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  1. What's it like in mid November? We'll be coming into Galveston on the Allure TA. Any fog then?
  2. Now that's a great idea. OBC that's already paid for. I might use that strategy on the Allure TA next year. I find it frustrating that I can't choose the time slot I want with the dining package before boarding. So my OBC will go towards a spa treatment or two ;o)
  3. My November 1st Indy cruise is now showing on the app. Very happy to see it. So maybe they're making them available 4 months in advance???
  4. Sounds like my commuter rail experience into Boston. I've been back to work since September last year and it has been soooooo nice to not have people sitting next to you or standing over you or having to wait in a long line to leave the parking lot or catching someone's kid's cooties that they brought on the train or.....
  5. I don't think there is a Wonderland on Allure.
  6. Since you're already in Georgia I'm sure you'll have plenty of practice prior to sailing in August. The humidity must be brutal down there in the summer. We're starting to hit higher humidity this next week up here in Massachusetts. I might need that service dog to get me to work next week ;o)
  7. Thanks to the OP for what they sent you. I don't sail until November 1st so I'm sure things will be changed by then, but I can at least be prepared just in case they don't. We're fully vaxed, but I don't mind wearing a mask if it means I can cruise again. Just watching the latest Chris Wong vlog with him standing on his balcony looking out at the ocean was enough to make me even more determined to get back onboard ship!
  8. Have you tried a mask bracket? Wearing that with a mask that has the metal clasps at the nose have really helped me during the last year. No fog and I can breath easy since the bracket keeps the mask away from my nose and mouth. Got it on Amazon.
  9. I agree. I booked a week long road trip right after they canceled my June Radiance cruise (I should be in Vancouver today ready to board tomorrow). Incredible deal at the time. Now the prices have increased and car rentals are hard to find. Glad we booked our Denali bus tour as well because they're only running half full buses for social distancing purposes. This is not the year to wait for good deals. If you see one for any form of vacation jump on it because it might not be there tomorrow.
  10. I can't wait to..... Load up the car, drive to the port and shimmy in the car seat at the sight of cruise ships at port Step onboard Indy and head to the Windjammer for lunch Race to my cabin the moment they announce cabins are open Step out on the balcony and be amazed that I'm once again onboard a cruise ship after a 4 year drought Wander around the ship with my roommate -- it will be her first Freedom class ship Snag an umbrella drink, return to the cabin and sit on the balcony as the ship departs the port Enjoy that first night's dinner in the MDR
  11. That's what I have. Version 3. It still won't recognize my booking number. I also checked to see if the app needed an update or was recently updated and the answer to that is "no". It's not showing as having been updated or showing on the list of apps that need to be updated. Deleted it again, reinstalled it, but still only get the cloud option to download it. Still won't accept my booking number AND it tells me my address is wrong which it is not. I've check the Princess website and everything is fine there.
  12. I've heard the elevators are very slow in the terminal parking and that it's better to drop off the luggage prior to parking the car. Opinions?
  13. I have the same issue and I have an iPhone 7. Personalizer shows my cruise, but the app doesn't recognize my booking number. I hate tech issues....
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