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  1. I loved the Vikings Homeland cruise. It was one of my favorites. A lot of what makes a cruise great is the people you meet. Wish you folks were on our Iceland cruise. It was fun trip. Iceland's nature beauty is truly awesome and the people we met there before the cruise were wonderful. Have fun!!
  2. We enjoyed a dinner at Hofnin. It was recommended by a couple of friends that visit Iceland last February. The food was excellent. I would recommend reservations since after about 7:30 it was realy packed.
  3. If the situation you are talking about with regards to the Viking Sky was the July 10th sailing, I believe no one left the ship until we returned to Reykjavik. I was on that cruise and one person tested positive on the forth day. About 11 folks wre contact traced to that person. The positive person was put in quarantine on the ship. The 11 folks were quarantined I believe for about a day until that had two negetive tests. Iceland didn't know quite how to deal with the situation so we basically missed our last three ports. When folks got off to tour, they were called back at two of the final three ports and we skipped the last one. As far as I know, everyone when home as scheduled except the one positive case and their cabin mate. That is my best recall of what happened. If anyone heard anything different, jump in and correct me. As to where the case started, the best guess is that it probably happen on the trip to Iceland, but took four days to show positive.
  4. Looks like you had a great night both weatherwise and foodwise. Glad you enjoyed it. I am looking forward to going back in May. From the photos the food looks as great as it always has. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Are you saying testing every one every day is not a better practice than not testing anyone until they show signs of Covid. "Best practices" is an interesting term. Hospitals are managed by the same rules as a lot of businesses. They do the very best they can with the resources that they have. They do not have the resources to test everyone everyday. As an aside I believe you were a great travel journalist when you were going around Iceland before we took our cruise around Iceland. Your comments on each of the sites was very useful. I think I offered to buy you and Linda a drink on any future cruise we are on together. The offer stll exists even though I think you are a much better travel journalist than you are as an expert on Medical Best Practices 🙂 .
  6. Every one of the folks that tested positive fro Covid on a Viking Cruise tested negitive when they boarded. The fact that they tested positive later shows why daily testing is good. The fact that there has been no evidence of a positive person starting a Covid cluster on a Viking ship I believe demonstrates the advantage of contact tracing and quaranrine. With regard to hospitals doing daily testing, I believe it is more a question of staffing and other resources instead of it being a best practice. I will explore this more with some of my friends that are senior folks at the Duke Universary Medical Center. As a matter of reference, the reason that I took three Covid tests over a five day period was that one Covid test, may not demostrate whether you have Covid or not depending on where you are in the virus cycle. I know the ship has all vacinated passengers but unfortunately the communities the passengers visit have children in them too young to get the vacine. I personally would not want to have Covid and spread it to a child.
  7. I really having trouble understanding the complaints about daily testing. We were on the Viking Sky July 10th Cruise that had to miss it's last 3 ports because of one Covid positive case on-board. I can tell you that we loved the cruise including the last three unplanned "Sea Days". Being tested everyday was no big deal. In fact, it made both of us feel a lot saver to know we and the other passengers were being tested especially after we had our positive case. Why wouldn't you want to know if you had Covid? Why wouldn't you want to know that other passengers you were with tested negative for that day? A few weeks ago I got the chills, had aches and felt fatigued - I thought I might have Covid and got tested three times each a couple of days apart to make sure I did not have Covid. During this time I quarantined at home in a different room than my wife and we both wore masks. It was not a very fun five days but it was much better than giving it to my wife or anyone else if I did have Covid. The good news is that I didn't have it and was just feeling bad for another reason that my doctor has been unable to identify. The bottom line is that if you take this cruise most likely nothing Covid related will happen to you. You probably have a much greater chance of something Covid related happening at home. In the unlikely event you happen to be on a bus or contact traced to someone who tests positive, that is unfortunate but Viking will do their best to see you are feed well and you will experience some truly remarkable scenery from your deck. I would have much prefered my five days of quarantine on Viking week before last than in a bedroom at home. If in the worst case, you get Covid, that is truly unfortunate, but it can happen at home as well. So far as I know on all the Viking Wellcome Back cruises there has been less than 5 positive cases in total with over 5000 passengers. The vast marority of these passengers have truly loved their cruise. If you are really concerned, don't go. If you are going to go, don't worry - be happy!
  8. Let me know if it is still as good as I remember. I am planning a return trip this May.
  9. 360 is a great restaurant with some wonderful views. A great spot to have a romantic dinner for two!!! The food was terrific and worth the price. We were staying at the Hilton and walking through the walled city with no crowds after dinner going back to our hotel was lovely!
  10. When we sailed on the July 10th cruise, only 6 people at a time were allowed in the Thermal Suite so if it is 6 now they are opening it up a little.
