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  1. mkerner

    Viking River: Post Cruise Amstedam

    We are doing the A to B cruise next April. We are also staying at the Banks Mansion. Can you give me an idea of how long it takes to walk to the Rijks and/or Van Gogh museums and any other sites you think are nearby? Thanks.
  2. mkerner

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    We are doing Viking in April - Amterdam to Basel. Can we assume that water levels are not an issue at that time of year? Your insight is welcomed.
  3. mkerner

    2019 plans

    Anyone doing the A to B Viking Herja on April 23, 2019? We are on this cruise and looking for others on the same cruise.
  4. mkerner

    Viking River Cruise Amsterdam - Basel

    Hey 3rdCoast Fan - When in April of 2019 are you sailing? We are sailing on the Herja on April 23. Was wondering if you were on the same cruise.
  5. mkerner

    Laundramats in Amsterdam

    Thank you. It worked for me and now we will have options.
  6. We will be staying in Amsterdam 4-5 days before our river cruise. Does anyone know if there are self-serve laudramats available anywhere in or near the central district?
  7. We get on in one week. Sure hope all is fixed by then. I intend to have a great cruise in spite of any minor issues. It's all about the attitude.
  8. mkerner

    Caribbean Princess

    Does anyone know the extension for the Dine line on CB?
  9. We sail on CB in a few weeks and your thread has me ready to go.
  10. mkerner

    Free internet

    If you are still worried, you can purchase an additional 100 minutes for $25 once on board. That is what we did in Sept.
  11. My son has a young child that will be 18 months of age if they chose to cruise with us. Are there any programs for a child this young? Thanks.
  12. mkerner

    What does Platinum member give me?

    Thanks. I just mentally doubled our minutes! I am so used to "per cabin" it had not occurred to me!
  13. mkerner

    What does Platinum member give me?

    Is the allowance for free Internet minutes per person or for the cabin?
  14. mkerner

    Another Princess Sale begins June 6th

    My TA told me it does not apply to Alaskan cruises.
  15. mkerner

    Window Suite Photos - Caribbean Princess

    We had a WS in Alaska this summer ans did not miss the balcony at all. All of the suite perks were wonderful!!!