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  1. Yes, I was lol about the first review! Some people can get their undies in a bundle over the smallest things! Loved all the pictures in the second.
  2. All links work for me! Ended up scanning through your Epic reviews since we are booked on her next February. Great info.
  3. Mitsugirly i thought of you the other day when I read this review on space for signature and reviews. Just came across the st. Kits thread today! I guess it was meant to be💜 Post 240 and 243 Good luck
  4. You can have anyone in your cabin. The entrance to cabins is in the open bar area, the only restricted part is the doors past the bar to the pool and hot tubs.
  5. We did the Ncl Dawn out of New Orleans a couple years ago. We did a couple full days b4 cruise and loved every minute! Love your review, my husband not so much! Lol. Your review of the Paul Gauguin has had me researching Tahiti for the last year. What’s the saying. “ show me the money”.
  6. Thank you for these wonderful tips!
  7. We have stayed at the Sheraton not the older one. Walked into old San Juan. Our favorite is staying in the condado area. Great beaches and a lot of hotels to pic from.
  8. Do you have the name of the car service you used getting to the ship? Sounds well worth the price!
  9. We go from Ncl, celebrity and carnival. We ventured back to carnival with the Vista, loved it so much we booked the horizan next December. We are 60 and just sailed the silhouette in February , it was a great cruise but wow!!! I think we were the young ones😲.
  10. Enjoying your review! We leave Feb 1st. Love to read recent cruise reviews and ones, like yours, that are informative and funny!
  11. We moved from a balcony to and inside Havana cabin on the Vista and received obc since it was cheeped. We loved it so much we have the Horizan booked next Dec in the Havana interior. We missed the Balcony in the early morning and at night but the private pool area way surpassed our expectations!
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