  11. If you don't wear it you are not very honorable because you acknowledged in your Viking documentation that you agreed to wear it. It is up to each person to determine how honorable they are. I think must people are honorable but I fully recognize that we have folks in this world whose word means nothing.
  12. My understanding is it varies from ship to ship. I was told on the Viking Sky that all crew had been vaccinated , several just a few weeks before our cruise. It may have been an Iceland Health requirement.
  13. No need to skip lunch. After you finish your meal while other folks are getting coffee there is plenty of time to go to the ice cream shop.
  14. After our lunch on the July 10 cruise I visited the ice cream shop behind the hotel and had a cup of caramel latte ice cream. It is made on site from the milk of the cows on site. It was wonderful and I recomend it highly. It was 800 ISK (About $6.50 US) for two large scoops.
  15. We were on the Viking Sky July 10th cruise. Everything did not go as planned especially the last three days. That said, we would do this cruise again execately as it was without hesitation even with the hicups cause by our one positive Covid case and the confussion between various Iceland aurthorities on how to deal with the situation. I believe everything has been now worked out between Viking and Icelandic aurthorities and would not expect a similiar situation on any of the future cruises unless their were multiple outreaks, which I beleive due to the Viking protocols is unlikely.
  16. From the timing of the cases it appears that the folks that are testing positive picked the virus up on their way to Iceland since folks don’t normally test positive until three to four days after contacting the virus. This is why most countries that require tests for unvaccinated folks do two tests three to five days apart. Everyone is tested at the ship on day one. On our trip in, I was amazed at the number of travelers that I saw in the airports without masks or with them not fully covering their mouth and nose. I witnessed one person asking another person to put on their mask and the other person replied that they didn’t need to mask because they were vaccinated. Strange times!
  17. We are on the July 10 Viking Sky cruise and would do this cruise again just as it is in a New York Minute! It has had some missed opportunities but I believe everyone on board except maybe the passenger that tested positive has had a wondetful cruise. Viking and its crew has done their best to make the best onan unfortnate situation and in my opinion has succeeded. Is there anyone on this cruise that disagrees??
  18. The problem with the open bar right now is that the ship is rocking in rough seas and as you pass folks on deck it is hard to tell if they are drunk or staggering because of the seas😀
  19. There is a major difference between doing the right thing and what is most convenient for yourself. In trying to prevent the spread of Covid the right thing is doing exactly what Viking is doing - daily testing, requiring masks and their other protocols. Yes, this causes cases that would otherwise be not discovered to be found, but it provents the spread if Covid. I personally congratulate Viking for doing the right thing even though it costs them in some cases. It demonstrates to me what a class company Viking is!!!!!
  20. As another of the passengers on board the July 10 Cruise, I have to say even with the port cancelations for the final three days that this cruise has exceeded our expectations. Sure it was disappointing to miss the tours on these last three ports, but the activities, lectures, entertainment and meals has been wonderful. It has been two great “sea days” since the port cancelations. I fully expect another great “sea day” tomorrow. Like Clay, I feel I got my money’s worth on this cruise and the 50% FCV was not necessary but an unexpected delight that we will use. As always, Viking has exceeded our expectations!!!
  21. I do not know for sure but believe it is likely that after we received the approvals to go on shore today that some folks in the little town of Djupivogur ( pop about 400) complained about the risk of letting cruise ship passengers in their town. The town today and the town yesterday (pop less than 700) are both very small and relatively isolated. They may have had no cases of Covid in their communities and as you might expect are concerned what might happen. I believe if we were visiting larger communities with the situation that now exists aboard the Viking Sky there would be less concern and a different outcome.
  22. We have been blessed with beautiful weather every day of the cruise except for a brief sprinkle on day 3 and yesterday, day 5, when we were kept on board because of the single Covid positive test and experienced a brief shower. Today is beautiful. The interesting thing about weather here is the forecasts even for the next day are not always very accurate. It is almost best to not prepare until right before you leave the ship.
  23. Just arrived at KEF about two hours ago. I can no longer recommend Airport Direct. We prepaid for Airport Direct Premium which was to provide direct service to our hotel. We also paid for an option that said Airport Direct would monitor our fly and be here if our flight is delayed. Well our flight was delayed and we are waiting for an hour for an Airport Direct Premium driver who will be picking us up as well as several other folks to make stops at several places along the way. Not as advertised! Also it was the agent at KEF second day and he said he didn’t know how the option that we paid for worked - neither did our Premium driver who said it was his forth day. Based on our experience I would definitely not book Airport Direct in the future. I’ll post later how they deal with our claim for a refund of services not delivered as promised!
  24. Thanks Clay, the menu looks great! Looking forward to trying it Saturday night.
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