philippines just announced! A huge number of the crew reside in these islands.
  9. Bell Boy I think my memory might be fading! I know we have been on a ship at the same time, but cannot remember meeting.🤔 This morning, I booked a P2 cabin via a new TA. Not one of our preferred cabins but sure it will be fine; apparently pre-registration of bookings was stopped a few days ago. Roll on September 3rd!
  10. I phoned Cunard this afternoon who said that they were not taking an6 pre-registrations. I then phones large UK TA who told be that they were not taking any more pre regs on Club rooms upwards! Looking at a 7 day voyage September, but this seems to be slipping away.
  11. I have just phoned Cunard to pre register, and after waiting 25 minutes was told that this facility was not available! Looks as if this will have to be by a TA or join the bun fight on Wednesday morning.
  12. I have found a website with all the prices and surprisingly some categories show as "waitlisted". Perhaps this is their planned way of reducing pax. All fares on the Cunard site now. Also, these cruises seem more expensive than P&O and Princess.
  13. A question for those in UK. I am very interested in booking a “staycation” cruise on QE when released for sale 31st March. For those of you who have ever pre-registered a booking requirement, have you done this with Cunard direct or with a TA? What has been your success in getting what you have requested?
  14. LadyL1


    We found this with Cunard. The whole sum of FCC was off-set to one cruise, and the invoice showed this accordingly! It was quite a large sum, and we were not asked if we wanted to leave any of the FCC on account; all fine with us.
  15. Last year we were QE on the way to Cape Town. A very moving tribute for Remembrance Sunday in a packed theatre.
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