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  1. Do they discount anything else during the BF/CM sales? Spa or shore excursions or ??? Just curious since I've never booked anything for a cruise during that time frame.
  2. Our November 2020 TA on Allure opened for booking on December 17, 2018.
  3. I would be hesitant to change it if, according to the video, those who book earlier will get front row beach beds. You might lose your "spot" if you booked earlier and then changed it later on (not that you can know until you board the ship).
  4. It depends on the time of year. When I purchased for November 2020 about a month or so ago it was $149 for the bed. It is now showing on my Cruise Planner at $199.
  5. The towel clips is a great suggestion. I have added them to my packing list. Thanks! I wouldn't have thought of that.
  6. Only temporarily until they finish construction at the end of this year. You're on the Allure TA with me next year so they will be back in service by then. They are showing on our Cruise Planner.
  7. I've booked a beach bed for our 2020 TA next year on Allure, but haven't been to Cococay yet. I did, however, find these two videos extremely helpful to make the decision to book the beach bed: I will say this much that our beach bed has already increased in price by $50, so if you want one, book it sooner rather than later since that will determine your location. I hope this helps!
  8. We rented a car in Orlando and drove to PC to drop off the car prior to boarding. There were shuttle buses that took car rental peeps to the terminal so I would expect if you were getting off the ship you could also get on one of those shuttles to take you to the agencies. There were plenty of people at the agency who obviously had gotten off of the ship and wanted our rental car.
  9. On Royal Caribbean I always book the moment a cruise becomes available which means 2 years out. We are interested in booking a Hawaii cruise in 2023 for my mother's 80th birthday. Since it looks like Princess is also a 2 year out open for bookings set up, is there a specific time of year that Hawaii cruises open up? I am assuming that for a 2023 it will open in 2021. For instance, I'm doing a fall TA on RCI in November 2020. Fall 2020 TAs opened in December 2018. 2020 Spring TAs opened in March/April 2018. Can I assume that it is the same for Princess? I haven't sailed on Princess since 2008, so I'm a bit rusty on the timing. I have a specific mini suite that I want to book for our Hawaii cruise out of SF so I want to make sure I book the moment it opens.
  10. I always take my own tea. Invariably they run out of what I want by the 4th or 5th day. So lightweight and it doesn't take up much space if you just put them in a plastic bag rather than bringing the box. Any you don't drink can go back in the box when you get home.
  11. I'm just hoping that for our first TA that it is smooth sailing and warms up quickly so we can fully enjoy our balcony and Allure itself.
  12. If I get cold on my balcony during the TA I'm coming up to relax on yours 😉🤗
  13. Goody. We have a starboard side going west and we don't want the sun since we burn easily. We love sitting in the shade on our balcony and enjoying the view.
  14. Thanks for the link. That was interesting to see. Any word on when these will roll out fleet wide? Wondering if they will be available on Allure next year.
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