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  1. I took my daughter-in-law and granddaughter (10 at the time) on the very expensive HAL horse drawn trolley ride. It was a perfect warm evening in Victoria and the ride was wonderful. Our driver was very entertaining and the ride was worth the money! We sailed on the Oosterdam. My DH and I have been to Victoria with HAL many times. Butchart Gardens is amazing, but I wouldn't do it on an evening call. I have done the high tea at the Abkazi (not sure of spelling)Japanese Gardens myself and enjoyed the experience. Karen
  2. I recall attending a Veteran's Day service while on a Holland America Cruise. It was a beautiful, thoughtful tribute. I thanked my DH today for serving, and coming home. He was a fighter pilot in Vietnam. Karen
  3. Yes, they will allow the Future Cruise Credits. The agent will call HAL, who is the ultimate authority on what you have coming, and then the agent will apply it to your booking. Sometimes they have gone back and forth with me and the HAL rep, to explain things.
  4. Glad you got your refund! HAL cancelled our Nov. South America Cruise Aug. 11. I applied for a full refund, and was pleasantly surprised that it posted to my cc today, a little over 60 days. That was faster than the 90 days it took last spring for the March HAL cancelled Hawaii cruise. HAL now has refunded on all 3 of our 2020 cruises, so money must be coming in by way of new bookings. We are booked for Alaska next July and hope it goes!
  5. After I purchased Argentine Pesos at the exchange booth in Atlanta, prior to our Zaandam South America cruise in 2014, I mentioned to the cashier about cashing in the bills (which they will do.) He said no bank wants them, so I spent the final pesos at the Tierra del Fuego National Park fantastic visitor center gift shop near Ushuaia on a unique apron that had all the penguins of the region on it. A great souvenir of one of our best cruises ever! We should have been there again in December 2020 on our sadly now cancelled HAL Westerdam cruise. Karen
  6. Sorry Kenster! The Avalon precruise hotel is connected to the Zurich Airport with a walkway from what I understand. The precruise hotel includes transfers to Basel for embarkation. I wondered if you must return to baggage claim to meet the transfer, or as you suggest, the transfer would pick you up at the hotel (even though the hotel is connected to the airport) which would be convenient. With our ocean cruises, we have booked hotels on our own, then taken the cruiseline transfer to the ship, which always met in baggage claim on sailing day. Anyway, I have a year
  7. Thanks for all the replies! Good to know the Rhine/Moselle is a favorite. We will look forward to Trier, Bernkastel and Cochem. We are on the northbound Basel to Amsterdam itinerary and booked a precruise night at the Avalon hotel at the Zurich airport. The price is outrageous, but I wonder if Avalon transports your luggage from the hotel room to the ship, or do you have to take it to baggage claim to meet the transfer yourself? If that is the case, I will just book the Radison Blu on my own. I see that we will be traveling light with the Avalon luggage size restrictions, which is ok.
  8. I am very glad I found this thread about "All Things Avalon! " I have skimmed through the many pages and the consensus seems to indicate Avalon runs a great river cruise. After having 3 major ocean cruises cancelled this year due to Covid 19, we decided to try a river cruise. My husband and I are booked on the Artistry II 13 day Rhine/Moselle itinerary Sept.22-Oct.4 2021. We lived in the region in from '76-'79 with our young children and it will be interesting to return to the places we used to drive to for picnics. I realize that things will be very different onboard for heal
  9. I agree with you, Jane. We are coming up on 30 HAL cruises next July and have always used ship excursions, which overall have been perfectly fine....and I am a perfectionist. The most recent was Dec. 2019 into the Amazon Rain Forest with a small group. I am really missing cruising with my 3rd cruise (Antarctica/Solar Eclipse Cruise) this year cancelled. I am willing to make sacrifices if that is the way it must be. Karen
  10. All travel insurance companies have look back period after purchase (usually 21 days but varies.) If your cruise was cancelled during that period, you will get your premium refunded from your insurance company. Anything after that you will get a voucher, usually good for 2 years. All companies are upfront about that. Pandemic is carefully worded in the policy (usually bacterial or viral outbreak) and is not covered. It is in the fine print of policies which many don't review. I have insured with Allianz in the past, and they are very clear about what is or is not covered. You
  11. Glad to hear you got your deposits for 2021 back! My refunds came at separate times. My deposits were made with one card and and cruise fare was paid with another. I am still waiting for $200 in deposits for our July 2020 Alaska cruise. I have twice emailed accounting with questions, but haven't heard back. I hope I will get the large refund for our cancelled South America cruise back by November. It is irritating to see refunds for 2021 cruises while I still wait. Karen
  12. I requested a full refund for the 2 suites I booked, never any FCC or FCD. The first suite refund came July 10th and I received the deposits back to my AMEX card and the cruise fare to my Visa card. that was exactly what I expected, and would expect the same thing for the 2nd suite. I never used a FCD (as I didn't have any) yet my account shows a $100 FCD available, which is not correct. I will wait a few days and see if my deposits are refunded. DH says let it go...but I don't think so...I want my money and have all my receipts.
  13. I was relieved to see that a refund for the 2nd suite I booked for our family July 10 Alaska cruise was posted on my cc this morning. Still missing is $200 for the deposits to a different CC, so I will give HAL a few more days for that. So far all of our HAL cancelled cruises have been refunded. It was over 100 days for this to be credited. I did a live chat and was given the email for accounting. Maybe that moved things along. I am still waiting for HAL to decide about our Nov. 27th South America/Antarctica/Solar Eclipse cruise. I stopped making payments on that in March. F
  14. So glad to hear your wait is over...you were very patient! I am still waiting for the full refund I requested in April for the HAL cancelled July 10 Alaska cruise. Last week I received a full refund for the first of the 2 cabins I booked. I did a live chat today and was given the # for accounting.
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