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  1. Oh- one more thing. Thrilled Divina is doing short cruises now out of PC. I'm a fan of 4 and 5 day cruises so bring them on MSC!! You can either B2B them or spend some time near port for a few days!!
  2. MSC-if you are reading......... Oh how I would love MSC to have a ship in NYC for winter sailings 2021 or 2022. I'll patiently wait. Us northeastern folks would be happy to fill those NYC ships up to get us out of the cold weather. Food for thought MSC..........😀
  3. Back to the TV: MSC-If you are reading-please include pay per view in the YC. I found limited channels in English so pay per view included-like NCL would be a nice touch!! 📺
  4. I agree with Vyhanek. I really believe cruise lines are not going to open for a while and not until a vaccine is going to be readily available. Look at the cruise port towns-NY, NJ, NOLA, Fla.....-these states/towns are on lockdown with only essential business's open. It's going to be a while folks I'm thinking. I have a January cruise I'd like to do out of NY and I'm thinking time will tell even on that one.☹️.
  5. I have my eye on a November 2020 cruise. This date is quite optimistic. I'm hoping we have a vaccine by then. Once a vaccine is available-then I will feel comfortable booking again.
  6. I am hoping that I will not need the year extension. I'd love to be sailing again by January. If not-the extra year for me and so many and it will be customer satisfaction for sure.👍 Luckily we all have time to check and see when our dates are updated since we are not going anywhere for a while.😢
  7. As did i today. But here's my question: My current expiration says 30/01/2021 Does this mean now I have until January 30th of 2022 now?? I was not sure if this was only for people who had a 2020 expiration??
  8. For those of you who may have not seen this. It helps for embarkation:
  9. Yes there is. Not as big and grande as Escape but definitely enough nice loungers and umbrellas to be out there for some sun and fresh air. Maybe some small cabana type things too but only Jade had that. I don't remember them being on Pearl but it seems from the above post Jewel has them. Very nice up there too!
  10. Just off Getaway. We left the ship at 9;30ish. Had an 11:50 flight home. Made it with time to spare. As long as you take your own luggage, you are going to be fine. Walked off the ship, directly to the taxi line and were on our way!!
  11. I have done both Pearl and Jade. Not Jewel but I believe they are all the same. Breakfast and lunch were served in Cagneys. Dinner in the MDR or specialty. Concierge will make reservations for you. Courtyard has tables and a server where the is a light menu available during the day. The server also takes drink orders so you don't have to leave. I always found the closest bar and it was never an issue to slip out a grab some drinks. Actually-that is where the haven server goes for your drinks.😏 I've also done the bigger ships and both are different but very good. The Haven on the smaller ships are so peaceful and quiet and the server is always checking on you to see if you need anything. I think you'll enjoy the Jewel if you are looking for quiet and relaxation!!
  12. js- my go to cruise lines are NCL and MSC now because of the ship within a ship concept. Comparing Haven and Yacht club to suite options on other cruise lines is apples to oranges. Two completely different experiences. Most of those, trying to come close, the price they are charging are outrageous. 😱
  13. Our muster drill was in the theater. Special section for people in wheelchairs so you should be fine in the theater. Traffic was fine in NOLA. We took a taxi from the airport and no issues what so ever. It was quite easy!
  14. I just flew in the same day to NOLA and found it much cheaper and quicker to grab a cab. We literally-walked out of the airport and right in the cab. I saw the NCL signs for tranfers and don't know how long you would wait. I know from passed experiences you can wait a bit and since it's per person-the taxi winds up being cheaper. I did see that Uber line was across the street from where the taxis were.
  15. I was on the 5 nighter so we did not stop in Roatan.
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