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  1. yesiam50

    Anti-nausea patch/meds free on ship?

    Instead of patches, or pills (both of which interfere with drinking of alcohol) buy Sea Bands either on board or at Wal=Mart. They are wrist bands with a button on the bottom. The button is placed on a pressure point (kind of like taking your pulse) and they look kind of like sweat bands you'd wear playing tennis. They run around $12.00 on board, cheaper at Wal-Mart. I never took them off and I have terrible motion sickness. These are the same bands they give to pregnant woman to avoid morning sickness. They have no chemicals at all and like I said, it's all pressure points. They can get wet, you can eat or drink anything and you hardly notice that you're wearing them.
  2. yesiam50

    Inspiration Maitre'd

    Just returned on Inspiration and George (Opa) the Greek is the MD. He was wonderful. He gave out the recipe for the Chocolate Cake to anyone that wanted it. Of course, it's for 140 people and I've not broken it down yet, but I will.
  3. yesiam50


    If you look at your documents it clearly states that you cannot bring any alcohol on board. But, I always put a bottle of vodka in my suitcase because I know I can get punch and oj on lido deck and mix my own drinks. As for the coolers, it really depends on which ship, which port and whether or not anyone is going to enforce the no alcohol rule. This last trip, Thanksgiving, three guys sitting at the dinner table with us brought a cooler filled with beer and the steward kept it iced for them the entire cruise. So, good luck.
  4. yesiam50

    Skipping Formal Night Dinner

    :) I always skip formal night. I don't do formal. Anyway, this last cruise (Thanksgiving) formal night was lobster or prime rib. We went up on Lido deck to eat and they too had prime rib. So, I was still very happy.
  5. yesiam50

    Kids aged 8 and 4 on Carnival Glory?

    I've done Disney and Carnival. I think Camp Carnival is wonderful for kids and the money you would save, you could do another cruise within a year. I just got back from Thanksgiving on Carinival. They were booked to capacity, had over 800 kids on board because they were out of school for the week, and to be honest with you, I hardly saw any on the ship as they were all being kept busy at Camp Carnival.
  6. yesiam50

    Sensation Stateroom Assignment Question

    You will hear nothing from inside your cabin. The cabins are quite quiet and no matter where you are assigned you will have a wonderful experience. Take the cabin you've been assigned. You will most likely spend very little time in the cabin anyway as most of the day you will be enjoying activities or eating. Enjoy