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  1. Hi Lisa, For our July 31 Alaska sailing with family I had at first booked the SEA Hilton hotel/Conference Center with a precruise package on my own. We have always stayed there with HAL in the past. The closer we got to sailing date, and the unknowns of boarding time, I cancelled and booked with HAL 2 rooms, just for peace of mind since we were given different boarding times for our son and family. I hated to pay the price and get no Hilton Honor points, but it was worth the peace of mind to let HAL take care of everything...and they did. They picked up our bags from our room like they always have and we saw them next on the ship. I am surprised for the price HAL charged for the Sheraton that they didn't pick up your bags! We have stayed there in the past with HAL; they put us on the Club Floor, which was an unexpected perk. Karen
  2. I agree as well. The forward Neptunes are far from everything and I would not want them.
  3. These tests are a prescription in your name so I don't think you can sell them to anyone else. When I ordered mine I gave my name and my husband's as the users and the Navica App was in our names as well. We used 2 and I have 4 that will expire before we can use them since the cruise I ordered them for was cancelled.
  4. The final payment for my Feb 2 2022 Hawaii/Mexico Koningsdam cruise was changed from Oct. 21 to Nov. 20. My Big Box TA always has a payment date that is ahead of HAL's date. I am happy to have an extra month. Now if only my refund from the HAL cancelled Nov. 6 Sea of Cortez cruise would happen.
  5. The directions and procedure are the same for the over the counter Binax test and the Binax Now ag card home (proctored) test. When I inquired at CVS they gave me the paper with the directions from a test that had been returned and they were identical to the home test. The Home test is the one you need for travel.
  6. Happy Birthday, nimi17! Thank you for your wonderful posts and photos! We will be on the Koningsdam in February, so I appreciate your review. Karen
  7. Hi Jacqui, I tried your "email me" but didn't quite understand...sorry! You asked me to let you know how my River Cruise went...It was fantastic! 13 days from Basel to Amsterdam with great weather and only 24 passengers and a crew of 40. Full capacity was 130. The Avalon Waterways ship was very classy, with and Indonesian dining and cabin stewards. Rest of the crew was European/eastern European. We were waited on beautifully under very special circumstances. Our temperatures were taken every morning and we had to be fully vaccinated. We didn't have to wear masks, though the crew did. We would definitely sail with them again, but wonder what it would be like with another 100 passengers. We had a Panorama Suite with a wall of floor to ceiling windows with a french balcony sliding window. Bathroom was well designed with always hot water. Meals were great and the wine flowed. Shore excursions were included. It was a very relaxing cruise through places where we lived 45 years ago (and still looked the same!) I would give Avalon 5 stars! Karen
  8. We just returned from a Europe River Cruise where we were required to wear masks at indoor shore excursions. It did not prevent us from having a wonderful vacation! We were required to wear our masks on our 11 hour international flight, even while sleeping, and we survived! Wearing a mask will not impede my love of travel.
  9. In Dec. 2020 we decided to book the 25 day Hawaii/Mexico cruise for Feb. 2022. We got the last SA Neptune on the Koningsdam and that category has been sold out for 10 months. On popular sailings an upgrade or upsell from a Signature to Neptune is unlikely. We had a Signature for our July Alaska 2021 cruise and even at 5* we were not offered or upgraded. My big box TA states that they don't offer upsells, but an upgrade is possible. In Aug. 2019 I did make an offer for an upsell from an A verandah on the Volendam to a Neptune (BB TA did allow the upsell at that time) To my surprise HAL returned the money I paid in the form of a future cruise credit as we would have been upgraded anyway as there were a lot of Neptunes available on the Amazon Explorer. It was also for our 50th Anniversary and was money well spent! It was our last cruise before COVID. Hope you get your wish, with HAL you never know!
