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  1. Hello, Looking for advice about booking a cruise on the Carnival Freedom next June and we will have 3 kiddos at that point- 3.5 yo, 2 yo and what will be a 7 month old. DHs family and siblings all just booked and we really want to go on this family trip, but the logistics may not be workable. I called Carnival and the Freedom does not accommodate families of 5 in one room. We would technically need to book me and DH with two kids and then ask one of the grandparents to book the third kid. Realistically though, all 3 kids will want to sleep in our room most likely. We would need two cribs- one for the 7 mo old and one for the 2 year old. And the 3.5 year old is a roller so I’m not 100% in what we would do with him as he would roll out of the pullman. DH thinks this whole idea is a logistical challenge between sleeping arrangements and the amount of diapers and bottles and gear. I’m included to agree but wanted to hear from those who have traveled with infants and toddlers on Carnival.
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