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  1. I found this on another thread: I have asked what proof MSC require on checkin re fully vaccinated and been informed. Quote Please be advised that proof required for both vaccinations is the vaccination NHS card showing vaccine batch and date you received. end quote I can not see why MSC will not require crew and 95% passengers as required by the CDC to resume cruising and bypass these test cruises in the US. Jules-I see your October and my November looking real good!!😀
  2. Jules: All I can say now is- every time I turn on the news-some CEO of any given cruise line is on talking about how they are moving business out of the US if the CDC does not re-visit this. If they are not already. Again-I'll say this again-they are really getting ready the fight the good fight for us. Florida is doubling down too. Fingers crossed your sailing in October and myself in November!! 🤞🤞
  3. Jules-I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother in-law. On the happy note-glad you are able to see Dad now. Things are changing daily and if it means sailings start in the US with vaccine required-so be it. My personal opinion. I'm sure cruise lines will do whatever it takes to fill ships to whatever capacity they can to start making a profit and we benefit from being able to cruise again. Kids, no kids, vaccinated or not. If it fits into their bottom line, they will do it. My gut tells me they could care less if they have to turn down families with children and non vaccinated people if th
  4. It does Jules!! I'm no expert but I always felt that once vaccines started flowing the cruise big guns would fight the good fight!! Fingers crossed i'm spending my stimulus money for a November vacation! Who better then to the cruise lines and Jet blue!!😆
  5. We stayed in the YC and noticed that people do tend to dress a bit more. We never bring formal clothes, no suit jackets or any fancy dresses. We were never turned away and quite a few were dressed the same as we were. Nice shirts, long pants and capri pants. We did check out the buffet on formal night for dinner just to be safe. Actually-we enjoyed dinner very much that night and were surprised how many people were on the same page with us on that.
  6. I used to sail Royal and also thought I loved their suites. Once the concierge lounge turned in to an overcrowded brag fest, I tried NCL and the Haven. Loved it. Then I tried MSC and the yacht club. Can not wait until cruising starts up again as MSC is my first choice now. If quiet is what you're looking for-the Haven or Yacht club is the only way to go.
  7. Obviously, i have time to think about this and learn about this Uber stuff. Still want to hear from those also, that have used private car service. It's my comfort level. Although my kids say jump to the times!! LOL Flying in the day of makes me want to have a definite, pre arranged pick up time. In my research-it's more of a call when you get there with Uber-yes??. I got my cruise picked out, flights narrowed down, just ready to pounce whenever cruising opens up again. Fingers crossed by November as that's my target date but will wait until I feel all is good. I've always bee
  8. Thank you but I'll have to admit-i would not know how to use Uber or Lyft to give me a ride anywhere. 🥺😕. I'm from the old school, call car service era and set up an appointment!!! LOL
  9. Any suggestions for a private car company? It would be just the two of us and due to work we would have to fly in the day of. What are the best options and anyone know of what they paid the last time they cruised?? Anyone ever use access line transportation??
  10. Jules, I pray I am wrong and you are telling me all about your cruise in October!! 🎃
  11. Never cruised out of Galveston but NOLA is the best. Like I said- my penny bet says-I think you cruise and catch some beads!!
  12. Dats right-NY Saints fan-who loves a good cruise out of NOLA!!😀⚜️
  13. If i were a betting man-at the penny slots 😆: I've said this from the very beginning and I'll still hold hope out for November of 2021. That's my bet and i'm holdin' my penny to it!!💸😀
  14. So-I guess this thread title should be changed cruising out of the US in ..............add month.......... I'll say-November ??? 😉
  15. So-am I the only one not booking a thing until the first ship sails out of the US?? Why does my gut now say, not until 2022. Is it only me??? I've got my eye on a January 2022 cruise and scratching my head if that will even happen.🤨 I envy those of you who can think we could be cruising in May and even entertain booking anything in 2021.. Heck-here in NYC you can't even eat inside yet none the less think the cruise port will open any time soon. Although they will allow small capacity dining on Valentines day, my brain does not see cruising for a long time yet.
  16. Well from the get go I thought I'll wait and hope to plan for a November cruise. Now I am even highly doubting that. 😭
  17. Hasn't NCL cancelled through March 2021?? I really gave up following so i could be wrong here.🥴 Honestly-I've always had my fingers crossed for November of 2021.
  18. I am not even thinking about a cruise until maybe November of 2021. My opinion is, it's too soon. Time will tell. I agree with you that if I have to wear a mask outside of my cabin that cruising would not be worth the money to spend for me. Thinking with positivity, that a vaccine will be available in the near future and is able to change this dramatically and life may go back to something close to the way it was. Let's face it, it is possibly the only thing that will stop this awful virus. I want to hope my cruising days are not over. Hoping that in another year from now, I am st
  19. Oh- one more thing. Thrilled Divina is doing short cruises now out of PC. I'm a fan of 4 and 5 day cruises so bring them on MSC!! You can either B2B them or spend some time near port for a few days!!
  20. MSC-if you are reading......... Oh how I would love MSC to have a ship in NYC for winter sailings 2021 or 2022. I'll patiently wait. Us northeastern folks would be happy to fill those NYC ships up to get us out of the cold weather. Food for thought MSC..........😀
  21. Back to the TV: MSC-If you are reading-please include pay per view in the YC. I found limited channels in English so pay per view included-like NCL would be a nice touch!! 📺
  22. I agree with Vyhanek. I really believe cruise lines are not going to open for a while and not until a vaccine is going to be readily available. Look at the cruise port towns-NY, NJ, NOLA, Fla.....-these states/towns are on lockdown with only essential business's open. It's going to be a while folks I'm thinking. I have a January cruise I'd like to do out of NY and I'm thinking time will tell even on that one.☹️.
  23. I have my eye on a November 2020 cruise. This date is quite optimistic. I'm hoping we have a vaccine by then. Once a vaccine is available-then I will feel comfortable booking again.
  24. I am hoping that I will not need the year extension. I'd love to be sailing again by January. If not-the extra year for me and so many and it will be customer satisfaction for sure.👍 Luckily we all have time to check and see when our dates are updated since we are not going anywhere for a while.😢
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