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  1. I called today and the agent said it was a computer glitch that they were aware of. She sent a notice to her supervisor to send me a new invoice when it is corrected...which could be in a couple of weeks. I just like to have everything in order and in print for my records.
  2. We spent 30 days on the Volendam to the Amazon in Nov./Dec. 2019 and I thought she was very well maintained. The Zaandam is also a favorite. It will be very sad to see the smaller ships eliminated.
  3. I appreciate your information! I checked my invoices at the site and my 2 suites booked for next July and have both been changed to non refundable deposit. I will be giving them a call.
  4. I know what AOSUSA stands for without googling it...thanks for the heads up. I guess our South America/Antarctica/Solar Eclipse Nov. 27 cruise is history. We got such a good deal on that booking...darn! DH was worried because he is now in the compromised category, but we will wait for HAL to cancel. We really weren't hopeful about going, but you never know. There was a story in our paper about all the problems Chile is having with the virus, especially around Santiago...where we would be flying. Karen
  5. Thanks, Jacqui, The ship is Avalon Waterways : Artistry II 22 -Sept. -21. Thanks, Karen
  6. Hi Jacqui Ops! Didn't I give you the sail date of my Sept. 2021 Avalon river cruise? It is: 22 Sept. 21. Sorry if I didn't add that...I am just overjoyed at booking a unique cruise! Thanks again, Karen
  7. I used the chat feature and was told exactly what the status of my March 17 claim was. It took 84 days to post to my CC, and the info I got from the chat was exactly right.
  8. Hi Jacqui, We are rebooked for the cancelled July 2020 cruise and hope we get to go next year! Please add: Loreto Eurodam 10-July-21 7 Day Alaskan Explorer. Family cruise and celebrating Loreto's birthday. Thanks so much! Karen
  9. I agree! For expensive cruises I have always paid a little each month, but I will never do that again. I stopped making payments on my Nov. 27 South America/Antarctica/ Solar Eclipse Cruise ( which HAL hasn't cancelled yet) when HAL went in to crisis mode and started "the pause." Final payment for this cruise is in September and I hope HAL cancels before that.
  10. Hang in there...it took 84 days for my full refund!
  11. Hi Jacqui, Loreto is sailing on: Avalon Waterways Artistry II 22 Sept. 21 13 day Rhine and Moselle. First river cruise! Thanks, Karen
  12. I did an online chat yesterday with HAL as had been suggested. I was told when my refund was processed and sent to CC. The full refund for my March 18 HAL cancelled Hawaii cruise posted today on my CC....83 days after I made the request. I am very relieved and now look for the refund for the cancelled July Alaska cruise. My faith in HAL is restored!🙂 Karen
  13. I did this, too, and got the "already been submitted message." That is the only way I know HAL got it for my HAL cancelled March 18 cruise. When HAL cancelled my July 11 Alaska cruise I did get an email confirmation from HAL.
  14. Sorry if I wasn't clear...this was a FCC from August of 2019 that I used to partially pay for the March 18 Hawaii 2020 cruise which was cancelled by HAL. FCC was finally refunded back to my mariner# and must be redeemed by Aug 28, 2020. This has nothing to do with the 2 options HAL offered for the HAL cancelled cruise. I chose option 2: to get a full refund of my cruise fare and I am still waiting for that amount to be refunded to my CC, which TA said will happen. It has been over 60 days, and I am in line like everyone else.
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