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  1. I've done Radiance class (Jewel) and was bored out of my skull with little to do. We love Voyager class. Been on all except Voyager. Perfect size. Been on Freedom and it felt much more crowded than Voyager class. Now we are trying Allure next year on the fall TA. We had heard many times that people went on the ship for a week long cruise and didn't get to experience everything. With a TA we get 2 weeks to explore and we also got a Grand Suite so if it does feel crowded we can retreat to our extra spacious cabin and balcony. Plus the Coastal Kitchen and Suite Deck in the front of the ship are also nice perks.
  2. If you are booked on the 11/1/20 Allure TA come over to the roll call board. I started a thread there and we've already started chatting. There are a few there who have also booked Star Class for the TA.
  3. I'm wondering if that Allure March TA glitch was indeed a glitch. There has been talk for quite some time that the spring "TA" would be a non-revenue trip to prep the ship for dry dock.
  4. My thinking, too. I would rather use the SL when not as crowded. We plan on dining in CK, too. I plan on using as many of the suite perks as I can since this might be the only time I ever have a GS.
  5. I've already opened a Roll Call. Come on over! We've already started chatting there.
  6. Once word gets out on CC WATCH OUT! ;o) It's a Cruise Critic free-for-all cabin grab!
  7. Why not just call in? I got through with no problem and they were very nice during my booking. Transferred my Oasis booking to this one (along with all the money I've paid toward it for the last year) and had no issues. Took about 10 minutes tops.
  8. Thanks! Yes, prices are steep. We ended up with $3277pp for the GS which was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but this is truly a once in a lifetime trip for us, so I felt it was worth the $$$.
  9. Just booked Allure TA from Barcelona to Miami November 1, 2020! Got our Grand Suite! Woo hoo! I started a Roll Call if anyone else is on that sailing.
  10. I love Port Canaveral. Yes, it is an hour's drive east of Orlando, but it is easy to get to with plenty of hotels nearby as well as rental car drop-offs with shuttles to the port. I know you will be day porting there, so you might consider a ship sponsored tour to Kennedy Space Center. Fantastic place with tons to do. You WON'T be able to do everything in one day (much less the two full days I spent there last year), but it is close to the port. So don't hesitate to sail out of PC sometime in the future.
  11. I spoke with RCI yesterday and they said they were working on updating the Allure TA sailing, but it is still listed as March 1st as shown. Prices are supposed to drop. Sure hope so.
  12. I'm with you. Radiance class is too small for me. I prefer Voyager class. But I want to do a TA on Oasis class so I have plenty of time to fully explore the ship. Not a fan of Freedom. It actually felt more crowded than our last cruise on Navigator and both were sold out.
  13. Just got off the phone with RCI and they are working on the Allure Spring TA right now. It is "Code Red" so not available for booking at the moment. So stay tuned! I would think (and hope) that they will do what they did with Anthem and Indy and post both the Spring and Fall TAs at the same time.
  14. If Allure is heading to Spain for drydock and then summer in the Med I would think it would be returning in the Fall. There were prices posted on the website for the March 2020 TA, but not all categories were currently listed (especially the suites). Fall isn't listed yet on the website and I just returned to the website and the Allure Spring TA has been removed.
  15. I'm hoping they lower the prices. Only JS are currently listed under the Suites category so maybe they are still setting it up? Keeping fingers crossed that is so and it is just a typo.
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