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  1. if you are trying to find a cruise line that will not require masks, you are going to be home for a while. if CDC approves this- it will apply to all the lines. I do not understand why people just can't follow the damm rules. We would be working our way out of this mess if people would just do the right thing
  2. Feels like these recommendations are "vague", as some think, because this panel was developed for Royal AND NCL, and would likely be used be other cruise lines as well. If they want me to get tested, I will get tested. If they want me to wear a mask in the theater and elevator, I will do that, too. I am comfortable with all these recommendations and will do whatever they say to be on a ship again. Looking forward to reduced capacity as well!
  3. True, but my cruise on the 4th only goes to Coco Cay and Nassau. I would be perfectly happy to skip Nassau and sail in circles for that day. I think modified itineraries to start may be where RC is headed. Just hope they can get something worked out!
  4. I have been reading some posts on the MSC board regarding their recent sailings out of Italy. It seems to me that the precautions put in place make sense and still allow some sort of "normal" cruise. If these are the sorts of precautions and policies that RC is able to put in place, I can certainly abide by them and have just a spark of hope regarding my Nov 5 Indy cruise and certainly my April Harmony transatlantic
  5. i really don't remember- i usually pick the earliest boarding offered. for this cruise (in theory), i am flying in the day before and staying nearby (in theory). i just looked again at additional times and there is the 11am that i have and then no other times listed until 130.
  6. My Indy sailing on November 4th shows my check in time as 11-1130. Guess we will see
  7. Does Tampa have the same bridge issue as Baltimore? I have a January 2022 booked on Rhapsody- but if that smaller class of ships go away- what else can go to Tampa? I haven't sailed out of Tampa before
  8. Really don't know when they can start. I have a November 5th on Indy, which i am not optimistic about. It was a casino comp, so no huge loss if I don't go. Have a TA on Harmony in April of 2021, and starting to wonder about that one. That one would be heartbreaking as it was a 30th anniversary present to ourselves. The "wait and see" is the worst part
  9. I am also sad about Carnival Fantasy. She was my very first cruise, on our honeymoon in 1991. Hope that her being "beached" is not a bad omen for my marriage😄
  10. awww- this makes me a little sad. My very first cruise was the Fantasy on my honeymoon in 1991. bittersweet
  11. Several itineraries stop twice- I know Navigator does
  12. I am slowly accepting that I will not be cruising anywhere for the rest of 2020. Had a casino comp for early september that was cancelled and I am not sure I see any light at the end of the 2020 tunnel. I could move it, but to when? I also think there will be at least one more round of cancellations. Have a "bucket list" TA in April on Harmony, so may have to focus all of my energy and focus on that one
  13. Was on Mariner for a 12-night Med cruise in 2011. I haven't been back on her since the Amp, but would never second guess a cruise on her. Wonderful ship and not "small" at all
  14. It seems to me that unless they release another promotion (like the free JS + Free play i used for now-cancelled Sept cruise), I won't be sailing for free this fall:(
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