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  1. Hi, Mickey, Brendaflamingo , Reg from Liverpool, Sorry for jumping in on this post, But I have also booked thru a TA in the states, Its not some thing we have done before but you get a much netter deal than the UK. Mickey have you ever had any problems with the like's of Etickets being down loaded, Once again sorry for jumping in on your post. Reg.
  2. Hi, Im sorry to see you go, But I understand why you did it. Some time's Companies forget that we are paying them for a service, It's not the other way around , them paying us.Most of us will go along with the ride. Wrong Date's/ Name's/ Account's/ No replys to Emails. Long, Long phone call's. But some time's you may say to yourself , Let's just forget this, And try some where else. It's been nice talking to you over the last few week's. Reg.
  3. I take it that 1 vote for MSC.
  4. I think maybe we should have a poll of all our members as we will have a lot of seasoned Cruisers on here, As to the worst Customer Service they have ever had to put up with, That's taking in to account all Cruise lines, Then send the result to the CEO of the Company. I will find the email for MSC CEO for you a bit later.
  5. Hi, I think you are being a little unfair with Jean, They are spending in excess of $3,000 , I think that gives them the right to ask as many questions that they want. The list of FAULTS as you put it , Is not only confined to them, Go back thru the Forum and read the many, many people who have had similar problems with CS. It took me 9 weeks just to confirm my booking?. Like I have said the ships are great, The back up , USELESS. We took a 30 night cruise with them last April, Durban to Venice. Ports of call Fantastic, 4 days out of Durban they ran out of Cider, That's 4 days after leaving Durban. 5days before getting to Venice ran out of Tonic water, That was the end of the G/T. If only they could get the left hand to no what the right hand was doing, They would be a great Cruise line. Reg.
  6. Hi, You are right, Possibly the worst CS dept of any Cruise line on the Severn Sea's. Nice ships, No back up.
  7. Bea, We did the same cruise last April, But the other way around, I have to agree with you, It was the best Cruise we have been on.
  8. Hi, I have a cruise booked in the April 2020, In total 30 days. We booked a 7 day from Miami, Returning to Miami, Then on the same ship Miami to KEIL in Germany. It worked out better to book the first 7days thru a TA in the USA, Where we where given a Free Drinks package plus free WIFI. Then book the second part o the cruise with a TA in the UK. The second part is with a Balcony, which was cheaper than a Sea view cabin? If I had booked the 7 day with the UK TA, It would have cost around £700/800 each, With no freebie's. Booking with a American TA the cost is $700 each, With the freebie's. We are dealing with MSC , So any thing can happen. I was also wondering what happens after we return to Miami after the first 7 days.Im sure some one on here will be able to help us.
  9. Rotherham, I suppose some one has to support them. Evertonian Thru and Thru. As soon as I have your details ill post them to you, I just hope you can make some use of them. Reg.
  10. Never to Young, Did you find me on FB?
  11. Hi , You are welcome to them my Geordie Friend, Im not sure the best way to get them to you, Maybe if you message me on FB, We can sort it out that way. By the way, My Great Uncle, Billy McCracken played for you in the 1920, Best Centre half in the land. Google him. Reg Fletcher. Im not sure that they will be accepted on board, But you can try.
  12. Hi, Drinks Vouchers, There are 13 All inc and 7 Soft Drinks, Any one in the States sailing within the next few weeks, I don't think you would get them in time. Any one in the UK OR Europe would prob be ok, Reg.
  13. Hi, If any one would like some DV for free, I have around 20 of them which I will not be using. Im not sure if MSC are accepting them , But if you would like them, Get in touch.
  14. edsareg

    MSC Log in

    Hi ,I had a similar problem with Login, My problem was that I was not putting my middle name in when trying to login, Once I added it there was no problem. But you are dealing with MSC , So good luck.
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