  10. We were vaccinated in 2013. When we returned in Dec 2019 we didn’t. need it again nor did we have to take Malarone antimalarial drugs this time. it is a fabulous itinerary and we would do it again we are mid 70s loved the Volendam in a Neptune Suite for our50th anniversary. Karen
  11. Avalon welcomed us Wednesday for Embarkation in Basel. There are 26 passengers an 41 crew, so we are getting a lot of attention and small groups on tours. Service has been great, along with the cuisine on this, our first river cruise. We have been blessed with spectacular weather which makes a huge difference! We are very impressed so far with the quality of the Avalon product, after 30 ocean cruises. Looking forward to each day! Karen
  12. Thank you! Tomorrow is the big day when we transfer to Basel and the ImageryII. Only 15cabins booked so a small group of passengers.
  13. We transited through AMS Amsterdam yesterday from the US. Quarantine forms were collected by flight attendants prior to landing. At passport control our health forms were never asked for, or proof of vaccination cards. Passport control was quick and easy, well organized as we headed for our connecting flight to Zurich. Lots of walking and some walkways were out of order . in Switzerland the contact tracing forms were never asked for either.
  14. We were honest on the survey giving praise where it was due, but had negative feedback for Pinnacle. Karen
  15. Thank you for the update, Bruno, and so glad to know you are home now.Best wishes for a full recovery. Karen
  16. The tests I received early in Sept. had an Oct. expiration date. I called eMed and the agent emailed me the pdf letter stating that there was a 3 month extension which made it good until Jan 5th for mine. The Nov. cruise I ordered them for was cancelled and our next HAL cruise is in Feb. Maybe they will get another extension. I was annoyed that they would sell a product that was about to expire! I am taking 2 in my carryon when we fly to Europe Sunday, even though the River Cruise company(Avalon) is providing the tests before we disembark in Amsterdam and fly back to the US. For the convenience, buying the tests from eMed was the right choice, as no one does a rapid test in my community. Karen
  17. DH and I took the BinaxNow ag card home test this morning prior to our European River cruise (even though it wasn't required) The test was easy to to with our laptop computer and the Navica app. We got our result on our email in 15 minutes. We tested negative and I would recommend the test for future cruises if needed. Karen
  18. We are in the same situation! I think you were on our cancelled Nov.6 Sea of Cortez cruise. We have been booked for Hawaii Feb '22 for 10 months, final payment is due Oct 21. It would be nice to have the refund before that!
  19. I hope that you return to normal soon! Prayers for a full recovery, Bruno. Karen
  20. Thank you, notamermaid! We leave very soon for Switzerland and the start of our Avalon 13 day Rhine/Moselle cruise. I don't think there will be more than 30 people on the ship...just 15 cabins are booked. We hope to see some fall colors and places where we used to live. We plan to have a wonderful time! karen
  21. Thank you all! We have been waiting for this river cruise for over a year...sounded like a good idea at the time and SURELY Covid would be over by now😟. We are looking forward to revisiting places in Germany where we used to live, and plan to have a great time on a different type of cruise! Jacqui, I will let you know how it was. Karen
  22. Thank you for all your information, Lisa! Our last evening in the Pinnacle with family was not great. We waited at least 45 minutes for our entrees with no explanation from stewards. I agree the Key Lime dessert was terrible ( I have won many ribbons for my baking so I can speak from experience.) They used to have a very good similar tart, but dropped it from the menu. I think the Pinnacle has lost its luster. The Tamarind is still superb. My 12 year old grand daughter gave it 2 thumbs up! Karen
  23. We were unimpressed with the Alaska lounge after our July 31 cruise. There were no comfortable places to sit..all chairs were taken and there were people lying on the floor. We got the rock hard tables. At least the WiFi worked. Nicest person was the cleaning lady.
  24. I only got the email that said all money paid to HAL would be refunded to the original form of payment. There wasn’t a preference link. I think they are done with the future cruise credit concept. It would be great if I got the refund in 21 days! I could the pay off my Feb. ‘22 Hawaii/Mexico cruise.
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