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  1. Any info on what weather to expet in early October? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the replies. We do not sail until October so hopefully all of this will be back to the "new normal" - whatever that will be!
  3. I have a cruise scheduled for next year on the Viking Venus. Is the Venus going to be completed on time with all of the issues currently going on?
  4. If you speak with Viking and ask about their "Fit to Travel" policy you will find it deals with persons with special needs and severe medical issues. Attached is the policy and the form from Viking. Hope this helps. Fit to Travel Form.pdf
  5. I found that e-check refunfds took about a week to show up.
  6. Where do you find out if there is a M & M?
  7. As I repied on another thread, we were in 6078 and we never heard any noise from the WC.
  8. We were in 6078. NEVER heard any noise and we were just 1 flight up to the coffee station!
  9. I agree. We did transfer from an ocean to a river. The insurance transfered and we even got s few dollars back!
  10. Liz - Can you share the name of the tour group you used and any contact information? Thank you.
  11. Yes - we would be doing it through Viking. Thank you..
  12. We will be doing the Mediterranean Odyssey in October 2021. I was wondering if the train from Madrid to Barcelona at the end of the pre-cruise is a high-speed train? Thanks.
  13. We just came off of the Sea this week and she looked great. I did not see any obvious signs of wear in the public areas. I did see someone spill a plate on deck 2 in the Living Room and within 2 minutes there was a crewman with a carpet cleaning product attending to it. In 15 minutes you would never have known it had been a mess!
  14. Thanks everyone. All of the information is appreciated and helpful.
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