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    Connie decks and pools

    I thought the band was great... varieties of music at many different venues...at least on the March 10 sailing of Constellation. They worked hard on our cruise, showing up at different places, different hours-- perhaps it was a different group?
  2. Did anyone (US Citizen) on this itinerary need documentation other than your passport to enter Panama
  3. summerwind2

    Security on board

    OK, I may be on the wrong board, but a question regarding safety of stuff on Constellation. If we take a good camera and a laptop, etc. or other stuff like I pod, whatever, what precautions do we need to take. Can we leave it safely in the cabin? Is the safe large enough? Should it be locked up in our luggage when we are out of the cabin? Never done this before, but would really like to have all the toys! Any advice would be great...just want to know that if we take it , it will come home with us!
  4. summerwind2

    Zapped again_extra charge

    OK, the deal is this. The balance was reset to zero... we'll see what happens as March draws closer. The fee for the bus reverted to the "original price". In conversation with the resolution office, they merely told me that the balance would be adjusted to zero. When I looked at the new payment confirmation record, the balance was zero and the bus fee reverted to the original price. Interesting that resolutions never said anything about the bus transfer being more, they just sent me a new "updated" confirmation identical the the one I had recieved when I paid in full. Almost as if the ten dollars wasn't worth all this effort (they were correct) and they just wanted to make it go away. Or maybe, if the glass is half full, the wanted to make the customer happy! So far, I am happy. Thanks for the info regarding the bus company, they have a site on line, and when I have real time, I'll e-mail them and confirm that they have me on their list. But for now, the problem is resolved. In the meantime, I've enjoyed this site a lot, and learned even more. As a newbie, it's nice th know that the expreienced travelers are willing to share their stories and help out in a pinch.
  5. summerwind2

    Zapped again_extra charge

    I have no idea what bus company. The option was offered on the web site as part of the "My Celebrity" site. I think I found out about it from frequently asked questions. I just don't remeber how I come upon it. The charge is included in the final bill, and Celebrity knows it is part of the package because it is billed to me. I can't make pre or post cruise arrangements until I cancel the bus arrangement, the computer program won't allow it. (ie I can't spend extra nights, or book shore excursions.) The price is reasonable, I guess, until I have tried it. Leaves from Ft Myers and Naples, and supposedly ends up someplace near the terminal. It beats the price of parking. And yes it now 130.00 for two people. I have no problem with the charge. The price is still reasonable. What irritates me is the fact that I have still not been notified. I just chanced upon it while looking up the record. I was also irritated by the response when I asked about it. I didn't know why it was charged or where the new total owed was 10.00. I could not figure out where the ten dollars came from. After the phone call, yes 42 minutes, I explored it very seriously and figured out what was going on. No, I did not waste the forty two minutes. I put the speaker phone on and listened while doing other paperwork. I realy just wondered how long I would have to wait. Still waiting. I am now concerned if this bus thing really exists...maybe I found a link that automatically books a phantom bus!
  6. summerwind2

    Zapped again_extra charge

    This first zap would be the fuel surcharge. I think the assessment of this fee was poorly planned. Seems to me that they could start to assess it for any cruise during or after the ship repositioning for Alaska or Europe. Everything booked up to that point would be exempt. So I felt that the February first date was arbitrary. The other option would be to assess the fee on any booking taking place after a specific date i.e. November 16. Those already booked would be exempt. (it just seems logical). The zapped again refers to the extra charge for the bus transportation. It was already paid in full, for our cruse that leaves March 10. I was able to identify it by carefully comparing the receipt which said zero balance, with the new charge total available on-line. The fact that this information should also be available to customer service. A basic review of the charges made it evident to me. The customer service office could look at it is well, and come up with the "problem" The previous charge for the bus was $120.00, now it is 130.00. There was no indication that it was a surcharge, the cost just changed on the bill. The statement on-line clearly delineates the cruise surcharge for fuel as a line item exprense. But in the case of the bus, the charge just changed. This information was available on line at the "my celebrity" site. I check it every now and then, hoping, I guess, that the powers that be will recognize that the surcharge may have been applied abitrarly. I know that Celebrity can assign extra fees on excursions when the prices change, but what does a Zero dollar balance mean? We booked directly with Celebrity via phone, since we are traveling with another couple. Thanks for the replies, and sorry about the confusion. When I originally posted I was still steamed, and waiting 42 minutes with the resolution office, which still hasn't called back, was highly annoying. Finally, I think, what added to my annoyance was that nobody notified us. We simply discover it by looking at the reservation site. No e-mail, no announcement, no phone call, and obviously they didn't tell customer service. That's one of the reasons I posted, so that others who are using the bus will recognize that Celebrity is charging more. (Again)
  7. summerwind2

    Zapped again_extra charge

    Anyone else with this situation? We live in Florida and elected to take Bus provided by Celebrity to Fort Lauderdale. Fee was paid with final payment Dec. 31st. Now we "owe" ten more dollars because they changed that fee. I know they can do it, but they already have the surcharge and this is even more..! Great start for Celebrity and this first time cruiser. Great way to make friends, build customer base and encourage us to come back. And so kind of them to inform me that this fee changed. Nobody at customer service can figure it out, so they transfered me to the "resolution office" when I waited 42 minutes on hold before I hung up. Cheers for Celebrity. (I am a cynic at heart)
  8. Seems to me that a cruise that is currently underway is the cruise using the "expensive" fuel. (the price of oil is falling for the past couple of days). I think Celebrity missed the boat here (pun intended), when they say the surcharge is due for cruises beginning in February. The way it is rigged now is that I am paying for someone else's cruise. Why not say that a surcharge will be assessed at the time of sailing, if necessary. I also wonder how quickly they will delete the surcharge if the situation changes.