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  1. I think the CDC just revised the mask wearing on cruise ships today
  2. Did I just read on here somewhere "no B2B cruises allowed?" Maybe that's just for this year? We're booked on B2B on the Apex in spring 2022 so I hope by then, all will be back to normal.
  3. Reading through the full report.....I didn’t see anything about it specifically, but I hope they eliminate the “serve yourself” buffets.
  4. Having done The Retreat on both the Edge and the Silhouette, I'd vote for experiencing The Retreat on the Edge class. The retreat lounges on the Edge class are superior to the retro-fitted lounges and the retreat pool area is superior also. If you want to try both older and newer ships, do the older ones first. We went the other way and couldn't stop comparing how much better the retreat was on the Edge class to the retro fit. We definitely enjoyed both but liked the Edge class better.
  5. TeeRick—-you’re absolutely right on that one! Ha ha ha!
  6. If you’re on an Edge class ship, do the suites. The suite lounge, the suite pool and hot tub and bar....superb!
  7. YES YES YES! I’m with you! Let’s hijack a ship and hit the seas. Done with those same old Caribbean ports. The ship is always my destination.
  8. Did a mock booking yesterday and contacted TA right away...we saved more than $1000 on back to back Edge sky suites for next year.
  9. The suite lounge is lovely so get there early enough to enjoy breakfast from their fresh fruits and pastries assortment and a have hot cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate as well as juices or water. Relax until someone comes to you to check you in. Soak up all the perks you’ve paid for!
  10. Mock booking yesterday (6/9). The gold banner above the suites that says “4 perks”—-it would seem like the 4 perks are included with a suite booking price listed, correct? Well, no. As you progress after choosing a suite, you have the opportunity to PAY for the 4 perks. I asked the Celebrity Captain’s Club booking agent and he explained the price shown on the cruise listing page is the “basic” price. Then why the 4 perks banner I asked? No explanation other than the reiteration that the price shown is the basic price. THEN TAKE THE 4 PERKS GOLD BANNER OFF THAT PAGE! Am I crazy or does it seem
  11. Hi Noreen. we had a crazy boarding experience also. I left the snaking line and asked someone if the empty area to the right of the line was for suite guests. He seemed confused but said “yes’ rather hesitantly. I motioned my hubs to leave the serpentine line and come over and stand with me. About that time, our friends from Scotland that were on the Edge with us came in and we motioned them over. Then, one of the security guards came over and told us we couldn't stand there! We told her that we’d been told this was the suites line. She looked at us quizzically and then went off to check with
  12. Oh..if you think the Silhouette retreat deck was nice, wait until you see the Edge (or Apex) retreat deck...and the Retreat lounge is wonderful and huge...the width of the ship - with floor to ceiling windows and a shaded outdoor area.
  13. Love reading this, Noreen! We love to make an adventure out of driving too! From Indiana, We stopped at Pop’s Pepper Patch Pickle Factory along the way and other crazy places. We like to find cool local places for lunch or dinner. We were on the Edge right before we crossed the street to get on the Silhouette. Sometime, you HAVE to experience the SUITE life on the Edge. It’s sublime. Different from the Silhouette because they had the chance to build it for suites instead of trying to fit the retreat decks and the retreat lounge into already built spaces.
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