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  1. Hi, is breakfast in the dining room set up with a “buffet “type section as well as ordering of the menu, ?
  2. Thanks Kruseeka for your help, much appreciated, it is so disappointing because it seems everything will be rushed.Only booked this itinerary for Havana as have already been to the other ports.
  3. jimphil

    Pride of panama

    I don’t know about that but there is a lot about this on social media, many of the travel agents knew nothing about this. Look at the link to the article in the Independent newspaper yesterday it is in my post Cuban Confusion.
  4. jimphil

    Pride of panama

    Can you do a “dummy”booking for your departure and you may see the revised port times on there, the new arrival times are 14.00 in Havana the first day departing next day at 12.00- losing about 9 hours in Havana. Tui have known about this since July !
  5. jimphil

    Pride of panama

    Have you been informed of the drastic reduction in port times in Havana?
  6. There is a lot of anger about the port times in Havana being reduced on the sailings of this cruise . People not being informed until conveniently after paying in full, and apparently Tui have known about this since July ! A group was set up on f/book with over200 joining in one day— Simon Calder wrote an article in the independent about this yesterday and many have sent emails to Tui and tweets. Makes interesting reading for anyone booked on this itinerary, usual Thomson b—-s up!
  7. jimphil

    Safes on Discovery 2

    Thanks was hoping you could use something like that.
  8. Can you use any type of credit card (or store card) on the safe ?
  9. jimphil

    Trolley tour

    Hi, how or where do you book the trolley tour, and where do you pick it up,?
  10. jimphil


    My cruise is in Jan 2019 ,and this is new clearly states 5kg unless booked premium, there have been lots of discussions on this on tui Facebook site.
  11. jimphil


    Hand baggage is now 5kg unless you have booked premium upgrade then it is 7kg.
  12. jimphil

    Tai long haul flights

    Thanks but have done all that!
  13. Hi, can’t seem to find an update price to pre-book seats on long haul , can’t access option to pre book on my booking, anyone can help, thanks
  14. Anyone know who the CD will be on discovery 2 (Jan22 sailing), and anyone know where Adam James Brooks is and Ben Moss?
  15. jimphil

    Discovery 2.

    Thanks ,but on Tui deck plans only single cabins are on deck3- just wondering what cabin to book!,