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  1. From looking at your photos and comments, we would have enjoyed meeting you and Dave, Linda. Maybe on a future cruise.
  2. Wish you'd stick around until July 10 cruise with us. I'd buy you a drink or two! Thanks for your reports!
  3. After your great reporting of your drive around Iceland before your cruise you deserve a Cocktail or two or even six. Thanks for your updates and enjoy your cruise but don't stop reporting (unless you had the six cocktails and are in fact flat on your face)!
  4. We rented the Renault Twizy in Bermuda two years ago for several days and loved it. It was fun to tool around in and we felt much safer thn on the mopeds we had always previously rented in Bermuda. From now on in Bermuda it is Twizy's for us!
  5. Hopefully something like this will be sent for the Iceland folks.
  6. Some questions for the first Viking Iceland path finders: 1) On what days are there any special meals (i'e. Seafood Buffet, etc)? 2) What is the entertainment in the theater each night? Movies by the pool? 3) What type of entertainment was there in the Living Room, Explorer Lounge, etc. 4) How hard was it to make the 45 minute reservations for the free Spa Area? For the Treadmills Thanks
  7. Yes the Silver Spirits folks get different wine glasses than those that are not on the package. If you purchase the wine pairing they will also change out the glass.
  8. I have a daily calendar that gives me interesting bits of information. Yesterday's information: Where in the world can you find an equestrian contest in which people carry mugs of beer and try not to spill any while riding horses? Answer: Iceland - The game is called beer tolt. (Tolt is also the name of a fluid, steady gait that is unique ti the Icelandic horses). I can tell I'm going to love Iceland already!!!
  9. When you first open the app it ask you do you want to enanble notications. If you enter yes at that time you do not have to go to settings to enable them. It enables them when you download the app. Without allowing notications you will never be able to have the results sent to you.
  10. When you enter your phone number, you will recieve a text message with the activation code.
  11. There was talk on another site about very slow old elevators, wall paper on everything, and musty halls. Was this your experience? The rooms and baths get good marks. When did you last stay there and are you going to stay there on your upcoming trip on 9/25/2021? Thanks.
  12. We checked with Viking on the subject of connecting rooms a few cruises ago and were told that there are no connecting rooms on there ships. On most cruise ships the walls between the stateroom verandas can be opened to help with cleaning the decks. Some cruise lines will remove the wall on the veranda between two rooms on request from both cabins to allow two rooms to connect. I have never explored this with Viking.
  13. We have had the Sweet and Salty and loved it. Every course was delightful. We have currently experienced nine different Chef's Table menus and would do any one of them again. The eight others we have had besides the Sweet and Salty were Xinag, Asian Panorama, Mexico, La Route Des Indes, Erling's Scandinavan Bistro, Lotus , Venice Carnival, and A Gastronomic Journey Through Time. All were great fun! I look forward to seeing if there are any new ones on this cruise. Since the Chef's Table changes every three days, we are hopeful that we can try it three times on this cruise but
  14. Very happy with Cruise Critic's new Covid Policy. All the debate and hearsay was wearing me out!
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